Another article on EMP scenarios and their consequences. I have to admit it’s a bit disturbing to see how common and mainstream discussions about EMP scenarios is becoming.

We’re talking about events that, should they occur, could mean the deaths of 80%-90% of the population of the industrialized world and a recovery effort lasting decades if not generations. Yet they have become simply another topic of discussion on the internet, another issue for politicians to favor and push in the incessant demand for a bigger piece of the Federal pie for THEIR constituents.

I’d like to believe that there are actually politicians in D.C. who actually understand the potential consequences of an EMP event and get cold chills up their spines from thinking about it. Sadly I tend to suspect that the few that are pushing Congress to take action on hardening the grid are most likely lower level politicians with no real influence but who are inexpensive to buy.

The people who would most benefit from an effort to harden the grid are small industries and small organizations. What is the death of 80%-90% of the people compared to really important issues like… black lives matter… single sex marriage… selling pieces of aborted babies… global warming… “renewable” energy… fostering democracy in a Middle East that we ourselves have destroyed… empowering nations mired in barbarism to develop nuclear weapons…

Those are the issues that fire up politicians since those are the issues that attract serious campaign contributions. Trivial issues like the consequences of an EMP solar event or EMP attack by a rogue nation don’t have a constituency with the deep pockets required to purchase the necessary political support. So the only politicians who are affordable enough to the folks who are concerned about EMP events are ones with little power or influence and therefore who sell for bargain rates.

So our small coterie of supporters in Congress who push for action to harden the grid and take other action ameliorate the effects both solar and man-made EMP events make little or no progress, accomplish nothing and make the corruption in the system more and more obvious every day.

Lesson being that anyone naive and foolish enough to expect any help from the Federal government deserve their fates. Forget the Federal government because it has swirled so far down the drain of corruption that it is becoming increasingly irrelevant to real life and has, in fact, increased the likelihood of a man-made EMP attack on the Western industrialized World.

If you haven’t already start putting away food stores. Just as importantly start collecting hand tools, tools and equipment and supplies to actually build a sustainable life when the electricity stops. Start collecting books on how to survive when the power stops and the lights go out.

There are plenty of books in the Library here. Get the ones you most need and every weekend or so print one out and stack the pages in a box in the closet. Burn a few dvds and when you buy your next laptop wrap the old one in aluminum foil and put it in a metal trash can from the hardware store. Do the same when you buy a new printer and have the old one setting in a closet.

There are a thousand sites on the internet on how to “Prep” i.e. build up the supplies you need to survive a short term emergency such as an EMP.

Much more important though is starting to collect the tools, equipment and INFORMATION you need to survive in the long term because when that long term comes the government will be long gone and what few fragments of it survive will be more of an obstacle than a help.

The Librarian


I’ve been working on some larger categories to post soon but they are taking a while what with new routers and firewalls at work and the old truck being in the shop and a host of other normal life semi-crises.

In the meantime I just added a couple of smaller categories that I’ve had for a while and was hoping to expand further. I probably will find some more to add to them over time but for now I’ve gone ahead and posted what I have. They are Opium and Toys.

Toys is kind of self explanatory so there isn’t much that needs to be said about it other than some old-guy philosophy on the subject. Most kids today get their entertainment from electronics of one kind or another. My kids grew up in the electronic world and I remember one period when the entire family, two parents and 4 kids, all played the same online game together and probably socialized as much online with each other as we did in real life. Some of us in the family still play it occasionally.

At the same time some of the kids enjoyed hands on playing. My oldest son once said the best birthday (or maybe it was Christmas) present he ever got was a 3 foot stack of 4×8 sheets of cardboard and a case of duct tape. Even I was impressed by the incredible creations he came up with like an entire set of Japanese samurai armor.

So if you have kids try them out on some hands on entertainment and creativity. Instead of Photoshop try some canvas and some acrylics. A stack of cardboard and some duct tape. They might surprise you. Heck they might even surprise themselves.

Opium on the other hand is a bit more serious of a subject. Even today opiates are still the ultimate Go-To for medical professionals when it comes to assuaging severe pain. For all of our advanced sciences and creativity and knowledge we have yet to find a painkiller that beats the opiates for effectiveness.

Morphine is still carried and used on the battlefield much as it was through several generations. I has been used to stop the pain of severe wounds until a soldier could be gotten to medical care and sometimes… when there was no medical care available… to make the pain stop and help a soldier die peacefully.

