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Date AddedTitleLink
2021-06-29A Primary Astronomy for Schools and Families 1867PDF 10 mb
2021-06-29ABC Butter Making-A Hand-Book for The Beginner 1888PDF 2 mb
2021-06-29Amateur Photography-A Practical Guide for The Beginner 1893PDF 5 mb
2021-06-29American Boys Book of Electricity 1916PDF 17 mb
2021-06-29Basic Electricity 1943PDF 29 mb
2021-06-29Basic Principles of Domestic Science 1912PDF 10 mb
2021-06-29Big Book of Boys Hobbies 1929PDF 29 mb
2021-06-29Big Game Hunting for Boys 1907PDF 13 mb
2021-06-29Boys Book of Bodybuilding 1949PDF 83 mb
2021-06-29Boys Book of Border Battles 1920PDF 6 mb
2021-06-29Boys Book of Frontier Fighters 1919PDF 23 mb
2021-06-29Boys Book of the Sea 1908PDF 6 mb
2021-06-29Boys Own Book of Sports Birds and Animals 1848PDF 18 mb
2021-06-29Boys Own Book-A Complete Encyclopedia of Athletic Scientific Sports 1881PDF 21 mb
2021-06-29Capons for Profit-How to Make and How to Manage Them 1894PDF 1 mb
2021-06-29Carpentry for Boys in Simple Language 1914PDF 18 mb
2021-06-29Debating for Boys 1915PDF 5 mb
2021-06-29Electroplating-A Treatise for the Beginner 1911PDF 4 mb
2021-06-29Expressing Yourself-A Textbook in Language 1938PDF 16 mb
2021-06-29Farming for Boys 1868PDF 5 mb
2021-06-29Figures Made Easy-A First Arithmetic Book 1872PDF 2 mb
2021-06-29First Aid for Boys 1917PDF 4 mb
2021-06-29First Lessons in Dairying 1908PDF 12 mb
2021-06-29Games for Boys 1920PDF 2 mb
2021-06-29Good Health for Girls and Boys 1922PDF 8 mb
2021-06-29Gymnastic Dancing-Rhythmic Exercises for Classes of Men and Boys 1909PDF 1 mb
2021-06-29Harpers Boating Book for Boys 1912PDF 22 mb
2021-06-29Harpers Outdoor Book for Boys 1907PDF 12 mb
2021-06-29Home Made Electrical Apparatus 1918PDF 7 mb
2021-06-29Home Occupations for Boys and Girls 1908PDF 2 mb
2021-06-29How to Be a Man-A Book for Boys 1847PDF 8 mb
2021-06-29How To Make Common Things-for Boys 1906PDF 7 mb
2021-06-29How To Play Baseball-A Manual for Boys 1914PDF 2 mb
2021-06-29Ladies Fancy Work 1885PDF 533 kb
2021-06-29Latin Primer-A First Book of Latin for Boys and Girls 1870PDF 15 mb
2021-06-29Life Questions of High School Boys 1908PDF 10 mb
2021-06-29Little Gardens for Boys and Girls 1910PDF 3 mb
2021-06-29Man on the Ocean-A Book for Boys 1863PDF 29 mb
2021-06-29Manual of Needlework and Cutting Out 1909PDF 15 mb
2021-06-29Master Minds in Art Science and Letters-A Book for Boys 1886PDF 23 mb
2021-06-29Men Who Have Risen-A Book for Boys 1859PDF 22 mb
2021-06-29Our Bird Friends-A Book for All Boys and Girls 1900PDF 14 mb
2021-06-29Practical Mechanics for Boys 1914PDF 13 mb
2021-06-29Quadrupeds-A Book of Zoology for Boys 1885PDF 9 mb
2021-06-29Rational Athletics for Boys 1915PDF 1 mb
2021-06-29Real Things in Nature-A Book of Science for American Boys and Girls 1903PDF 12 mb
2021-06-29School Needlework 1922PDF 8 mb
2021-06-29Shooting for Boys 1917PDF 5 mb
2021-06-29Steps to Christian Manhood or Daily Words for our Boys 1878PDF 1 mb
2021-06-29Stories of Brotherhood-A Book for Boys and Girls 1918PDF 7 mb
2021-06-29Ten Sex Talks to Boys-10 Years and Older 1914PDF 5 mb
2021-06-29The American Boys Book of Bugs Butterflies and Beetles 1915PDF 17 mb
2021-06-29The American Boys Book of Signs Signals and Symbols 1918PDF 10 mb
2021-06-29The American Boys Engineering Book 1918PDF 4 mb
2021-06-29The American Boys Handybook of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft 1920PDF 14 mb
2021-06-29The Boy Craftsman 1905PDF 9 mb
2021-06-29The Boy Mechanic-Things for Boys To Do 1913PDF 15 mb
2021-06-29The Boys and Girls Book of Enchantment 1881PDF 12 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Airships 1909PDF 16 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Canoeing and Sailing 1917PDF 16 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Crystal Sets 1964PDF 1 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Engine-Building 1918PDF 21 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Explorations 1909PDF 20 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Hunting and Fishing 1916PDF 17 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Industrial Information 1858PDF 16 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Model Aeroplanes 1 1910PDF 7 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Railroads 1921PDF 14 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Sports 1917PDF 21 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Submarines 1917PDF 16 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Book of Whalers 1922PDF 9 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Military Manual 1918PDF 7 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Own Book of Great Inventions 1918PDF 28 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations 1890PDF 47 mb
2021-06-29The Boys Wireless Annual 1925PDF 83 mb
2021-06-29The Gun Book for Boys and Men 1918PDF 24 mb
2022-01-18The Boy Mechanic 1915PDF 32 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Chemistry 1918PDF 8 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Firemen 1916PDF 6 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Manly Exercises Sports and Games 1881PDF 21 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Metals 1875PDF 34 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Model Aeroplanes 2 1911PDF 10 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Mounted Police 1917PDF 5 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Book of Sports and Games 1850PDF 6 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Guide To Usefulness 1844PDF 3 mb
2022-01-18The Boys Playbook of Science 1912PDF 24 mb
2022-01-18The Jack of All Trades-Fair Weather Ideas 1904PDF 6 mb
2022-01-18The Land We Live In-A Boys Book of Conservation 1911PDF 21 mb
2022-01-18The Playground and the Parlour-A Handbook of Boys Games Sports and Amusements 1868PDF 14 mb
2022-01-18The Story of The Iliad Or The Siege of Troy for Boys and Girls 1890PDF 4 mb
2022-01-18What to Do and How to Do it-The American Boys Handy Book 1890PDF 13 mb

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Looking for some PHP help. I’m trying to set up the Book Search page to check for books added since a specific date. It’s been a LOT of years since I did any serious PHP coding and I no longer have the patience I used to have for dealing with syntax errors and malformed statements. (No longer have hair to pull out.)

I need maybe a dozen and a half line of code. What I need to do is

  1. ask for Year in a select statement (2024-2020)
  2. ask for a month (01-12)
  3. concatenate them into yyyy-mm-01
  4. call another php page passing that date in the URL.

The second age making the database queries I can handle just fine. If anyone fluent in PHP could help out I’d really appreciate it.

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