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Date AddedTitleLink
2015-07-14Alaska Basketry 1917PDF 3 mb
2015-07-14Basket Designs of the Indians of Northwestern California 1905PDF 3 mb
2015-07-14Basket Making 1902PDF 1 mb
2015-07-14Basket Work of All Kinds with Numerous Engravings and Diagrams 1914PDF 6 mb
2015-07-14Basketry and Weaving in the School 1904PDF 1 mb
2015-07-14Basketry of the Papago and Pima 1916PDF 12 mb
2015-07-14Basket-Work of the North American Aborigines 1890PDF 18 mb
2015-07-14Cane Basket Work-A Practical Manual on Weaving Useful and Fancy Baskets 1901PDF 5 mb
2015-07-14Designs of Rattan Furniture 1875PDF 2 mb
2015-07-14Fine Willow Basketry 1929PDF 6 mb
2015-07-14Full Instructions in the Art of Crepe Paper Rope Basket Weaving 1922PDF 1 mb
2015-07-14Handicraft For Girls-A Tentative Course in Needlework Basketry 1910PDF 7 mb
2015-07-14How to Make Indian and Other Baskets 1903PDF 28 mb
2015-07-14Indian Basket Weaving 1903PDF 13 mb
2015-07-14Indian Basketry 1902PDF 35 mb
2015-07-14Indian Basketry and How to Make Indian and Other Baskets 1909PDF 80 mb
2015-07-14Indian Basketry-Studies in a Textile Art Without Machinery Vol 1 1904PDF 26 mb
2015-07-14Indian Basketry-Studies in a Textile Art Without Machinery Vol 2 1904PDF 28 mb
2015-07-14Inexpensive Basketry 1912PDF 2 mb
2015-07-14Practical and Artistic Basketry 1904PDF 6 mb
2015-07-14Practical Basket Making 1914PDF 19 mb
2015-07-14Practical Basketry 1916PDF 3 mb
2015-07-14Priscilla Juniors Basketry Book 1914PDF 2 mb
2015-07-14Raffia Basketry as an Art 1921PDF 4 mb
2015-07-14Rural Handicrafts in the United States 1946PDF 5 mb
2015-07-14The Ancient Basket Makers of Southeastern Utah 1909PDF 2 mb
2015-07-14The Basket Maker 1909PDF 6 mb
2015-07-14The Basket or the Journal of the Basket Fraternity Jan 1904PDF 15 mb
2015-07-14The Basket or the Journal of the Basket Fraternity Jul 1903PDF 4 mb
2015-07-14The Basketry Book 1914PDF 4 mb
2015-07-14The Basketry Book-Twelve Lessons in Reed Weaving 1914PDF 3 mb
2015-07-14The Handicraft Book-Methods of Teaching Cord and Raffia Construction Work Weaving Basketry 1912PDF 2 mb
2015-07-14The Priscilla Basketry Book-A Collection of Baskets and Other Articles 1911PDF 1 mb

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