Handcrafter America

As some of you know i seldom if ever watch television. The vast majority of what’s broadcast is:

1. Utter trash and an insult to the intelligence of a 6 year old

2. Simply offensive to anyone with any concept or morals.

3. “News” which is like a sad imitation of Pravda or Ivestia from it’s worst years or just outright fantasy made up to support whatever that particular networks agenda happens to be.

So it’s rare for me to actually recommend a television program to watch. The series is called Handcrafted America.

While the host should give up her pretensions of being a comedian as so most TV show hosts she is worth putting up with in order to see the amazing array of Americans still making a living handcrafting items from fireplace pokers to clocks to handcrafted shoes.

While they only devote a few minutes to each person or group or family it is worth watching just to see the variety and range of skills. In each case the provide enough information to locate the business involved and find out more information. Many of the individuals also teach which may be of interest to some of you.

If nothing else it’s worth watching just to be reminded that people are still mastering the skills of handmaking the kind of items that many of us take for granted.

The Librarian


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