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Date AddedTitleLink
2017-11-13A Report on Flax Hemp Ramie and Jute 1892PDF 9 mb
2017-11-13A Report on Sisal Hemp Culture in the United States 1891PDF 8 mb
2017-11-13A Report on the Culture of Hemp in Europe 1898PDF 2 mb
2017-11-13A Report on the Leaf Fibers of the United States 1893PDF 10 mb
2017-11-13A Treatise on Hemp Including the Best Modes of Cultivation 1808PDF 9 mb
2017-11-13Abaca-Manila Hemp 1910PDF 3 mb
2017-11-13Abaca-Manila Hemp-in the Philippines 1915PDF 1 mb
2017-11-13Cordage and Cordage Hemp and Fibres 1919PDF 6 mb
2017-11-13Cultivation and Preparation of Hemp 1804PDF 14 mb
2017-11-13Early Attempts to Introduce the Cultivation of Hemp in Eastern British America 1892PDF 779 kb
2017-11-13Flax and Hemp 1860PDF 6 mb
2017-11-13Hemp 1943PDF 11 mb
2017-11-13Hemp Hurds as Paper-Making Material 1916PDF 2 mb
2017-11-13Hemp-A Practical Treatise on the Culture of Hemp for Seed and Fiber 1900PDF 5 mb
2017-11-13Linen Jute and Hemp Industries in the United Kingdom 1913PDF 15 mb
2017-11-13Manila Hemp or Abaca 1903PDF 208 kb
2017-11-13Modern Flax Hemp and Jute Spinning and Twisting 1907PDF 18 mb
2017-11-13Remarks on the Culture and Preparation of Hemp in Canada 1806PDF 1 mb
2017-11-13Rope and Twine Information 1917PDF 3 mb
2017-11-13The Cultivation of Hemp in the United States 1910PDF 623 kb
2017-11-13The Fibrous Plants of India Fitted for Cordage Clothing and Paper 1855PDF 17 mb
2017-11-13The Manufacture of Linen Hemp and Jute Fabrics 1909PDF 5 mb
2017-11-13The Spinning and Twisting of Flax Hemp Jute Tow and Ramie Fibers 1904PDF 32 mb
2018-01-19Flax and Hemp-Their Culture and Manipulation 1854PDF 7 mb

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Looking for some PHP help. I’m trying to set up the Book Search page to check for books added since a specific date. It’s been a LOT of years since I did any serious PHP coding and I no longer have the patience I used to have for dealing with syntax errors and malformed statements. (No longer have hair to pull out.)

I need maybe a dozen and a half line of code. What I need to do is

  1. ask for Year in a select statement (2024-2020)
  2. ask for a month (01-12)
  3. concatenate them into yyyy-mm-01
  4. call another php page passing that date in the URL.

The second age making the database queries I can handle just fine. If anyone fluent in PHP could help out I’d really appreciate it.

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