Another good article on the effects of an EMP attack on the United States. He also provides bibliography of books on the subject. While he ignores the possibility of an EMP caused by a Solar Flare the effects would be the same as what he describes except they would be worldwide.

The most telling sentence from the article is this one:

“In sum, if a strategically placed EMP of sufficient magnitude is triggered, you and your loved ones would be thrust into the mid-17th century without the toughness, knowledge, tools, or skills needed to operate and survive under such conditions.”


The Librarian



A couple days ago someone suggested a Vacuum Tubes Category and sent me a couple old books on the subject. I did some further digging and searching through some of the University collections and other book sources I often use as well as my own collections and found quite a few books.

When I created the Radio Category I thought that covered the subject fairly well but sometimes memory fails you. When I was young and tinkering with electronics there were a lot of tube radios around. My father was a radio ham and I remember reading some of his magazines articles about hobbyists who made their own tubes as well as some articles about the earlier days of radio when hobbyists had to make their own tubes of various types because they were not commercially available.

I should have remembered that but didn’t until he brought the subject up a couple days ago and jogged my memory. Thanks Jared.

I’m still gathering books and other material on the subject. It will probably take me couple weeks and there are some other categories that are further along which I’ll probably post before the Vacuum Tubes collection is ready. But for those interested in the subject, I’m actively collecting books and manuals and will put it up as soon as it’s ready.

I’m not going to get a lot of cataloging done this week anyway. I’ve been busy making and labeling DVDs. I got a batch of them sent out Tuesday and expect to send another large batch out probably on Friday. The remainder will go out Monday since the Post Office will be closed on Saturday.

As I mentioned I’m going to experiment with making some Blu-ray Library sets this week. It should be possible to get the entire Library on 5 single layer Blu-ray discs. I’ll hand them off to a friend locally with a Blu-ray drive and if they can successfully read all the files onto a drive then I’ll make the sets available as an alternative to DVDs.

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I assume it was the rebroadcast on NPRs On the Media but I got overwhelmed with Library DVD orders this weekend.

I normally get a few orders a week so I always keep a few copies on the shelf to mail out the next day as needed. The orders that came in this week Were a bit more than what I keep in stock. I spent Sunday making more sets and exhausted my stock of DVDs. That let me get half the orders shipped out but I’m waiting on more DVDs to arrive this evening to get the rest out.

I sent them out in the same order in which they were received. If you ordered a Library DVD set and haven’t gotten a email with a tracking number then yours will be mailed out before the end of the week.

I mail them Priority mail so the normal delivery time is 2-3 days depending on where in the country you are. Oddly it doesn’t seem to be distance related but determined by zipcode. One I sent out was marked 2-Day to the Southwest. Another one going to the next state was marked 3-day. Go figure.

I’m also going to try making some BluRay sets. Since a single layer BluRay disk holds 25gb it should be possible to put the entire library on 5 Blueray disks. That should save a lot of time making them and probably reduce the mailing cost as well. I’ll experiment with it and post the results. If it looks like it’s a viable option I’ll make those available as well as the normal DVD sets.

While it would seem logical to simply move to BluRay disks because of the grater storage in the event that you had to try to read disks in an emergency situation you’re much more likely to be able to find a working DVD reader than a working BluRay reader. Virtually every laptop or desktop made in the last ten years had a DVD reader on it. BluRay readers are still relatively scarce. But for getting a full set of the Library to copy onto other media for shielded storage or backup the BluRay disks may be a good alternative.

The Librarian

p.s. If you have an opinion on the BluRay disk option, pro or con, please do let me know.



I struggled for a bit today trying to decide which of the many articles and news stories to post  on the G4 CME which hit earth over the last couple of days. The media is replete with stories on the event. Even the mainstream media living in it’s own little fantasy world noticed and reported on it.

Then I finally realized there isn’t really any point. We’re talking about a G4 class Coronal Mass Ejection that has caused Northern Lights to be visible as far south as Georgia and caused radio problem worldwide. If that doesn’t get your attention nothing will. When God lights up the skies for you at night and you still don’t pay attention then there certainly isn’t anything I can say.

Most of the media along with the government and the politicians are too busy going into spasms and paroxysms and trampling one another to be the first at every new microphone and camera in order to demand that a 150 year old battle flag be hidden because it is the cause of all the violence and unhappiness in the world.