Obviously it has a lot of downsides as indicated by the books in the collection dealing with opium addiction. I included those because that abuse is such an integral part of humanity’s long lasting relationship with opium. Whether it was opium dens in Europe and Asia or the long and sordid history of Britain’s East India Company and it’s opium trade with China humanity has had a love-hate relationship with opium since it’s discovery back in the lost pages of history.

Despite the popular link between opium and the Far East in most people’s minds opium can easily be grown in the U.S and most of the Western world. That it is not is due to legal, political and cultural strictures not agricultural ones.

Should we ever to find ourselves living in a post-technology world due to an EMP or some other catastrophic event which ended the current reign of technology and the chemical infrastructure anesthetics will be hard to come by.

While ether and nitrous oxides could probably be manufactured eventually without too much difficulty they are useful only in very short term uses such as surgery. For recovery and longer term management of severe pain or for someone dying of a painful disease or injury neither is of much use. Opiates will be, as they are now, the medicine of final resort when other methods fail.

I’ve included what books I could find on its use, it’s manufacture and it’s cultivation. Since it was cheaper to import it to most countries even in the 1800s there wasn’t a lot written about growing it in the Western world. If anyone has any other sources of information please pass them on to me to post.

I’ve also included the books related to the abuse and misuse of opium since if it exists someone will abuse it and because it is an inseparable part of the history of opium use in the West.

While some will argue that modern treatment methods are probably much more effective then the methods used in the 1800s one has to keep in mind that someone dealing with such a problem in a world rebuilding from a collapse of technology will be living and operating in a world much more like the 1800s in both it’s technological and probably cultural structure.

The Librarian.


Some of you may remember when I recommended the BBC series called Victorian Farm where a group of modern day folks (historians in this case) lived the life of inhabitants of a Victorian Era farm for a year on a working Victorian farm in England. It was a fascinating look at the technology, the sheer amount of work and the knowledge of farming that existed in the period.

After doing a little searching I ran across a number of other similar series in which modern folk try to live the life experienced by people in a different era. In no particular order they are:

1900 House
1940s House
Victorian Pharmacy
UK Wartime Farm
Frontier House
Tudor Monastery
Edwardian Farm
Pioneer Quest
Colonial House

With the exception of the Wartime Farm and 1940s house series they all concern historical periods prior to the modern era where electricity is common or even available.

Some of them are BBC and some are American or possibly Canadian series from one source or another. You can find most of them listed at Amazon and other sources.

For anyone interested in what kind of obstacles and problems you would encounter trying to farm or operate in general at a different level of technology these would be invaluable sources of inspiration.
Obviously short videos edited to entertain a general audience will only have a limited amount of actual useful information. They will however give you a good general impression of the types of problems encountered, the ways those problems are overcome and the general amount of simple brute labor involved depending on the particular historical time period being shown.

I haven’t seen all of them yet but am looking forward to it.

The Librarian



Nice article at Gizmodo today. With all of the stuff going on in the world today and some of the conspiracy theories and the way the media treats “preppers” (i.e. loonies, crackpots, etc.) it’s nice to see that some young people are actually starting to catch on about what EMP means.

And by “what it means” I’m not referring to the definition of the term. That’s been known since the 1950s when one of the nuclear tests in the Pacific caused electric shorts in Hawaii a thousand miles away.

What I’m speaking of when I say “what it means” is the actual consequences on the world of a solar EMP event on the scale of the Carrington Event.

One reporter I spoke to earlier this year considered the threat of an EMp to be nothing but silly conspiracy talk. The fact that some of the most sober solar scientists in the world (all over the world) say that such an event happens about once every hundred years he dismissed as scare tactics. That it’s been over 150 years since Carrington and that many government scientists an physicists consider it to be not an IF but a WHEN was just more silliness in his eyes.

Global warming is supposed to do all sorts of terrible things… maybe… if it’s true… if it’s something which we have any capacity to affect at all and isn’t simply a burp in solar output… if we look a hundred years in the future. Sea levels will rise. Skin cancer will increase. There will be more storms.

And to prevent that governments want to spend literally trillions of dollars to completely overhaul the entire worlds economy, culture and government structures.

Yet when you point out the threat of a Solar EMP event… which actually happened 156 years ago, which we know will throw the entire world back to a pre-industrial level, which we know will kill 80%-90% of the industrial worlds population, which will take decades and more likely generations to recover from… that is met with…. silence.

A couple billion dollars, perhaps even just a few millions could harden the power grids, provide backup communications networks, backup technology resources and save literally billions of people from death by starvation and dehydration.

