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Forget all that “civilization” stuff…

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Nice article posted at the BioPrepper Blog. I’ve put a link to it below.

Basically it’s a list of the top 25 forgotten survival skills. I would classify them as Self-Sufficiency skills rather than “survival” skills but that it a matter of semantics and nuance.

To me “survival” is living through and immediate crisis which is potentially life threatening such as a hurricane, the initial aftermath of a larger catastrophic event or the chaos following some kind of societal collapse. The “survival” spoken of in the article is what out grandparents and great-grandparents consider every day life and this self-sufficiency.

I was happy to not that the Library has all of those areas covered fairly well with one exception and that is what is called in the article “Trading”. I’m going to have to look more deeply into that subject and see what, if anything, I can find on the subject and get it added.

The Librarian.

p.s. I’ll have to let him/her know about the Library.


It’s getting harder and harder to get grasp on current events. The more you look the more confused it becomes and the harder to gain a firm grasp of.

War? Insurrection? Civil War? Breakdown of Society? Riots and Chaos in the Cities? Corruption of the Political System Resulting in Violence in the Streets? Economic Collapse Brought About by Mismanagement, Corruption, Excessive Risk, Black Swans? EMP Attack by Insane Rulers of 3rd World Countries? WMD Terrorism? Cyber Terrorism?

There so many vectors pushing in so many directions that there is simply no way to even guess at the potential flash points any longer. Any one of the possibilities above could result in a cascading series of events leading to what is in essence a “collapse” leaving everyone dependent on self sufficiency. Every one of these potential crises is quite real with potentially devastating consequences.

The tensions between superpowers and the spreading barbarism in the Middle East could both quickly lead to a World War. The assassination of a minor member of the royal family in Sarajevo in 1914 started a cascade of events that resulted in WWI whose reverberations are still felt today.

The utterly insane levels of risk into which the major banks of the world, and many governments as well, have invested could, in a single day, turn into a rapidly spreading ripple that could take down the world’s economy almost faster than we could perceive.

The accelerating corruption of the government and the political system in the U.S. is rapidly eroding the Rule of Law… you know, that which separates Western culture from Barbarism and Anarchy? The faith of the People in the electoral system is eroding even faster with major political parties openly stating that they may simply disregard the will of the People and decide FOR THEM what is best. We fought a Revolution over “taxation without representation”. This is potentially even worse than simply unfair taxation.

The growing divide in the U.S. between the “progressives” trying to remake Western values, morality and ethics overnight through force and intimidation and those who, despite the media and the educations system and the government, still maintain traditional Western values is a greater chasm than the one that led to the Civil War in 1861. Add racial tensions, open immigration and a government forcibly importing “refugees” whose beliefs are inimical to our entire culture and you have a powder keg with multiple fuses already lit.

And lets not forget the North Koreas and Irans and Chinas and ISIS scurrying as fast as possible to develop and field Nuclear EMP weapons and Cyber Weapons just as potentially devastating as Nuclear EMPs. Then do some reading in military history and try to find a destabilizing weapon technology that was NOT used by those possessing it.

No matter what the threat we could anticipate, plan for, and prepare to weather any of them with some judicious work.

The problem is we have no way of weighing which of these is most likely and the planning for each of them is somewhat different.

Yet at the same time much of life goes on unchanged at the local level. A new neighbor just built a house down the road and we had a pleasant chat while out bushogging this past weekend. The local beekeepers met to discuss hive splits and bee friendly plants for the yard. I just built a new hive stand for the new hives being set up.

There is a level of cognitive dissonance at play that’s increasingly disturbing. You can’t help but be aware of the serious nature of the growing number of threats around us and yet have to deal with the mundane aspects of daily life. You have to act as if everything will just continue on as normal (i.e. normalcy bias) yet while doing so you have to be aware that the “normal” could change suddenly, dramatically and possibly catastrophically at any time.

The Librarian




While I’m sure folks in West Virginia and other coal producing states won’t appreciate it there is, surprisingly, a bright side to the destruction of the coal industry that is underway in the U.S..

The attached article is just one if hundreds available about the accelerating destruction of the coal industry.

I have less and less belief every day that the current system is sustainable or can continue that much longer. Whether it’s a solar flare, an EMP weapon wielded by some lunatic in a rogue nation, a collapse of an economic system that no longer obeys the laws of economics, a rise in interest rates that makes the massive debt that is larger than the entire world’s GDP completely impossible to service, a breakdown of society as the Rule of Law is increasingly abandoned first by Government and then by the People or perhaps open internecine conflict by fifty or a hundred different labeled groups all having a grievance against every other group and seeking “justice”.

The governments of the entire world seem to be running as fast as they can to avoid stumbling and being swept away like someone in a treadmill that is running faster and faster every day. They’ve grabbed the handbar and are running flat out to keep from falling and being tossed against the wall behind them. Problem is… it’s not going to slow down.

