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2015-02-22A Practical Treatise Upon The Modern Printing Machinery And Letterpress Printing 1888PDF 36 mb
2015-02-22A Short History of the Printing Press and of the Improvements in Printing Machinery 1902PDF 9 mb
2015-02-22A Text-Book of Paper-Making 1907PDF 11 mb
2015-02-22Colour Printing and Colour Printers 1910PDF 13 mb
2015-02-22Gutenberg and the Art of Printing 1871PDF 14 mb
2015-02-22On the Preparation of Printing Ink-Both Black and Coloured 1832PDF 3 mb
2015-02-22Practical Printing-A Handbook of the Art of Typography 1884PDF 20 mb
2015-02-22Printing For School and Shop-A Textbook for Printers Apprentices 1917PDF 2mb
2015-02-22Printing in Relation to Graphic Art 1903PDF 1 mb
2015-02-22Printing-An Account of Its Invention and of William Caxton the First English Printer 1877PDF 2 mb
2015-02-22Sketches of Printers And Printing in Colonial New York 1969PDF 5 mb
2015-02-22Some New Jersey Printers and Printing in The Eighteenth Century 1911PDF 1 mb
2015-02-22Standard Specifications For Book Printing 1914PDF 1 mb
2015-02-22The Art and Craft of Printing 1902PDF 1 mb
2015-02-22The Art and Practice of Silver Printing 1881PDF 3 mb
2015-02-22The Art of Paper-making-A Practical Handbook of the Manufacture of Paper from Rags 1890PDF 14 mb
2015-02-22The Printing Trades 1916PDF 5 mb
2015-02-22Vocational Printing 1918PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Analysis of Printing Inks 1914PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Application of the Benzidine Colours in All Branches Of Printing 1898PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Better Paper-Better Printing 1920PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Catalogue of Printing Machines-Hand-Presses-Self-Inking Machines-Etc 1873PDF 11 mb
2015-02-23Caxton and the Art of Printing 1852PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Chemistry Of Pulp And Paper Making 1920PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Color and Its Application to Printing 1911PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23Color and Its Distribution In Printing-How to Estimate Ink 1916PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Design and Color in Printing 1909PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Early Princeton Printing 1911PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Early Venetian Printing Illustrated 1895PDF 28 mb
2015-02-23Haarlem-the Birthplace of Printing-not Mentz 1887PDF 8 mb
2015-02-23Hand Printing-Press United States Patent 41PDF 110 kb
2015-02-23How to Estimate on Printing 1913PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Machine for Casting Printing Types - United States Patent 632PDF 288 kb
2015-02-23Modern Fine Printing in America-An Essay 1921PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Modern Fine Printing in England 1916PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Music and Music Printing in Incunabula 1932PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23Pacific Coast Blue Book-Containing Specimens Of Type-Printing Machinery-Printing Material 1896PDF 33 mb
2015-02-23Paper and Paper Making Ancient And Modern 1855PDF 16 mb
2015-02-23Paper Its History Sources And Manufacture 1909PDF 8 mb
2015-02-23Plate Printing and Die Stamping 1917PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Printers and Printing in Providence 1762-1907 1907PDF 24 mb
2015-02-23Printing and Bookbinding for Schools 1914PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Printing and Writing Materials-Their Evolution 1912PDF 13 mb
2015-02-23Printing For Business-A Manuual Of Printing Practice In Non-Technical Idiom 1919PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Printing-Its Birth and Growth 1908PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23Short History of Engraving and EtchingPDF 35 mb
2015-02-23Silk Screen Printing Process 1941PDF 17 mb
2015-02-23Some Notes on Books and Printing 1892PDF 4 mb
2015-02-23Specimens of Book Types and of Printing and Bookbinding 1902PDF 10 mb
2015-02-23Teaching Apprentices In The Printing Trades-A Manual For Instructors 1922PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23The Art Of Making Paper 1905PDF 1 mb
2015-02-23The Chemistry and Technology of Printing Inks 1915PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23The Chemistry Of Paper-Making Together With The Principles Of General Chemistry 1894PDF 26 mb
2015-02-23The Coal Tar Colours of Farbwerke Vorm 1908PDF 21 mb
2015-02-23The Firm Of John Dickinson And Company With An Appendix On Ancient Paper Making 1896PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23The History of Printing 1855PDF 12 mb
2015-02-23The History of Printing in America 1874PDF 55 mb
2015-02-23The Manufacture Of Paper 1908PDF 13 mb
2015-02-23The Miller High Speed Printing Press 1935PDF 467 kb
2015-02-23The Origin of Printing1776PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23The Principles and Progress of Printing Machinery 1900PDF 10 mb
2015-02-23The Relative Legibility of Different Faces of Printing Types 1912PDF 2 mb
2015-02-23The Treatment Of Paper For Special Purposes 1907PDF 7 mb
2015-02-23The Use Of Wood Pulp For Paper-Making 1905PDF 6 mb
2015-02-23Treatise on Printing and Type-Founding 1841PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23Type Specimens for Layout Printing Lettering 1940PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Typographical Printing-Surfaces-The Technology and Mechanism of their Production 1916PDF 52 mb
2015-02-24A Brief Survey of Printing-History and Practice 1923PDF 5 mb
2015-02-24A Dictionary of the Art of Printing 1841PDF 24 mb
2015-02-23American Specimen Book of Type Styles-catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies 1912PDF 91 mb
2015-02-23Five Black Arts-A Popular Account of The History Processes of Manufacture and Uses of Printing Pottery Glass Gas-Light Iron 1861PDF 24 mb
2015-02-23How Paper Is Made A Primer Of Information About The Materials And Processes Of Manufacturing Paper 1918PDF 3 mb
2015-02-23Practical Printing-Explaining the Ways and Means of Production in the Modern Printing Plant 1911PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Printing Apparatus For The Use Of Amateurs-Containing Full And Practical Instructions For The Use Of Cowpers Parlour Printing Press 1846PDF 5 mb
2015-02-23Printing-A Practical Treatise On The Art Of Typography As Applied More Particularly To The Printing Of Books 1890PDF 14 mb
2015-02-23The Roman And Italic Printing Types In The Printing House Of Theodore L De Vinne & Co 1891PDF 9 mb
2015-02-23The Story Of Paper-Making-An Account Of Paper-Making From Its Earliest Known Record Down To The Present Time 1901PDF 5 mb

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Looking for some PHP help. I’m trying to set up the Book Search page to check for books added since a specific date. It’s been a LOT of years since I did any serious PHP coding and I no longer have the patience I used to have for dealing with syntax errors and malformed statements. (No longer have hair to pull out.)

I need maybe a dozen and a half line of code. What I need to do is

  1. ask for Year in a select statement (2024-2020)
  2. ask for a month (01-12)
  3. concatenate them into yyyy-mm-01
  4. call another php page passing that date in the URL.

The second age making the database queries I can handle just fine. If anyone fluent in PHP could help out I’d really appreciate it.

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