The UK has actually spent the money *(a few million) to build an alternate ocean navigation system that is impervious to an EMP. If an EMP event neutralizes the GPS systems which ships currently use then England, which depends on shipping, will have a massive advantage over every other nation in the world. Their probability of survival as a nation jumped significantly when they took that small action.

But elsewhere it’s more important to build some more wind turbines whose primary contribution to the world is to kill a few tens of thousands of birds which might otherwise leave droppings on some environmentalists new Prius and to make some more environmentalists millionaires by getting fat loans from the government then declaring bankruptcy leaving the mess for someone else to clean up.

It is somewhat darkly humorous to imagine folks a couple generations after an EMP event has thrown the world back to a pre-industrial level standing and looking up at a field of massive wind generators trying to figure out why someone would build something so silly and how to get rid of them in order to plant crops.

You have to wonder about the sanity of a world which is willing to spend trillions of dollars on a global warming threat that may or may not even exist or if it does exist may be completely beyond human capacity to influence but is unwilling to spend a tiny percentage of that to prevent a massively worse threat which is known to exist and which is virtually guaranteed to happen eventually.

But honestly I’m too old to lose much sleep about it anymore. It’s your generations responsibility to deal with the insanity of the world now. We tried an apparently didn’t make much headway. In fact we seem to have made it worse. Hopefully you folks can do better.

If the author of the Gizmodo article is any indication then maybe you will.

The Librarian


If you’re old enough to remember early Superman comic books then you’ll remember Bizarro. He was a rather silly bad guy who came from the Bizarro World… a place where everything was backwards and the exact opposite of our “normal” world. While Bizarro was technically a bad guy you almost felt sorry for him because he was always defeated and he was more humorous than frightening.

I can’t help but think of those old comic books when I see some of today’s new stories. Those among you who believe in religious tolerance and consider all religions equally valid will be happy to know that in the Middle East it has been determined that nuclear weapons used as EMP devices rather than as traditional bombs are Shariah Compliant and fully in accord with Islamic law.


I don’t understand the intricacies of the theological argument but it has something to do with the fact that a regular nuclear bomb directly kills people even people you are not supposed to kill. An EMP device however does not directly harm anyone and therefore complies with some Shariah stricture or another.

So when Iran or North Korea says they are not developing “nuclear weapons” I’m sure they mean nuclear weapons that would be used in the traditional fashion… i.e. a a really big bomb. They’re simply developing religiously acceptable EMP “devices.”

EMP devices, though fueled by a nuclear device, are a Shariah compliant weapon since it does no direct harm. Everyone can therefore breathe a sigh of relief.

I’m not sure how that applies to North Korea since the religious theology of North Korea seems to be whatever the current Magnificent, Maximum Leader for Life says it is today and is highly influenced by what he had for breakfast on any given morning.

So should there ever be an EMP attack on the United States and other nations, as the Iranian military openly discusses in their domestic military publications, you can rest assured that it will be in full compliance with all applicable religious law and therefore will not make God angry.

When I started studying EMP affects and their resulting consequences many years ago two things never occurred to me…

1. That we would one day reach a point where various third world countries governed by people that even being generous would have to be described as utterly insane compared to the rest of the world would have the capability of launching EMP attacks on most of the world’s industrialized nations against which there is no effective defense.
2. That the industrialized world would become so universally dependent on computer technology that it’s failure would condemn 80% to 90% of the population to death through a complete collapse of the infrastructure.

I remember long ago starting to read a sci-fi novel that was based upon the notion of a future world completely dependent on computers and someone building then using a device capable of destroying that computer technology. I didn’t even finish the book since the concept seemed so utterly ridiculous compared to more potentially realistic concepts like Faster Than Light travel or multiple dimensions or Time Travel.

Shows that one should never underestimate Humanity’s capacity for insanity and self destructive behavior.

I’ve begun to think less and less about the threat of an EMP event caused by a Solar Flare like the Carrington Event. It seems more and more likely that the world is going to discover the true horror of EMP asymmetrical warfare though the actions of one or more utterly insane madmen from desperate third world countries that represent some of the worse excesses of human nature.

… and more to the point third world countries which the industrialized nations of the world are afraid to confront for fear of being called unpleasant names.

Perhaps that’s another consolation we can take if an EMP attack occurs. Our nations will have gone to their graves without being called unpleasant names by the nations that attack us.

The Librarian


I was playing a computer game for a bit a few days ago to relax while thinking about some new additions to the site. Something about it struck me as funny which after a bit of thought was a little disturbing.

