Hosting the Library Yourself

Since all of the books in the Library are either Public Domain or Books on which the Copyright has expired you are perfectly free to download every book in the Library (and new ones as they are added) and host a copy of the Library yourself.

Absolutely nothing to stop you doing so and I’m certainly not going to give you a hard time about it.

After all, the purpose of the Library in the first place is to disseminate this information to as many people in the Prepper Community as possible.

If you do want to host it or even just part of it feel free. Keep in mind however that so far the Library files are pushing 70 GB of data and continuing to grow. I’m uploading another 500mb right now to put the rest of the Livestock categories online.

We originally hosted it on a commercial website which sponsored the Library but within a couple days we exceeded their bandwidth limitations. We’ve since moved it to a different server. The Commercial website that hosted us is gone now so we’re hosting it personally.

For simplicity we’re keeping all the files in a single directory though the offline copies are separated by category which some people might prefer. So if you want to mirror the library entirely email me at and we’ll see if there is an easier way to get the files to you than having to download something pushing 10k files.

The Librarian

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