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Date AddedTitleLink
2015-08-26Formulary for the Preparation and Employment of Morphine 1830PDF 14 mb
2015-08-26Hope For The Victims of Alcohol Opium Morphine Cocaine and Other Vices 1888PDF 4 mb
2015-08-26On the Treatment of the Morphine Habit 1889PDF 8 mb
2015-08-26Opium-Its Use Abuse and Cure 1890PDF 11 mb
2015-08-26Report on the Experimental Culture of the Opium Poppy 1874PDF 286 mb
2015-08-26Scopolamine-Morphine Anaesthesia 1915PDF 2 mb
2015-08-26The American New Dispensatory 1821PDF 34 mb
2015-08-26The Manufacture of Opium 1882PDF 10 mb
2015-08-26The Morphine Eater or from Bondage to freedom 1881PDF 12 mb
2015-08-26The Old Vegetable Neurotics-Hemlock Opium Belladonna and Henbane 1869PDF 12 mb
2015-08-26The Treatment of Opium Addiction 1885PDF 3 mb
2015-08-26Uses of Opium in Managing the Shock and Reaction of Severe Surgical Injuries 1863PDF 1 mb

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SATURDAY 2024-06-15 (evening)


Managed to miss some obvious stuff. Some of the menu links were broken. I had left a Meta data block on the side bar and the Contact form was broken. Those are fixed now.

There’s no login/registration function anywhere at the moment. Seems I broke that yesterday and didn’t realize it. I’ll get that fixed this weekend sometime.

The important thing is that the book Index is working, the Category pages are working and all of the files are online and downloadable. That’s the Core function of the site so as long as that is working the rest is lower priority.

All the 301 redirects have been added so old links will work properly.

For now I’m off to bed to dream about PHP syntax and variables if I’m unlucky.

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