In the game the hero is given a standard Quest to go find and retrieve a Magical Item with which to defeat some monster or solve some difficult problem. The Magical Item has capabilities and powers that normal items don’t. Since no one can make this Magic Item which is the only thing that will accomplish the task it must be retrieved from a dungeon or castle or what not by fighting through hordes of lesser monsters.

Pretty common fare for fantasy and sword and sorcery stories.

What disturbed me a little was the glimpse that gave me of a possible future after an EMP event had destroyed most technology.

Imagine the world of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren after an EMP event has thrown the world back to a 1700s or 1800s level. Think of a world where people are once more just beginning to rebuild railroads and set up telegraph systems. Where most medicine is herbal and the vast majority of people live in rural areas growing food. Where “large” cities contain perhaps 10,000 people. Where horses and horse drawn wagon and carriages are the primary means of transportation.

Now look around you at the items that surround you right now. How many of them could be manufactured or repaired in such a world? How many of them would appear to possess seemingly Magical powers in such a world?

That printer that could do in a minute or two what would take a printing shop days to complete? That hand cranked flashlight that could magically produce light brighter than a torch or oil lantern? That antibiotic ointment that can prevent most wounds from becoming infected. That calculator that can carry out incredible feats of math which require hours of hand calculation? Those binoculars which make it possible to see long distances. That knife which is sharper and stronger than the best blade a blacksmith can produce? That wind up watch which keeps better time than the best handmade clock? (which is too expensive for most people to buy anyway) The boots of synthetic materials which will outlast the best made product of the local shoemaker? That sleeping bag which will keep you warm in subzero temperatures and weighs only a pound or two.

One of the most devastating long term affects of an EMP event is not simply the destruction of existing technology but of the means to manufacture most of the common items which we take for granted. Most factories rely on a long and complex infrastructure for raw materials, power, equipment and machine parts in order to manufacture something as simple as a plastic drinking glass. What happens when none of those are available?

The most mundane items around us now will become increasingly rare as they wear out or break over time since they can’t be repaired and can’t be replaced in such an environment. Over time most of the usable items of our current world would be worn out and within a generation would be gone, used up, broken beyond repair and discarded or salvaged for raw materials.

In such a world imagine the discovery of an item such as a working computer, a modern firearm with ammunition, a working automobile with a fuel supply, a radio, a pair of binoculars or night vision goggles, a supply of antibiotics, a tablet computer that happened to be stored someplace that protected it from an EMP, a TV and DVD player, a working MP3 Player or CD player with some cds, an x-ray machine… etc.

They would be Magical Items just like in the fantasy games and novels. Irreplaceable, impossible to duplicate and possessing powers beyond anything in existence in the world.

Arthur C. Clarke once said “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” Within a few generations after a worldwide EMP everything surrounding you right now would fall in that category.

You never knew that you lived in a world surrounded by Magical items did you? Maybe we should appreciate them a little more.

The Librarian


It seems there were some files that did not get cataloged at some point though it may have occurred during the move from the old hosting site to the new one.

I discovered them by accident while working on some of the new Categories for the near future. They were all in the Railroads Category directory but had not been converted to the standardized naming format I use when I catalog new files.

I remember when I first collected these books years ago and was excited to find them. How I managed to miss cataloging I have no idea.

It is the 20 volume Science of Railways from 1904 which provides everything you need to know about setting up and operating a Railroad system. It covers pretty much every subject that could come up in Railroad operations.

It was originally published in 1894 as a 12 volume set. It was later revised into a 17 volume set with 3 addendums which eventually were listed simply as additional volumes.

If you got a DVD or Blu-ray copy of the library you already have the files on the disk that has the Railroads Category. The only difference is the files names are in upper case and not in the standard lowercase with underscores.

I’ve added them to the Railroads Index on the site but marked them with a red NEW at the front of the listing.

The subjects of the books are:

Vol 1: Shops and Shop Practice
Vol 2: Organization
Vol 3: Financing, Construction and Maintaining
Vol 4: Train Service
Vol 5: Passenger, Baggage, Express and Mail Service
Vol 6: Freight Business
Vol 7: Disbursements
Vol 8: Theory of Rates
Vol 9: Revenues
Vol 10: General Fiscal
Vol 11: Origins of Transportation
Vol 12: Engineer and Fireman’s Manual
Vol 13: Building and Repairing Railways
Vol 14: General Accounts and Cash
Vol 15: Air Brakes
Vol 16: Oil as Fuel
Vol 17: Surplus and Track Accounts
Vol 18: Supervision of Locomotives
Vol 19: Supervision of Cars
Vol 20: Telegraph and Telephone

The Librarian


Here’s a good example of the problem with our increasing dependence on technology to operate the most mundane parts of our lives.


