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Date AddedTitleLink
2018-05-02A Comprehensive View Of The Culture Of The Vine Under Glass 1842PDF 966 kb
2018-05-02A History and Description of Modern Wine 1851PDF 16 mb
2018-05-02A Manual On The Culture Of The Grape 1837PDF 7 mb
2018-05-02A Memoir On the Cultivation of the Vine in America and the Best Mode of Making Wine 1823PDF 4 mb
2018-05-02A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine on Open Walls 1840PDF 4 mb
2018-05-02A Practical Treatise on the Culture of the Vine 1862PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine and the Art of Making Wine 1825PDF 12 mb
2018-05-02A Treatise on the Pot-Culture of the Grape 1843PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02A Treatise on the Vine-Embracing Its History 1830PDF 18 mb
2018-05-02A Treatise on Wines-Their Origin Nature and Varieties 1894PDF 8 mb
2018-05-02Address on Native Grapes of the United States 1885PDF 918 kb
2018-05-02American Grape Growing and Wine Making 1883PDF 7 mb
2018-05-02American Grape Training-An Account of the Leading Forms Now In Use 1893PDF 2 mb
2018-05-02American Grape Varieties 1937PDF 3 mb
2018-05-02American Horticultural Manual 1914PDF 28 mb
2018-05-02American Manual of the Grape Vines and the Art of Making Wine 1830PDF 3 mb
2018-05-02American Vines-Their Adaptation Culture Grafting and Propagation 1903PDF 19 mb
2018-05-02Ampelography-A Guide to Facilitate the Recognition of Vines 1900PDF 6 mb
2018-05-02An Elementary Treatise on American Grape Culture and Wine Making 1867PDF 24 mb
2018-05-02Both Sides of the Grape Question 1860PDF 2 mb
2018-05-02Chorltons Grape Growers Guide 1894PDF 16 mb
2018-05-02Dehydration of Grapes 1930PDF 2 mb
2018-05-02Diseases Affecting the Grape 1894PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Foundations of American Grape Culture 1909PDF 39 mb
2018-05-02Fruits and Vegetables Under Glass 1912PDF 12 mb
2018-05-02Girdling Grape Vines 1931PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Grape Culture Up-to-Date 1909PDF 6 mb
2018-05-02Grape Diseases on the Pacific Coast 1895PDF 594 kb
2018-05-02Grape Growing and Rasin Making in Southern Utah 1904PDF 12 mb
2018-05-02Grape Growing for Amateurs 1922PDF 3 mb
2018-05-02Grape Growing In Massachusetts 1920PDF 27 mb
2018-05-02Grape Growing in the South 1900PDF 11 mb
2018-05-02Grape Propagation Pruning and Training 1917PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Grape Varieties for Wine Production 1943PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Grapes for Different Regions 1943PDF 9 mb
2018-05-02Grapevine Flea-Beetles 1920PDF 3 mb
2018-05-02Grapevine Looper 1920PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Growing Grapes 1906PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Hand-Book of the Sulphur-Cure as Applicable to the Vine Disease 1870PDF 5 mb
2018-05-02Harvesting and Packing Grapes in California 1925PDF 4 mb
2018-05-02Head Cane and Cordon Pruning of Vines 1924PDF 2 mb
2018-05-02Home Manufacturer and Use of Unfermented Grape Juice 1903PDF 19 mb
2018-05-02How to Make Grape Culture Profitable in California 1904PDF 3 mb
2018-05-02How to Raise Fruits- A Hand-Book of Fruit Culture 1880PDF 12 mb
2018-05-02Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of American Grape Vines 1895PDF 28 mb
2018-05-02Loading American Grapes 1918PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02Manual of American Grape-Growing 1919PDF 25 mb
2018-05-02Manual of Modern Viticulture-Reconstitution with American Vines 1902PDF 21 mb
2018-05-02Open Air Grape Culture 1862PDF 17 mb
2018-05-02Our Hardy Grapes-What to Plant How to Plant Train and Manage Them 1863PDF 3 mb
2018-05-02Our Native Grape-Grapes and Their Culture 1893PDF 19 mb
2018-05-02Practices Followed by Grape Growers in Fertilizing Tilling Spraying and Dusting 1934PDF 12 mb
2018-05-02Productive Small Fruit Culture 1920PDF 23 mb
2018-05-02Suitablility of Grapes for General Culture in the States of the Old South 1922PDF 4 mb
2018-05-02Supports for Vines 1922PDF 2 mb
2018-05-02The American Grape Growers Guide 1852PDF 11 mb
2018-05-02The book of the grape 1901PDF 13 mb
2018-05-02The Grafting of American Grapes 1924PDF 22 mb
2018-05-02The Grape Culturist-A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Native Grape 1864PDF 23 mb
2018-05-02The Grape in Kansas 1901PDF 11 mb
2018-05-02The Grapes of New York 1908PDF 44 mb
2018-05-02The Home Vineyard with Special Reference To Northern Conditions 1902PDF 26 mb
2018-05-02The Principal Insect Enemies of the Grape 1898PDF 888 kb
2018-05-02The Raisin Industry-A Practical Treatise on the Raisin Grapes 1890PDF 16 mb
2018-05-02The True Grape Vines of the United States and the Diseases 1883PDF 1 mb
2018-05-02The Vine-Its Culture in the United States 1855PDF 6 mb
2018-05-02Vines and Vine Culture 1892PDF 19 mb
2018-05-02Wine Making In Hot Climates 1900PDF 22 mb

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I need maybe a dozen and a half line of code. What I need to do is

  1. ask for Year in a select statement (2024-2020)
  2. ask for a month (01-12)
  3. concatenate them into yyyy-mm-01
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The second age making the database queries I can handle just fine. If anyone fluent in PHP could help out I’d really appreciate it.

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