When it does collapse and those that survive have to start rebuilding it’s going to require energy. The oil supply has been so tapped out that the technology available to those rebuilding will be insufficient to reach the remaining oil reserves. Burning wood is really only viable on a small scale since the energy density is too low for industrial use.

Wind and solar? Let me know when you can build solar cells and wind generators without an industrial infrastructure and advanced technology. Wind has some limited applications in water pumping and has been used to power wills for generations but is NOT a viable industrial power source… well other than for commercial shipping.

That leaves coal which even today is fairly easily accessible in most places. In some coal regions you dig a hole, expose the coal and start harvesting it. In other places like Alabama you scrape way the topsoil and expose the coal seams and start harvesting.

In both types of coal mining you only require basic technology. A pick. A shovel. Steam shovels if you have them or can build them. Carts and wagons. Trucks and rail cars if you can build them. Pumps of various kinds, either animal or steam powered, to push air and suck water. Those are all technologies that have been in use since the early 1800s and some even earlier.

So by shutting down the coal industry the government has reserved all of that wonderful coal for use by those that survive the debacle they are fostering. When things do collapse, and fewer and fewer people doubt that is coming, all of the existing coal mines will be sitting waiting to be reopened and started back up. Rather than make use of the coal in which the U.S. and several other countries are incredibly rich they are saving it all of us to use after they have been swept away by events.

So one bright side to the insane behavior of so many on the government is that they are putting all of that coal aside for our use in the future.

The Librarian


The sun has been relatively quiet the last couple of months with few serious sunspots capable of producing X-Class flares.

After a while you start to relax a bit and then comes AR2529. It progressed smoothly across the sun doing little but simmering and bubbling quietly then suddenly this morning… BOOM a nice healthy M6.7 flare pops off in the middle of the night and stomps all over radio traffic in the Pacific.

If you look at the NOAA map of the area affected it’s almost dead center on the Pacific ocean the most thinly populated hemisphere on the Earth so the affect was minimal.

Just goes to show that you can never take Nature for granted. The moment you start to become even the tiniest bit complacent she does something to remind you of the folly of such an attitude. Fortunately it was a fairly benign M6.7. Fortunately it was dead center on the Pacific ocean where it’s impact of the world was as minimal as is possible.

With all the chaos going on in the world… the steady erosion of Western Civilization, the increasing tensions between superpowers, the surge in the barbarian uprising in the Middle East, the Muslim invasion of Europe (which unlike the one in 1529 is not being contested), the collapse of the Rule of Law in the U.S., the increasingly shaky economy exacerbated by “leaders” with no understanding of even the most basic economics, the growing perception around the world that something is wrong and that something bad is coming… Mother Nature pops her head up as if to say “Hey don’t forget about me.”

Another Monday…

The Librarian


I’ve taken the DVD sets off the sales page for the time being.

The reason is that I’m out of them at the moment and it normally takes several days to produce more of them. I have a multiple DVD copier but the last layout of disks I put on the copier ended up with one of the disc images being just slightly too large for a standard DVD.

The problem with that is that it means I have to go back and completely remap the Library onto DVD images again breaking various categories across multiple DVDs and remake all the labels for them so they show the proper contents which is a slow, tedious and time consuming task.

Once that’s done I have to:

1. Recut a full set of them

2. Copy all of the images onto the copier hard drive

3. Make multiple sets on the copier

4. Print labels on all of them.

Normally I try to do those tasks so they overlap and I can keep a few sets handy by finishing up a few sets before I run out. Having to go back and start over means at least a week or two before I have any ready again.

In the meantime the BluRay and Flash Drive sets are still available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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While the causes of Venezuela’s power shortage are not from “Green” policies but “Socialism Gone Wild” the ultimate consequences are not that dissimilar especially as the Greens in the Western world identify and merge more and more with Socialism.

In the U.S. rogue, out of control agencies of the government like the EPA are going berserk shutting down coal production, regulating coal power out of existence while offering Solar and Wind power as a substitute…

you know.. like the wind and solar that many countries in Europe have abandoned as utterly impractical and far too expensive to be even remote viable source of power.

So much has been written about the impracticality of solar and wind power to sustain the grid of an industrialized nation that anyone who still believes in it for anything other than remote off-grid use is seriously deficient in the basic ability to apply Reason to the world around them. That multi-billion dollar government agencies still believe it has less to do with Reason than with the simple incompetence that is a ubiquitous characteristic of government.

In either case, Socialism or Environmentalism running wild and free with no limitations on their destructive propensity results in a massive decrease in power generation capacity with the consequence being increasing rationing of the available power.