While I’m sure that seemed like a “cool” idea at the time, having a computer unlock your car doors, it ended up creating a totally new vulnerability for car thieves. Use technology to lock your doors? Fine. I’ll use technology to open that door.

I’ve been in the computer and technology field since the mid 70s. I watched the World Wide Web being born in the early 90s and the explosion of technology from it’s somewhat isolated use in business and scientific environments to an essential part of our everyday lives.

What I also watched was a never ending arms race between people and businesses who wanted to protect software, stop piracy, secure data and limit access to systems. As fast as one side came up with a new way to secure something, the other side came up with a way to break, crack, hack or circumvent it.

It’s pretty much a given (and always has been) that pirated versions of any software on the market can be found in various shadowed parts of the internet as can every game, operating system, movie, music selection or published book. While access to most of it is limited to those technically sophisticated enough to know where to look and how to acquire the files the simple fact is that “computer security” is something of an oxymoron to technically sophisticated individuals. There are groups of individuals whose entertainment in life is to hunt for vulnerabilities in systems and software. Most of them do it for the thrill and the prestige but there are a fair number who do it for financial gain or other more nefarious purposes.

In the community of people on the internet interested in penetrating system, the massive intrusion for over a year into the federal personnel databases was not particularly prestigious and not really considered to have been that challenging. There is a certain level of amusement and scorn for the government folks who took a year to even discover that they had been penetrated. Most government systems are poorly protected and several generations behind the real world in sophistication. Nor was there much financial gain to be had which begs the question of who and why. More importantly it begs the question of just how smart it was to collect and centralize that much sensitive data into a single system.

The media has reported for years on unknown individuals penetrating and exploring the systems that control our utilities and power plants. Rumors float around the net constantly about penetrations into more sensitive systems such as nuclear power plants.

At what point does an intelligent person decide to stop and take a second look at the trend?

It’s an indisputable fact that the more complex systems become the more vulnerabilities they contain. It’s an indisputable fact that as fast as engineers and programmers design security systems someone outside finds a way to circumvent them. It’s perpetual arms race that has been going on since computers began to spread in the late 70s and early 80s and the only given is that new security systems WILL be defeated or circumvented. It is simply a matter of how long it will take.

Do the people who are responsible for security actually believe that one day they are going to come up with an unbreakable system? That they will one day completely shut out any possibility of someone illegally accessing or controlling the systems they protect?

History says not just “no” but “Hell No!” Which raises the question of just how much are we willing to put under the control of a computer which we have to know WILL be hacked, penetrated and compromised.

In one recent popular computer game a U.S. aircraft carrier is so heavily automated and computer controlled that a bad guy is able to slip a virus into the software and seize control of the ship’s weapons systems. The hero of course fights his way to the server room to reboot the systems and saves the day. But think about that scenario. We now have cars that can be hacked and driven into ditches. Car thieves use technology to open computer controlled car doors. We have seen demonstrations of hacking into aircraft systems on commercial aircraft. And the military continues to use Windows XP as an operating system on a wide variety of equipment.

How long will it be before someone hands control of something truly dangerous over to a computer and some individual with an agenda finds a way to penetrate it?

It’s one thing to recall several thousand cars for a software bug fix because it’s possible to hack the operating system, seize control and drive it into a ditch. If someone does the same to a military system or a nuclear power plant will they be nice enough to provide a benign demonstration so we can issue a recall and fix the problem?

The Librarian

p.s. random thought… in recent wartime operations in the Middle East did hostilities pause for Patch Tuesday?


David Gewirtz writing at ZDNET makes the case that a cyberattack on the U.S. or possibly even the entire industrialized world could have affects as bad as if not worse than a Solar or Man-made EMP event. Unfortunately he’s probably right.

The consequences of a major EMP event would be to damage or destroy most integrated circuits and thus most computers and electronic devices. The damage to the computers themselves is not the primary issue however since electronic equipment dies all the times, just as the Clintons or Tom Brady or the IRS. The issue is that such devices provide, control and monitor almost all of the of the industrialized world’s technological and industrial infrastructure; power plants, communications, transportation, production, etc.