If they’re right that begs the question “Why did it take you 150 years to figure that out?” I assume that means that there must be a heck of a lot of Confederate Battle Flags in the Middle East to explain all the horror and misery there. Meanwhile the U.S. military is busy measuring the ice at the North Pole.

All in all I guess it’s not any real surprise that the threat of a solar flare causing an EMP event or a rogue nation or two popping off a few high altitude nukes that would destroy modern civilization is not a high priority with the folks in power. They have much more serious things to worry about… like burning 150 year old flags.

The government has officially declared CO2 a “pollutant”.

When you speak you expel CO2.

So the government has finally admitted that Politicians speaking cause Pollution. The word Irony is apparently not in the Federal Vocabulary List.

So don’t expect the Federal Government to take any action to mitigate any of the consequences of an EMP event. That is a lost cause. One of the stories today is that the U.S. government is offering to GIVE the Iranians nuclear reactors if they “promise” not to build nuclear weapons.

This comes a couple days after the story that Iran has been long been discussing, considering and outright endorsing an EMP attack on the U.S.


Between this weeks G4 CME, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and other potential enemies you would think that any rational person would understand the threat. The U.S. military is renovating Cheyenne Mountain for the specific purpose of having a facility that is immune to EMP effects. Glad to know someone gets it.

So bottom line… You’re On Your Own.

Make your own plans and contingencies. The Library is here. The information is available and it’s free. Get it. Store it and pray you never need it.

The Librarian


Interesting article on Disease resurgence in the world today, especially in the Western World.

The author makes the case that the traditional practices of disease Identification, Isolation and Tracking have been abandoned for the most part in favor of more politically correct practices such as banning or attacking particular foods, substances or object such as softdrinks, GMO foods and guns.

As a result diseases that wee common a hundred or so years ago are things that most doctors would not recognize if they saw them. She recommends:

“Keep on your shelf some older medical textbooks. You might be the first to recognition a condition that your physician has never seen or even heard of,” she advises.

That’s even more concerning when you think of the political correctness with which diseases are treated these days. Except in certain cases you’re not allowed to isolate someone with an infectious disease and you’re certainly not allowed to ask them with whom they might have come in contact.

The Librarian




Just a little reminder of something we take for granted…

From Spaceweather.com:

ACTIVE SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR2371 has an unstable ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field that harbors energy for strong explosions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 70% chance of M-class solar flares and a 15% chance of X-flares on June 19th. Any such explosions will probably be geoeffective as the sunspot is turning to face Earth

In other words AR2371 is unstable, is already popping out flares and is moving across the sun’s face to point directly at Earth. There is a high probability that it will be a complete non-event. just keep in the back of your mind the consequences of happening to toss out a Carrington Event level flare while staring right at us.

It’s what’s called a Low-Probability High-Consequence Event. An event that is unlikely to happen or at least has a low probability but the consequences of which are extremely high… you know like…. a volcano exploding in the continental U.S.

The Librarian




The Architecture books are in the process of uploading to the site. It’s well over 8gb comprised of 249 books so it’s taking a while. They should all be online and available by some time Friday afternoon or early evening. I’ll put the index online as soon as the files upload is completed.

The two new Categories I’m working on at present are GEODESY and ASTRONOMY.

Geodesy, for those not familiar with the term, is basically the science and math that underlies Surveying, Navigation, Mapmaking and to some extent Astronomy. It is the theoretical and practical techniques for determining a location generally using triangulation from two other known points.

The problem comes from how you establish the FIRST absolute known point from which to start measuring all others. Geodesy applies pure and applied math to the problem of using observations and measurements to determine absolute locations and using additional observation and measurements to increase the accuracy of already existing data.

That’s a simple way to describe it but I think it captures the essence of it.

Geodesy has increasingly fallen by the wayside as GPS and radio measurement has replaced earlier visual observations and measurements. While that has provided us with more accurate ways to measure the absolute location of points on Earth relative to one another it has one flaw. It depends 100% on satellites, electronics and modern technology.

Somewhat like the predicament of a Carrier Battle Group, since the U.S. Naval Academy no longer teaches celestial navigation, if there were an EMP event that took out the GPS satellites and their radios which I have mentioned in the past. It’s hard to revert to an older technology when no one studies it any longer.

