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Date AddedTitleLink
2015-02-23A Big Game and Fishing Guide to Northeastern Maine - James Churchward 1898PDF 12 mb
2015-02-23A Complete Guide to Spinning and Trolling - Otter 1878PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23A Method of Preparing Specimens of Fish by Drying Their Skins 1753PDF 150 kb
2015-02-23All About Trout Fishing - J. A. Riddell 1909PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23American Fish-Culture - Thaddeus Norris 1868PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23An Anglers Paradise and How to Obtain It - J. J. Armistead 1898PDF 17 mb
2015-02-23Angling - A Practical Guide to Bottom Fishing Trolling Spinning and Fly-Fishing - J. T. Burgess 1867PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Angling - How to Angle and Where to Go - Robert Blakey and Red Spinner 1898PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Bait Angling for Common Fishes with Illustrations by the Author - Louis Rhead 1907PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Bass Pike Perch and Others - James A. Henshall 1903PDF 15 mb
2015-02-23Book of the Black Bass Fully Illustrates - James A. Henshall 1881PDF 21 mb
2015-02-23Bottom or Float-Fishing - H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1876PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Boys-Book-of-Hunting-and-Fishing-1916-8944101PDF 25 mb
2015-02-23Brook Trout Fishing - R. G. Allerton 1869PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23By Stream and Sea - A Book for Wanderers and Anglers - William Senior 1877PDF 8 mb
2015-02-23Casting Tackle and Methods - O. W. Smith 1920PDF 12 mb
2015-02-23Coarse Fishing - H. T. Sheringham 1912PDF 10 mb
2015-02-23Deep Sea Fishing Grounds - Julius W. Muller and Arthur Knowlson 1915PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Eat More Fish - W. I. Crawford 1920PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Essential-Fishing-knotsPDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing - Clericus 1874PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Farm implements and the principles of their construction and use 1859PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Favorite Fish and Fishing - James A. Henshall 1908PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Fish Hatching and Fish Catching - Seth Green and R. B. Roosevelt 1879PDF 19 mb
2015-02-23Fish Preservation and Refrigeration - Mr. J. K. Kilbourn 1883PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Fish Roe and Buckroe - With 85 Recipes 1918PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Fishes and Fishing and Artificial Breeding of Fish 1858PDF 15 mb
2015-02-23Fishes of Fancy and Their Places in Myth Fable Fairytale and Folklore - Phil Robinson 1883PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Fishes of the Perch Family - Sir William Jardine 1843PDF 40 mb
2015-02-23Fishing - H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1906PDF 25 mb
2015-02-23Fishing - Rev. John Duncombe 1809PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Fishing - When Where and How to Fish Without Live Bait 1862PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Fishing and Fishers Illustrated - J. Paul Taylor 1898PDF 8 mb
2015-02-23Fishing Around New York - Where to Find Them - J. W. Muller and Arthur Knowlson 1909PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Fishing at Home And Abroad - Sir Herbert Maxwell 1913PDF 21 mb
2015-02-23Fishing for Pleasure and Catching It - E. Marston 1906PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Fishing From the Earliest Times with Illustrations - William Radcliffe 1921PDF 22 mb
2015-02-23Fishing Holidays 1904PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Fishing in American Waters - Genio C. Scott 1875PDF 23 mb
2015-02-23Fishing Kits and Equipment - Samuel G. Camp 1913PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Fishing Tackle - Perry D. Frazer 1914PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Fishing Tackle Its Materials and Manufacture 1886PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Fishing With a Worm - Bliss Perry 1916PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Fishing with Floating Flies - Samuel G. Camp 1913PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Fishing with Hook and Line - A Manual for Amateur Anglers - Frank Forrester 1870PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Fishing Tackle and Kits - Practical Information on Game Fish - Dixie Carroll 1919PDF 10 mb
2015-02-23Fishing-Knots-Tying-How-to-Tie-a-Knot-KnottingPDF 478 kb
2015-02-23Fly Fishing - Sir Edward Grey 1919PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Fly Fishing in Wonderland - Klahowya 1910PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Fly-Fishing and Fly-Making for Trout - J. Harrington Keene 1887PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Fly-Fishing in Maine Lakes - Charles W. Stevens 1881PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Fly-Rods and Fly-Tackle - Suggestions As to Their Manufacture and Use - Henry P. Wells 1885PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Forty Years of Trout and Salmon Fishing - J. L. Dickie 1921PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Goin Fishin - Weather and Feed Facts - Dixie Carroll 1920PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Great Fishing Stories - Edward Valentine Mitchell 1946PDF 11 mb
2015-02-23Home Fishing and Home Waters - A Practical Treatise on Fish Culture - Seth Green 1888PDF 10 mb
2015-02-23How to Catch Coarse Fish - An Old Anglers Hints and Wrinkles - A. R. Matthews 1921PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23How to Catch Pike - A. R. Matthews 1921PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23How to Catch Trout - Three Anglers 1889PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23How to Tie Salmon Flies - Captain Hale 1892PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Hunting and Fishing in the South - Southern Railway 1904PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Indian Fish and Fishing Illustrated - Francis Day 1883PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Lake and Stream Game Fishing - Dixie Carroll 1917PDF 12 mb
2015-02-23Line Fishing - C. M. Mundahl 1883PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Literature of Sea and River Fishing - J. J. Manley 1883PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Making a Fishery - Frederic M. Halford 1895PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23More About The Black Bass - James A. Henshall 1889PDF 13 mb