If the electronics fail power stops, fuel production and distribution stop and with transportation stopping the distribution of food along with everything else upon which modern society relies also stops. Without power and communications there is no possibility of manufacturing replacements for the failed and damaged electronics. Without replacements and a way to bootstrap the system back into operation the entire modern infrastructure dies catastrophically and each day it is stopped it becomes increasingly harder to get it moving again. After a week or two people start dying as the food and safe water disappears, the government and social systems fail from lack of communications and the chances of restarting the system declines precipitously. Within a few months it’s too late.

The crux of it is how those electronics fail. He makes the point that it really doesn’t matter whether they are fried by an EMP burst or whether they are destroyed by malicious code from an individual sitting at a computer in some third world country with animus towards the Western World. More frightening is that the likelihood of such an attack as well our vulnerability to them is increasing rapidly.

We can to some extent put concern over a solar EMP to the side since the probability of such and event is known, is relatively static and is fairly low. We would most likely have at least a few hours warning from the solar monitoring satellites. To some extent we can be confident that most rational state leaders around the world are not suicidal and would not want themselves and their families to be vaporized by a nuclear strike in response to an EMP attack on the United States… though with the religious attitudes of some of our enemies that one is increasingly questionable.

He makes the case that such a attack would throw us back to the technological and industrial level of WWII. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand the complexity of the infrastructure in existence at that time. It was a system that relied on a steady supply of electricity, coal and petroleum. All of which would stop dead in the event of a cyberattack such as he describes.

That loss of fundamental power, electricity, to operate motors and machines means the end of almost all industry, transportation and communications. The loss of transportation due to the loss of fuel production and distribution means the loss of food production and distribution which means the vast majority of people beginning to starve after 3 days when the grocery store shelves are empty.

Now that the threat of cyberattack has potential consequences equal to those of a solar or man-made EMP event you have to wonder at the wisdom of our continuing and accelerating move towards even more reliance on computers.

My wife and I just recently bought a new refrigerator. It has a thick owners manual and a computer panel display on the front. If the computer in it fails it is nothing more than a large boat anchor. So even if I were able to generate power it would be unusable after an EMP event. Fortunately the old freezer is pre-computer.

As fast as we move towards increasing dependence on computers to control and regulate more and wider parts of our lives the more we read stories about the vulnerabilities of that very technology. You have to wonder how long it will be before someone takes advantage of that dependence.

The Librarian



Interesting story at the Associated Press today.

The same Federal Government that refuses to take any action to harden the grid or strengthen the defenses of the U.S. against a possible Solar or man-made EMP event has arrested two Raleigh North Carolina “preppers” and charged them with “stockpiling guns and ammunition, as well as attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus “dummy” grenades…,

While I have no problem with taking action against idiots who try to make bombs and grenades with no explosives training when did buying and storing guns and ammunition become a crime in the United states??

I was in Law Enforcement for 11 years and I find it hard to imagine that a professional Law Enforcement Officer, especially one who is supposed to be qualified to operate as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer being so utterly ignorant of the law as to write an Arrest Report citing “stockpiling weapons and ammunition”. In the department I was in someone filing such charges would have, at best, become a laughing stock among the Deputies and at worst find himself transferred to frisking drunks in the County Jail.

I wonder how many weapons is considered stockpiling? More than one? How many rounds of ammunition do you have to purchase from Walmart for it to be considered “stockpiling”?

When you buy a “brick” of .22 rimfires that’s 500 rounds. Buy 2 of them and you have a thousand rounds.

Which begs the obvious question how did anyone know that these gentlemen were “stockpiling” weapons and ammunition and building bombs? I suspect they couldn’t resist the urge to tell all their buddies and¬†acquaintances and probably even total strangers at the local gun store or gun show what they were doing.

Lesson to be learned here? If you are a prepper (or just a reasonaably responsible adult who tries to plan for contingencies and take care of their family) and are “stockpiling” weapons (i.e. own more than one gun) and ammo (bought a brick of .22 rimfire) then you need to be conscious of OPSEC or Operational Security. No one beyond your immediate family needs to know what you have or how much you have, what your plans are or what steps you are taking to provide for you and your family in the case of an emergency.

So the bottom line is…

Rather than make an effort to prepare for potential events that threaten the lives and well being of the People which they exist to Serve it appears the government would rather go after people who choose to prepare to survive those very emergencies which the government is either unwilling or incompetent to prevent.

Or more likely… it simply cannot abide People who refuse to roll over and act like docile little sheep when the government says to.

The Librarian