Venezuela does provide two stark lessons that are hard to overlook. (Well unless you are a Green or a Socialist in which case facts are never allowed to stand in the way of political orthodoxy.)

1. The consequences of Socialism are always poverty and suffering. The people of Venezuela have voted for Socialism multiple times in the belief that someone will give them Free Stuff taken from the “Rich” and are now reaping what they have sowed. Many people in the U.S. today are voting for Socialism in the belief that someone will give them Free Stuff taken from the “Rich”. Makes you wish we still had a functional education system doesn’t it?

2. When the supply of power falls far enough it is rationed. The rationing choices as to who receive power and who does not, who receives the most and the least, directly correspond with who the rationers like and who they do not, who is friendly towards the rationers and who is not, who has friends in government and who does not.

The system starts to closely resemble the medieval systems of Nobility and Peasants with the Nobility being those who have friends in the halls of power and the Peasants being those who do not.

Ayn Rand called it the “Aristocracy of Pull”. It is what replaces the Rule of Law as a nation’s social, cultural, moral and political structure begins to collapse. It is happening openly and clearly in Venezuela as Socialism has led to the collapse of what should be a rich nation.

It is beginning to happen here as politicians openly ignore the law and pick and choose which laws they will obey and which they will disregard. It’s becoming even more obvious as people in the “aristocracy” openly break laws knowing there will be no consequences and that laws are only for the “little people” or more accurately.. the Peasants.

As more and more people see that the Law no longer matters they quickly understand that the “favor” of those in the aristocracy who are above to the Law is more important than the Law itself. So they begin to curry favor, to make deals, to trade and barter in whatever those in the aristocracy want in exchange for “pull”… the benevolence of the aristocracy.

The more people cater to the aristocracy the faster the Rule of Law collapses. The faster the Rule of Law collapses the more people scurry to seek the favor of the aristocracy.

We’ve been watching it happen in Venezuela. It’s beginning to happen here in the U.S.

The Librarian


Another story from leaks in D.C. about the threat and danger of a cyber attack on the U.S. power grid.

I won’t dwell on or go into the consequences of such and attack other than to point out the obvious potential for widespread death and destruction.

When you look at it though there is a humorous aspect to it.

After it does happen, and as in the story I believe it’s a matter of when not if, there will be a very predictable aftermath in the media and in political circles.

The question will immediately arise of why we were not warned this could happen and why did we not take measures to prevent it, ameliorate its affect or prepare for it’s occurrence. There will be a hundred experts interviewed. There will be a thousand news stories on people pointing out the danger who were ignored.

The Congress will be outraged and will announce a Committee to investigate the failure of intelligence and foresight and will hold hearings. Every ambitious Senator or Congressman will fight for a place in the committee so they can get hours of face time on TV.

The inevitable monkey island melee in the media and in Congress will be a sight to behold and for those who survive the grid loss and manage to salvage a working radio there will be endless hours of entertainment to be had from the poo flinging that will be going on.

Congress will then pass a 1000 page, massive, horribly expensive and grossly overly complex program to “fix” the problem which will end up driving up energy costs for everyone to unbelievable levels, make the power grid almost as reliable as the one in Venezuela and create vulnerabilities far worse than the threat of cyber attacks or solar flares. Ultimately they’ll probably drive the Power Utility companies out of business and have to nationalize the power industry.

At which point we will effectively lose access to reliable electrical power.

The Librarian


New movie being released shortly called Amerigeddon about the U.S. after an EMP attack.

From watching the trailer it’s more of a political movie about a conspiracy by the U.S. government and various New World Order Globalists to destroy the U.S. since it stands in the way of their dastardly, evil plan for world domination, etc., etc.

While it’s understandable that no one trusts the government anymore I think the writers of the movie script assume far too much government competency.

There’s an old rule in history regarding conspiracy which says:

“Never ascribe to conspiracy what can be explained by incompetence.”

And no one has ever accused the federal government of being overly competent.

Nonetheless the movie might be worth watching simply for the ideas it might spawn about what conditions might be like after an EMP and a total loss of power on the grid. The ramifications are mind bogglingly extensive and every time you sit down and think about it you can come up with more areas of life that would be affected. It will be interesting to see just how comprehensive the makers of the movie have been.

In the end I imagine the movie will have a happy or at least semi-happy ending with the righteous Patriots triumphing over the dastardly Globalists and Bureaucrats.

The reality of an EMP is that there will be no happy endings. There will a multi generation effort to rebuild what has been lost. It will be long, hard, brutal and grim struggle and it will take generations to recover.

But that’s not something that can be shown in a movie.



An international team of scientists have looked at the sun and discovered that it has the potential to create a superflare which could hit Earth and that if it did the consequences would be… Bad.

Sorry. It just sort of leaves me speechless…

The Librarian