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Date AddedTitleLink
2022-04-12A Present for Infants or Pictures for the Nursery 1819PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1884PDF 23 mb
2022-04-12Adventures of Mother Hubbard and Her Dog 1855PDF 831 kb
2022-04-12Anecdotes of Kings Selected from History 1837PDF 15 mb
2022-04-12Aunt Madges Story 1872PDF 7 mb
2022-04-12Beauty and the Beast 1818PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12Before Honour is Humility-A Story for the Young 1854PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Book About Beasts 1855PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12Children of the Future 1898PDF 5 mb
2022-04-12Classic Mythology 1883PDF 16 mb
2022-04-12Cock Robin-A Pretty Painted Toy for Either Girl or Boy 1819PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12Cousin Grace 1865PDF 7 mb
2022-04-12Curious Creatures 1898PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Dame Talkatives Old Sayings New Revived for the Amusement of Young People 1818PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Descriptive Scenes for Children 1831PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Dollys Doings 1890PDF 491 kb
2022-04-12Edmund Dulacs Fairy-Book-Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations 1916PDF 8 mb
2022-04-12Emma or The Three Misfortunes of a Belle 1855PDF 9 mb
2022-04-12Fairy Gold-A Book of Old English Fairy Tales 1913PDF 14 mb
2022-04-12Fairy Tales 1 1884PDF 27 mb
2022-04-12Fairy Tales 2 1869PDF 5 mb
2022-04-12Fairy tales 3 1910PDF 15 mb
2022-04-12Fairy Tales from the Far North 1897PDF 18 mb
2022-04-12Footsteps on the Road to Learning or The Alphabet in Rhyme 1849PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12General Jack 1890PDF 709 kb
2022-04-12Grandmas Pet 1885PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Great Things Done by Little People 1865PDF 47 mb
2022-04-12Greek Mythology Systematized 1880PDF 28 mb
2022-04-12Grimms Fairy Tale 1900PDF 29 mb
2022-04-12Halcyon Days 1845PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12Hans Andersens Fairy Tales 1913PDF 17 mb
2022-04-12Harrys Ladder to Learning 1850PDF 45 mb
2022-04-12Heathen Mythology 1842PDF 26 mb
2022-04-12History of Henry and Eliza 1888PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12Humpty Dumptys Little Son 1907PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12I Didn"t Hear or Alice Leonard 1888PDF 9 mb
2022-04-12Incidents of Childhood 1821PDF 8 mb
2022-04-12Indian Fairy Tales 1912PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12Jack Sprat Other Rhymes 1859PDF 9 mb
2022-04-12Japanese Fairy Tales 1918PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Jonass Stories-Related to Rollo and Lucy 1839PDF 6 mb
2022-04-12Just So Stories for Little Children 1907PDF 4 mb
2022-04-12Karl Krinken-His Christmas Stocking 1878PDF 9 mb
2022-04-12Life and Death of Jenny Wren 1867PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Life of Jack Sprat 1896PDF 581 kb
2022-04-12Lilys Scrap-Book 1877PDF 13 mb
2022-04-12Little Frankie 1 and His Mother 1860PDF 20 mb
2022-04-12Little Frankie 2 at His Plays 1860PDF 25 mb
2022-04-12Little Frankie 3 and his Cousin 1860PDF 25 mb
2022-04-12Little Frankie 5 on a Journey 1860PDF 22 mb
2022-04-12Little Frankie 6 at School 1860PDF 24 mb
2022-04-12Little Henry and His Bird 1851PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Little Hunchback From the Arabian Nights Entertainments 1817PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Little People-An Alphabet 1901PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Little Robins Learning to Fly 1860PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12Little Robins Love One to Another 1860PDF 23 mb
2022-04-12Little Tom Tell-Truths Pretty Stories 1822PDF 473 kb
2022-04-12Little Tom Tucker 1800PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12Marks History of an Apple Pie 1835PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Marks Adventures of Paul Pry and His Young Friend 1835PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Memoirs of the Little Man and the Little Maid 1807PDF 8 mb
2022-04-12Millie 1865PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12Minnie or The Little Woman-A Fairy Story 1857PDF 35 mb
2022-04-12My Friend Doggie 1890PDF 749 kb
2022-04-12My Pretty Scrap-Book 1874PDF 11 mb
2022-04-12Norse Mythology 1884PDF 21 mb
2022-04-12Nurse Lovechild"s Legacy 1916PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Old French Fairy Tales 1920PDF 17 mb
2022-04-12Old Mother Hubbard 1858PDF 554 kb
2022-04-12Pets and Playmates 1865PDF 567 kb
2022-04-12Pictorial Life of George Washington 1845PDF 12 mb
2022-04-12Pleasing Toy 1819PDF 4 mb
2022-04-12Scenes in America 1868PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12Stories and Pictures for Young Children 1862PDF 8 mb
