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Date AddedTitleLink
2015-04-29Bone Products and Manures 1901PDF 4 mb
2020-10-2275 Years of Gas Service in Chicago 1925PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22A Handbook of Practical Gas-Fitting 1901PDF 14 mb
2020-10-22A Portable Charcoal Kiln Using the Chimney Principle 1941PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light 1815PDF 10 mb
2020-10-22A Practical Treatise on Modern Gas and Oil Engines 1902PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture and Distribution of Coal Gas 1841PDF 14 mb
2020-10-22A Short Treatise on the Destructive Distillation of Bituminous Coal 1906PDF 4 mb
2020-10-22A Treatise on Fuel-Scientific and Practical 1880PDF 10 mb
2020-10-22A Treatise on Gas-Works and the Practice of Manufacturing and Distributing 1853PDF 17 mb
2020-10-22A Treatise on Producer-Gas and Gas-Producers 1907PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22Alcazar Ranges Stove Heaters for Every Fuel. 1931PDF 34 mb
2020-10-22Alcohol-Its Production Properties Chemistry and Industrial Applications 1919PDF 42 mb
2020-10-22American Charcoal Making 1941PDF 4 mb
2020-10-22American Fuels Vol 1 1922PDF 13 mb
2020-10-22American Fuels Vol 2 1922PDF 16 mb
2020-10-22American Gas Journal Vol 42-43 1879PDF 104 mb
2020-10-22American Gas Journal Vol 42-43 1921PDF 124 mb
2020-10-22American Gas Journal Vol 46-47 1879PDF 128 mb
2020-10-22American Gas Journal Vol 46-47 1921PDF 152 mb
2020-10-22American Gas Journal Vol 52 1879PDF 141 mb
2020-10-22American Gas Works Practice 1919PDF 15 mb
2020-10-22An Elementary Treatise on the Combustion of Coal 1858PDF 12 mb
2020-10-22An Introduction to the Study of Fuel 1920PDF 11 mb
2020-10-22Analysis Report on the Granger Water Gas 1885PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22Anthracite Coke 1902PDF 12 mb
2020-10-22Bulletins and Circulars on Charcoal Lumber and Saw-Mills 1907PDF 8 mb
2020-10-22Burning Liquid Fuel 1922PDF 10 mb
2020-10-22Catalogue 19 of Gas Fixtures 1888PDF 36 mb
2020-10-22Charcoal Kiln Made of Cinder-Concrete Blocks 1946PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Circular and Catalogue of the New York and New Jersey Globe Gas Light Co 1879PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Coal and Coke 1916PDF 25 mb
2020-10-22Coal and Its Scientific Uses 1918PDF 26 mb
2020-10-22Coal Gas Engineering 1878PDF 470 kb
2020-10-22Coal Gas Residuals 1918PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22Coke and Its Uses 1923PDF 20 mb
2020-10-22Coke-A Treatise on the Manufacture of Coke 1905PDF 15 mb
2020-10-22Coke-Oven Tars of the United States 1912PDF 770 kb
2020-10-22Comparative Thermal Efficiency Tests of Alcohol and Kerosene Used As A Fuel 1909PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22Connecticut Charcoal Kiln 1948PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22Description of the Process of Manufacturing Coal Gas 1819PDF 14 mb
2020-10-22Design and Construction of a Soft Coal Gas Producer 1908PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Efficiency in the Use of Oil Fuel 1919PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22Efficient House Heating With Gas 1928PDF 21 mb
2020-10-22Elements of Water Gas-A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Water Gas 1916PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22Emergency Fuel from the Farm Woodland 1917PDF 672 kb
2020-10-22Facts About Peat as an Article of Fuel 1867PDF 12 mb
2020-10-22Facts About Peat Peat Fuel and Peat Coke 1904PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22Firewoods-Their Production and Fuel Values 1919PDF 18 mb
2020-10-22Fuel and Refactory Materials 1921PDF 23 mb
2020-10-22Fuel Pulverizing Studies 1920PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Fuel Solid Liquid and Gaseous 1920PDF 26 mb
2020-10-22Fuel Water and Gas Analysis 1907PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Fuel-Its Combustion and Economy 1879PDF 10 mb
2020-10-22Gas and Fuel Analysis for Engineers 1896PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22Gas and Gas Fittings-A Handbook of Information 1902PDF 5 mb
2020-10-22Gas as a Source of Light Heat and Power 1886PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22Gas Producers and the Bildt Automatic Feed Device 1903PDF 9 mb
2020-10-22Gas Purification in the Medium-Size Gas Plants of Illinois 1920PDF 4 mb
2020-10-22Gaseous Fuel including Water Gas 1889PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Hand-Book for Charcoal Burners 1875PDF 58 mb
2020-10-22Hand-Book of American Gas-Engineering Practice 1907PDF 76 mb
2020-10-22Heat Energy and Fuels 1908PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22How to Build Up Furnace Efficiency 1919PDF 11 mb
2020-10-22Illustrated and Descriptive List of Apparatus for the Analysis of Coal Gas 1886PDF 100 mb
2020-10-22Industrial Alcohol-The Production and Use 1923PDF 34 mb
2020-10-22Industrial Uses of Fuel Oil 1916PDF 5 mb
2020-10-22Light Distribution and Efficiency Tests of a Three Mantle Gas Arc 1909PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22Liquid Fuel and Its Apparatus 1911PDF 18 mb
2020-10-22Liquid Fuel and Its Combustion 1903PDF 29 mb
2020-10-22Liquid Fuel for Mechanical and Industrial Purposes 1890PDF 8 mb
2020-10-22Modern Power Gas Producers 1908PDF 42 mb
2020-10-22Mond Gas 1903PDF 17 mb
2020-10-22Observations on Gas-Lights 1817PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Oil Fuel and the Empire 1864PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22Oil Fuel for Steam Boilers 1914PDF 19 mb