2015-02-23Notes on Fish and Fishing - J. J. Manley 1877PDF 11 mb
2015-02-23Pike and Perch - Alfred E. T. Watson 1900PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Pleasures of Angling with Rod and Reel for Trout and Salmon - George Dawson 1876PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Practical Trout Culture - J. H. Slack 1872PDF 21 mb
2015-02-23Recreational Fishing in the Kankakee RiverPDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Salmon and Sea Trout - How to Propagate Preserve and Catch Them - Herbert Maxwell 1898PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Salmon and Trout - Dean Sage 1902PDF 14 mb
2015-02-23Salmon Fishing - John James Hardy 1907PDF 12 mb
2015-02-23Salt Water Game Fishing - Charles Frederick Holder 1914PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Science of Fishing - The Most Practical Book on Fishing Ever Published 1912PDF 10 mb
2015-02-23Sea-Fishing as a Sport - Lambton T. H. Young 1865PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Sharks as Food - With Thirty Recipes 1918PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Skates and Rays - Interesting Fishes of Great Food Value With 29 Recipes for Cooking Them 1918PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Spinning Tackle - What it Is And What it Ought to Be - Pennell 1862PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Sport Fishing in California and Florida - Charles F. Holder 1910PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23The American Anglers Guide - Complete Fishers Manual For the United States - John J. Brown 1876PDF 27 mb
2015-02-23The American Salmon Fisherman - Henry P. Wells 1886PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23The Anglers Guide - A Handbook of the Haunts and Habits of the Popular Game Fishes 1908PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23The Anglers Guide - The Most Complete and Practical Ever Written - Rev. James Martin 1854PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23The Anglers Secret - Charles Bradford 1904PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23The Art of Fishing on the Principle of Avoiding Cruelty - Oliver Raymond 1866PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23The Art of Worm-Fishing - A Practical Treatise on Clear-Water Worming - Alexander Mackie 1912PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23The Big Game Fishes of the United States - Chas F. Holder 1903PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23The Book of Fish and Fishing - A Complete Compendium of Practical Advice 1908PDF 13 mb
2015-02-23The Boys Own Guide to Fishing Tackle-Making and Fish-Breeding - John Harrington Keene 1894PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23The Complete Angler - A Practical Guide to Bottom Fishing Trolling Spinning and Fly-Fishing 1891PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23The Complete Angler - Showing How to Take the Best Kinds of Fish - Elliot 1800PDF 20 mb
2015-02-23The Complete Fisherman - Walter M. Gallichan 1907PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23The Continental Fish Cook - M. J. N. De Frederic 1883PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23The Fine Art of Fishing - Samuel G. Camp 1911PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23The Fishing-Rod and How to Use It - Glenfin 1860PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23The Fly Fishers Text Book - Edward Chitty 1841PDF 14 mb
2015-02-23The Practical Angler - The Art of Trout-Fishing - W. C. Stewart 1907PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23The Practical Fisherman - J. H. Keene 1881PDF 14 mb
2015-02-23The Sea-Fisherman - J. C. Wilcocks 1884PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23The Sportsmans Guide to the Northern Lakes - George Francis 1885PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23The Young Anglers Guide Comprising Instructions in The Arts of Fly Fishing 1839PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23The Young Fisherman 1862PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Trout and How to Catch Them - P. Castle 1920PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Trout Fishing - W. Earl Hodgson 1920PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Trout Lore - O. W. Smith 1917PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Trout-Fishing in Brooks Its Science and Art - G. Garrow-Green 1919PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Why and How to Use Salt and Smoked Fish 1917PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23A Handbook of Angling - Teaching Fly-Fishing Trolling Bottom-Fishing and Salmon-Fishing - Ephemera 1865PDF 18 mb
2015-02-23American Fishes - A Popular Treatise Upon the Game and Food Fishes of North America - G. Brown Goode 1888PDF 32 mb
2015-02-23American Game Fishes - Their Habits Habitat and Peculiarities How When and Where to Angle For Them - W. A. Perry 1892PDF 30 mb
2015-02-23American Trout-Stream Insects - A Guide To Angling Flies And Other Aquatic Insects Alluring to Trout - Louis Rhead 1916PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Angling and How to Angle - A Practical Guide to Bait-fishing Trolling Spinning and Fly-fishing - J. T. Burgess and R. B. Marston 1895PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23How to Cook Fish - Recipes for Preparing Sea and Fresh Water Fish for the Table - Verein Deutcher Fisch Haendler 1886PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Life-History and Habits of the Salmon Sea-Trout Trout and Other Freshwater Fish - P. D. Malloch 1912PDF 25 mb
2015-02-23Modern Methods of Testing Milk and Milk Products - A Handbook Prepared for The Use of Dairy Students 1906PDF 12 mb
2015-02-23Recipes for Sea Food - How to Prepare and Serve Fish Oysters Clams Scallops Lobsters Crabs and Shrimp - Freeman and Cobb 1913PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Salmon-Fishing in Canada By A Resident - With Illustrations - Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander 1860PDF 11 mb
2015-02-23The Cattle of the Sea - Interesting Facts Concerning the Place of Fish in the Daily Diet - C. Houston Goudiss 1921PDF 474 kb
2015-02-23The Idyl of the Split-Bamboo - A Carefully Detailed Description of the Rods Building - George Parker Holden 1920PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23The Illustrated Fly-Fishers Text Book - A Complete Guide to the Science of Fly-Fishing - Theophilus South 1845PDF 16 mb
2015-02-23Trout in Lakes and Reservoirs - A Practical Guide to Managing Stocking and Fishing - Ernest Phillips 1914PDF 3 mb

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