SATURDAY 06/01/2024

SATURDAY 06/01/2024


The site is now running on it’s new server at the house here. It’s a Dell T410, 32gb, with a few SAS drives in it. Plugged into a 4 battery APC battery backup.

The performance seems better than the old virtual server at the hosting company. I have a 1GB fiber line so don’t expect any bandwidth issues. If too many people start downloading all at once I might have to throttle the bandwidth since my wife uses that line for her job so she makes the rules on bandwidth use.

I THINK everything got tested and is working correctly. But after 40+ years doing this stuff I know better than to speak in absolutes about such things. If you do encounter anything that doesn’t work correctly, bad links, 404 Page Not Found errors and the like, please let me know. 

The files are there and can be downloaded and that is the primary thing.

Now that it’s here I’ll be setting up the target server for the new site (Dell R710 128gb) where it will ultimately reside. Probably do that this next week and start installing all the base software packages AMP, MySQL, PHPO, Perk, Python, SEVERAL CMS packages since #I will probably move away form the current CMS the site is running. But that will be an ongoing process this summer. 

Weird to be doing all this while my phone keeps pinging SMS alerts of the newest X-Class flare being tossed out by the sun.

The Librarian