2020-10-22On Charcoal as a Disinfectant 1854PDF 373 kb
2020-10-22On Coal-Gas 1860PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22On Illuminating Value of Vegetable Animal and Mineral Oils and Coal Gas 1872PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22On the Combustion of Different Kinds of Fuel 1878PDF 249 kb
2020-10-22On the Successful Treatment of Flatulence by a Novel Use of Charcoal 1865PDF 495 kb
2020-10-22Peat and Its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel 1866PDF 5 mb
2020-10-22Peat Fuel 1903PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22Powdered Anthracite and Gas Fuel Manufacturers Report 1886PDF 5 mb
2020-10-22Powdered Coal as a Fuel 1920PDF 36 mb
2020-10-22Practical and Descriptive Essays on the Economy of Fuel 1810PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22Preparation of Peat and Manufacture of Fuel 1857PDF 973 kb
2020-10-22Production of Charcoal in the Ordinary Pit-Kiln 1932PDF 195 kb
2020-10-22Pulverized Fuel-Its Use and Possibilities 1918PDF 15 mb
2020-10-22Purified Animal Charcoal 1846PDF 647 kb
2020-10-22Report on Water-Gas 1886PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22Specification Anfrews-Coke Ovens 1857PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Specification Wilkinson-Coke Ovens 1857PDF 839 kb
2020-10-22Specification-Applying Charcoal for Curative and Other Purposes 1869PDF 551 kb
2020-10-22Specification-Charcoal for Purifying Sewage 1873PDF 737 kb
2020-10-22Specification-Manufacture of Charcoal 1857PDF 634 kb
2020-10-22Specification-Manufacture of Charcoal and Other Fuel 1857PDF 375 kb
2020-10-22Specification-Manufacture of Coke 1857PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Specification-Recarbonizing Animal Charcoal 1857PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Supplies for Gas Electric and Combination Fixtures 1904PDF 12 mb
2020-10-22Technical Gas and Fuel Analysis 1920PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22The American Practice of Gas Piping and Gas Lighting 1908PDF 16 mb
2020-10-22The By-Products of Coal-Gas Manufacture 1915PDF 20 mb
2020-10-22The Carbonisation of Coal 1912PDF 38 mb
2020-10-22The Chemical Examination of Water Fuel Flue Gases and Lubricants 1916PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22The Chemistry of Coke 1899PDF 8 mb
2020-10-22The Coke Industry of New South Wales 1916PDF 12 mb
2020-10-22The Combustion of Fuel 1899PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22The Composition and Fuel Value of Natural Gas 1887PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22The Construction of Gas-Works 1880PDF 28 mb
2020-10-22The Density of Charcoal 1919PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22The Detarring of Gas by Electrical Precipitation 1918PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22The Domestic Uses of Coal Gas 1884PDF 13 mb
2020-10-22The Encyclopedia of the Gas Trade 1923PDF 130 mb
2020-10-22The Enrichment of Coal-Gas 1894PDF 335 kb
2020-10-22The Examination and Thermal Value of Fuel 1914PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22The Fischer-Tropsch SynthesisPDF 64 mb
2020-10-22The Future of Coal Gas 1903PDF 370 kb
2020-10-22The Gas and Water Engineers Book of Reference 1880PDF 90 mb
2020-10-22The Gas Engineers Pocket-Book 1901PDF 65 mb
2020-10-22The Gas Light and Coke Company 1912PDF 5 mb
2020-10-22The Globe Gas Light Company of Boston 1877PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22The History of Illuminating Gas in Baltimore 1928PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22The Incandescent Gas Light-Its History Character and Operation 1896PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22The Internal Energy of Inflammable Mixtures of Coal-Gas and Air After Explosion 1921PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22The Liquefaction of Carbonaceous Materials by HydrogenationPDF 71 mb
2020-10-22The Manufacture of Ethyl Alcohol from Wood Waste 1922PDF 10 mb
2020-10-22The Manufacture of Retort Coal-Gas 1918PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22The Production of Coal and Coke in Canada 1913PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22The Science of Burning Liquid Fuel 1913PDF 10 mb
2020-10-22The Taylor Revolving Bottom Gas Produce 1900PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22The Technology of Wood Distillation 1925PDF 24 mb
2020-10-22The Use of Wood for Fuel 1919PDF 4 mb
2020-10-22The Uses of Peat for Fuel and Other Purposes 1911PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22Thermal Reactions in Carbureting Water Gas 1914PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22Thrift in the Use of Fuel for Cooking 1919PDF 312 kb
2020-10-22Town Gas and Its Uses for the Production of Light Heat and Motive Power 1907PDF 4 mb
2020-10-22Twenty Lessons in Locomotive Fuel Economy 1918PDF 3 mb
2020-10-22Vegetable Charcoal-Its Medicinal and Economic Properties 1857PDF 7 mb
2020-10-22Water and Gas Works Appliances and Pumping Machinery 1901PDF 6 mb
2020-10-22Water Gas and its Residue 1910PDF 2 mb
2020-10-22Water-Gas Manufacture 1918PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Water-Gas Operating Methods 1919PDF 1 mb
2020-10-22Wood Alcohol-A Report on the Chemistry 1913PDF 5 mb
2020-10-22Wood Fuel and Wood Stoves 1942PDF 517 kb
2020-10-22Wood Fuel in Wartime 1942PDF 761 kb
2020-10-22The Successful Application of Charcoal Air-Filters to the Ventilation and Disinfection of Sewers 1861PDF 718 kb

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