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New Additions
Accounting Engineering-Electrical Livestock-Sheep Sanitation
Aeroplanes Engineering-General Livestock-Swine Scientific American (Series 1)
Airships Engineering-Hydraulics Machine Tools Scientific American (Series 2)
Archery Engraving and Woodcuts Machine Tools (Machinerys Reference) Sewage
Architecture Ethics Mechanical Drawing Sewing
Astronomy Farming Medical Courses-US Army Shelter
Baking Farming-Corn Medical-Anesthesia Shipbuilding
Banking Farming-Fish Medical-Diagnostics Shoemaking
Basketry Farming-Grapes_Wine_Raisins Medical-Emergency Shorthand
Bee Journal (American) Farming-Potato and Sweet Potato Medical-Hypnotism Silk Culture
Bee Journal (British) Firearms-Books Medical-Medicine 1900-1922 Sliderules and Abacus
Beekeeping Firearms-Manuals Medical-Microscopy Smithing
Beekeeping 2 Fishing Medical-Nursing 1900-1921 Steam Engines
Berries Food Medical-Obstetrics 1900-1922 Stone and Masonry
Boilermaker Forestry Medical-Surgery 1900-1922 Surveying
Bookbinding Forging and Casting Medical-Surgery 2 Survival-Individual
Botany Formulas Medical-X-Rays Teaching
Boy Scout Manuals Geodesy Meteorology Teaching-Arithmetic
Brewing and Distilling Geography Misc Teaching-Civics
Bridges and Dams Glassmaking Monasticism Teaching-Phonics
Butchering Gunpowder and Explosives Morality Teaching-Readers
Canning Hatmaking Mushrooms Teaching-Readers-McGuffey
Cheese and Butter Making Heating Musical Instruments Telegraph and Telephone
Chemistry Heavy and Industrial Machinery Navigation Thanksgiving
Christmas Hemp and Flax NBC Tobacco
Clockmaking Herbalism Opium Toys
Coal and Mining History-American Optometry Trapping and Hunting
Coffee-Tea Home Economics Painting and Drawing Turpentine, Glue, Solvents
Conduct of Life Horses Papermaking Veterinary
Construction Journalism Photography Wagon and Coach Building
Cooking and Cookbooks Knitting-Lace-Needlepoint Pottery Weaving
Cotton Laundry Poultry Welding
Cycles (Bi-Tri-Motor) Leather Primers Wind and Water
Dentistry Leisure-Games and Sports Printing Wood Magazine
Drilling Leisure-Recreation Magazine Radio Wood-Carpentry
Economics Leisure-Whist Radio 73 Magazine Wood-Carving
Embalming Lithography Railroads Wood-Furniture
Encyclopedias Livestock-Cattle Rat Control NEW Work Magazine
Engineering-Drainage Livestock-Rabbits and Cavies Refrigeration  World Depression