2022-04-12Stories by a Mother for the Use of Her Own Children 1818PDF 51 mb
2022-04-12Stories for Little Children-Doughty 1850PDF 66 mb
2022-04-12Stories for Little Children-Harriman 1920PDF 15 mb
2022-04-12Stories for Little Children-Hayes 1812PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12The Adventures of a Squirrel Supposed to Be Related by Himself 1807PDF 27 mb
2022-04-12The Adventures of Mother Hubbard and Her Dog 1858PDF 959 mb
2022-04-12The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1835PDF 13 mb
2022-04-12The Beavers and the Elephant-Stories in Natural History for Children 1829PDF 5 mb
2022-04-12The Blackbirds Nest-A Tale for Children 1824PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12The Blind Child or Anecdotes of the Wyndham Family 1814PDF 11 mb
2022-04-12The Childrens Book of Poetry 1879PDF 48 mb
2022-04-12The Childrens Garland from the Best Poets 1917PDF 4 mb
2022-04-12The Childrens Primer 1905PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12The Childs Story-Book 1840PDF 539 kb
2022-04-12The Cowslip or More Cautionary Stories in Verse 1811PDF 25 mb
2022-04-12The Dogs Dinner Party 1865PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Fairy-Craft of Nature 1845PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Girls Casket 1848PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Golden Gift-A Book for the Young 1868PDF 9 mb
2022-04-12The Haven Children or Frolics at the Funny Old House on Funny Street 1876PDF 12 mb
2022-04-12The Highland Cottage-A Pleasing Tale for Youth 1809PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The History of Birds 1836PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The History of John and the Oak Tree 1836PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The History of Sinbad the Sailor 1911PDF 4 mb
2022-04-12The History of the House That Jack Built 1834PDF 933 mb
2022-04-12The History of Tommy and Harry 1820PDF 7 mb
2022-04-12The House That Jack Built 1854PDF 868 mb
2022-04-12The Keepsake Picture Book 1878PDF 200 mb
2022-04-12The Little English Girl-A Tale for Children 1921PDF 13 mb
2022-04-12The Little Sisters or Emma and Caroline 1840PDF 410 kb
2022-04-12The Mouses Wedding 1892PDF 2 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 1-Greek and Roman 1916PDF 223 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 2-Eddic 1930PDF 155 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 3-Celtic and Slavic 1918PDF 6 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 4-Finno-Ugric and SIberian 1927PDF 25 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 5-Semitic 1931PDF 174 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 6-Indian and Iranian 1916PDF 6 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 7-Armenian and African 1916PDF 119 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 8-Chinese and Japanese 1916PDF 25 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 9-Oceanic 1916PDF 13 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 10-North American 1910PDF 19 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 11-Latin American 1916PDF 13 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 12-Egyptian and Indo-Chinese 1916PDF 9 mb
2022-04-12The Mythology of All Races Vol 13-Index 1916PDF 19 mb
2022-04-12The Picture Gallery-Peter Prims Portraits of Good and Bad Girls and Boys 1814PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Poachers Daughter 1818PDF 11 mb
2022-04-12The Popular Story of Blue Beard 1828PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Round Rabbit 1898PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Silly Jelly-Fish 1892PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Son of a Genius-A Tale for the Use of Youth 1817PDF 47 mb
2022-04-12The Step-Brothers-A Tale1828PDF 12 mb
2022-04-12The Tale of a Monkey 1873PDF 4 mb
2022-04-12The Three Baskets or How Henry Richard and Charles Were Occupied 1847PDF 8 mb
2022-04-12The Three Goblins 1903PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Tragi-Comic History of the Burial of Cock Robin 1811PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12The Young Soldier 1840PDF 777 kb
2022-04-12Traditional Nursery Songs of England 1843PDF 3 mb
2022-04-12True Courage or Heaven Never Forsakes the Innocent 1820PDF 1 mb
2022-04-12Uncle Toms Cabin 1852PDF 5 mb
2022-04-12Welsh Fairy Tales 1921PDF 7 mb
2022-04-12White Violets 1854PDF 1 mb

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I need maybe a dozen and a half line of code. What I need to do is

  1. ask for Year in a select statement (2024-2020)
  2. ask for a month (01-12)
  3. concatenate them into yyyy-mm-01
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The second age making the database queries I can handle just fine. If anyone fluent in PHP could help out I’d really appreciate it.

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