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Aeroplane Construction - A Handbook on the Various Methods 1919PDF 6 mb
Aeroplanes 1915PDF 3 mb
Aeroplanes in Gusts - Soaring Flight and the Stability of Aeroplanes 1913PDF 4 mb
Flying Machines Past Present and Future 1914PDF 6 mb
Harpers Aircraft Book 1913PDF 24 mb
Military Aeroplanes - An Explanatory Consideration of Their Characteristics 1916PDF 4 mb
Model Aeroplanes and Their Motors 1916PDF 17 mb
Natural Stability and the Parachute Principle in Aeroplanes 1911PDF 8 mb
Practical Aeroplane Construction - A Treatise on Modern Workshop Practice 1920PDF 7 mb
Stability in Aviation - An Introduction to Dynamical Stability 1911PDF 9 mb
The Aero Manual - A Manual of Mechanically Propelled Human Flight 1909PDF 22 mb
The Art of Aviation - A Handbook Upon Aeroplanes and Their Engines 1910PDF 6 mb
The Boys Book of Model Aeroplanes 1910PDF 6 mb
The Second Boys Book of Model Aeroplanes 1911PDF 6 mb
Training to Fly-Military Flight Training 1907-1945 1999PDF 15 mb
Types of Aeroplanes 1912PDF 2 mb

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    One thought on “Library-Aeroplanes

    1. Nice collection. I’ve never looked into the early history of aviation in much detail, I look forward to reading most of these over the coming months. Can I suggest also adding a copy of Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators? (

      The 1920s-era aircraft textbooks lacked a lot of the fundamental understanding of how aircraft really work. It would be a shame for a future group of aviators to have to relearn that the hard way.

      I’ll do some more research as well, but there should be some better simple aircraft designs out there that can be built using basic woodworking that are safer than anything from the early 20th century.

      For example, for a simple observation aircraft one could use a wooden glider, pulled airborne with a ground-based pulley system.

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