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Date AddedTitleLink
2015-04-29An Account of the Discovery of the Manner of Making Isinglass in Russia 1773PDF 1 mb
2015-04-29An Experimental Turpentine Still 1939PDF 338 kb
2015-04-29Analysis of Paint and Varnish Products 1912PDF 5 mb
2015-04-29Bone Products and Manures 1901PDF 5 mb
2015-04-29Control of the Black Turpentine Beetle 1981PDF 629 kb
2015-04-29Examination of Pitch as a Possible Source of Resins for Varnish Making 1920PDF 2 mb
2015-04-29Fish Isinglass and Glue 1917PDF 1 mb
2015-04-29German Varnish-Making 1912PDF 16 mb
2015-04-29Glue and Gelatin 1923PDF 14 mb
2015-04-29Glue and Glue Testing 1900PDF 3 mb
2015-04-29Glue Gelatine and Their Allied Products 1905PDF 3 mb
2015-04-29Glue Gelatine Animal Charcoal Phosphorus Cements Pastes and Mucilages 1905PDF 9 mb
2015-04-29Glue Handbook 1934PDF 67 mb
2015-04-29Gums and Resins-Their Occurrence Properties and Uses 1918PDF 2 mb
2015-04-29Industrial Cold Adhesives 1937PDF 9 mb
2015-04-29Linseed Oil and Other Seed Oils-An Industrial Manual 1909PDF 13 mb
2015-04-29Low-Resin-Content and Resin-Free Pulp Plastics 1945PDF 545 kb
2015-04-29Modern Glues and Glue Testing 1922PDF 4 mb
2015-04-29More Turpentine-Less Scar-Better Pine 1931PDF 684 kb
2015-04-29Natural ResinsPDF 5 mb
2015-04-29New Methods Improve Turpentine 1950PDF 626 kb
2015-04-29Paint and Varnish Facts and Formulae 1905PDF 8 mb
2015-04-29Papers on Paint and Varnish and the Materials Used in their Manufacture 1920PDF 24 mb
2015-04-29Pine-Tree Treasures 1931PDF 2 mb
2015-04-29Recipes for the Colour Paint Varnish Oil Soap and Drysaltery Trades 1902PDF 15 mb
2015-04-29Rubber and Resin Content of Native and Introduced Plants of CanadaPDF 1 mb
2015-04-29Rubber Resins Paints and Varnishes 1920PDF 19 mb
2015-04-29Solvents 1944PDF 13 mb
2015-04-29Solvents Oils Gums Waxes and Allied Substances 1913PDF 3 mb
2015-04-29The Analysis of Resins Balsams and Gum Resins 1920PDF 20 mb
2015-04-29The Analysis of Turpentine by Fractional Distillation with Steam 1908PDF 1 mb
2015-04-29The Chemistry and Technology of Gelatin and Glue 1922PDF 44 mb
2015-04-29The Distillation of Resins 1907PDF 14 mb
2015-04-29The Industrial and Artistic Technology of Paint and Varnish 1904PDF 26 mb
2015-04-29The Manufacture and Use of Plywood and Glue 1920PDF 4 mb
2015-04-29The Manufacture of Glue and Gelatine 1898PDF 3 mb
2015-04-29The Practical Polish and Varnish Maker 1892PDF 20 mb
2015-04-29The Preparation and Use of Cements and Glue 1881PDF 6 mb
2015-04-29The Recovery of Volatile Solvents 1922PDF 8 mb
2015-04-29Turpentine Still Buildings and Equipment 1940PDF 3 mb
2015-04-29Turpentine-Its Sources Properties Uses Transportation and Marketing 1920PDF 6 mb
2015-04-29Violin Varnish and How to Make It 1911PDF 3 mb
2015-04-29Wood Turpentine-Its Production Refining Properties and Uses 1912PDF 5 mb

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