The principles and science of Geodesy detailed in these books has, perhaps not surprisingly, not changed significantly in the hundred of so years since they were written. Without the assistance of radio and GPS the principles in these books still apply just as they did when the books were written.

I don’t need to tell you what Astronomy is. The field of Astronomy has advanced by tremendous amounts since the 1800s and early 1900s due to both theoretical breakthroughs and technology advances. But therein lies the rub. The advances in astronomy do depend very heavily on technology which would simply not exist in the aftermath of a worldwide EMP event from a solar flare. It would probably be several generations before technology was rebuilt to the point where advanced astronomy once again became viable.

These books are important not so much for the “science” and “theory” they contain since we know so much more about stars, the sun, other planets and every other facet of astronomy than we did in those days. We have advanced knowledge of objects and phenomenon of whose very existence astronomers in the 1800s and early 1900s were completely unaware.

That being said the astronomy of the 1800s and early 1900s was based purely on theoretical and, more importantly, OBSERVATIONAL technology.

There are a lot of technologies based on astronomical observation; Navigation, Surveying, Map Making, Geodesy, Weather Forecasting and others. The techniques and science of pure observational astronomy have been lost to a large degree except among amateur astronomers. The vast majority of amateur astronomers use optical technology and techniques not significantly different from professional astronomers of the 1800s and early 1900s. While many of them do use advanced technology for tracking, calculations, photography and other tasks the basic techniques and technology described in these books is still alive and well in the amateur astronomical community.

So these books are quite pertinent and useful, not so much for the theoretical science and explanations for astronomical phenomenon, but for the information which can be gleaned from them on Observational and Optical Astronomy which is what would be available to survivors of an EMP event trying to rebuild their world.

The Geodesy and Astronomy categories should be available within the next couple of weeks. Geodesy probably sometime next week and Astronomy a week or two after that.

The Librarian

p.s. I’m also working, as time allows, on migrating the site itself to a new platform, probably Joomla or something similar since WordPress has limitations and restrictions that are becoming increasingly frustrating.


I’ve decided to start changing the file formatting policy for new Library additions as well as existing files over time.

The current Library is well over 100gb and continuing to grow. The new Architecture files alone are adding over 10gb to the Library size. This is a problem for a couple of reasons.

1. Hosting Costs: We’re starting to push towards limits on low cost hosting. We lost our previous hosting account because of the size of the Library and came close to shutting down until we found the current hosting plan where the site is currently residing. If we lose this one due to file size we’re off the air for good.

2. Bandwidth Problems: With the Library being well over 100gb a lot of people quite simply cannot download the files due to bandwidth limitations or limits on the amount of data their internet host allows. That kind of defeats the purpose of the Library being online which is distribution of these books to more people.

Up until now I have kept every file in the highest resolution available in order to increase their readability and their printability. That accounts for the large size of so many of the files since they are scans of the original books and due to formatting, scan quality and old type faces the vast majority of them are essentially image files and not easily usable as an OCR source.
I’m going to start using the Adobe File Reduction processing on files before posting them in the Library. This will optimize the file size and in most cases reduce it significantly.

This will generally only affect files that are 100 mb and over. Most of the smaller files (80%-90% of the library) won’t be affected since the reduction in size is either too small to be worth bothering with or the files actually increase in size.

As I have spare CPU cycles available I’m going to start running the process on the existing files in the Library as well starting with the largest collections first such as Journals, Encyclopedias and other such collections.

The good news is this will make it easier to download the files in which you are interested since they will, most likely, be significantly smaller and therefore will download faster.

This will not have much affect on the readability of the files when you open them in Adobe , Sumatra or other PDF viewers. If you are planning to print them out however you might have to do a bit of post processing of the files to get the best quality print.

The original max resolution files will still be available and distributed on the Library DVDs.

Once I get all the files converted I’ll most likely make two different sets of DVDs available; a larger set with the original max resolution files and a second smaller set with the size optimized files on it.

How much smaller it will be I won’t know until I finish running the size optimization on over 7000 files. Though I’ll probably have an estimate with in a week or so weeks after a significant percentage of the files are optimized.

The Librarian