Informative article about a growing danger to the power grid that is not often recognized and that is the spreading “Smart Grid” which increasingly centralizes the vulnerability of the grid.

As control of the grid grows more and more centralized those centralization points become increasingly attractive targets for those who desire to do us harm. As the grid existed before it required attacking and damaging multiple substations and hundreds of transformers scattered all over the place to do serious, long lasting harm.

With the Smart Grid in place the number of targets to attack to do that same level of harm become smaller and smaller and the amount of damage required becomes correspondingly smaller.

Not sure if it’s a death wish or a conspiracy but there’s an old saying… “Never attribute to a conspiracy that which can be explained by simple incompetence.” That may be the case here.

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Below are some links to even more stories about potential Solar events and their consequences. Some are from Business Insider which is a pretty mainstream publication.

Maybe the fact that some of the folks in the business world are actually becoming aware of the subject means that someone with the power to actually do something about it will be affected. Not likely, but possible.

Politicians are all about the short term. The long term, for them, is the next election. There is nothing beyond the next election.

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And here so many of us spent time considering how to respond to a Solar or Nuclear EMP event that would devastate our civilization.

It ends up that God (or random chance if that’s what you believe) doesn’t need anything so dramatic to end our civilization.

From events in Europe it appears we are perfectly capable of (and well on the path to) ending it ourselves. The famous trope of the “Barbarians at the Gate” is not longer meaningful.

We’ve opened the gates, torn them down, transferred the guards to the social services department and apologized to the barbarians because some of our citizens resisted and complained about the pillaging and rapine (which has nothing to do with rape) but might as well include rape too.

History (which is no longer taught) suggests… Rome… Huns, Visigoths, Vandals.

The destruction of Rome became inevitable when they began paying tribute to the invaders instead of sending the Legions to subdue and civilize them or if civilizing them failed to at least keep them safely contained.

Europe’s new wave of immigrants prefer Sweden over the rest of the EU because the “refugee salaries” as they call them (i.e. welfare payments) are higher there.

Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe. Sweden’s response? To raise the immigrant quota for next year.

My two favorite scenes in the European madness are:

1. The Gay/Lesbian/Whatever groups holding up signs welcoming the immigrants to their countries being unarguably too stupid or ignorant to understand that these same immigrants, once in power, will put them to death at the very front of the queue.

2. The Feminist groups holding their public meeting to welcome the new immigrants and having to call it off because of the onslaught of groping and sexual advances by the very immigrants they are welcoming.

Seems irony has been removed from the European dictionaries. (along with sanity)

Maybe if Rome had called it “welfare payments” instead of tribute things would have turned out different.

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p.s. Keep in mind that once the barbarians take over they will, in all likelihood, ban advanced 1800’s technology such steam engines. I believe their ideology centers around the 1500s or thereabouts. I guess I should post some 1500’s books. Problem is there really aren’t many.


The basic gist of the story is that since we’ve never experienced total destruction of the power grid and been able to observe the die off that results we really don’t know what to expect therefore…

we need to study it some more before we actually do anything.

What can I say?

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The Federal Government is finally taking action on the danger to the power grid posed by a Solar EMP.

They have a plan is to…  make a plan to do some more studies in order to make a plan to address the danger.

I feel so much better knowing that the Federal government is taking firm and decisive action to avoid the death of 80%-90% of the United States population.

Don’t you feel better too?

It’s a surreal experience to actually understand that the only people taking any action to address the potential destruction of our power grid, our lives and most of our technological civilization is you and me and the scattered individuals who choose not to be nice docile little sheep (and to be labelled potential terrorists for doing so). Truly surreal.

Salvador Dali would be pleased.

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Welcome Ted

About Ted… Someone thought I was making fun of Liberals in general since I wrote the post in haste this afternoon.
I don’t really care that Ted is a Liberal and I’m glad he’s finally understood what so many of us have known about for years.
What struck me as funny was that the mainstream media and the Liberal movement in general has ridiculed the Prepper movement for years and generally condemns the idea that there people in the world that are not “nice” and might attack us.
After all if we just “dialogue” with the lion and try to understand him he probably won’t eat us.
I thank God for people like that because while the lion is busy eating that idiot I have time to escape or get my .45 and eliminate the threat.
Of course that’s not working real well for the Christians in the Middle East right now but Liberal never let facts interfere with a good theory.
And yes I’m a bit conservative. I’m a Christian and that right there puts a check mark by my name on the Liberal “Potential Terrorist” list. I believe in the Constitution. (2 check marks) I’m a firearms instructor. (3 check marks) I’m heterosexual. (probably a 4th check mark) I have a few emergency supplies and know what I would do in the event of an EMP. (natural or manmade) (5 check marks)
And I honestly believe that Liberalism has radically increased the likelihood of our country suffering an EMP attack. (6 check marks).
Hmmm. I guess Ted is now on the “Potential Terrorist” list too.
Welcome Ted.
The Librarian



Interestingly one of the old school Liberal journalist at ABC (Ted Koppel) and later NRP has become (gasp) a prepper after studying up on and writing a book on the dangers of losing the power grid.

In his book he focuses on an EMP from an attack on the U.S. by an enemy state but the results are pretty much the same for those affected whether it’s a manmade or solar event.

Miracles do happen.

The Librarian


Interesting article in the Daily Mail today. A new thin, flexible material that acts to disperse energy like a traditional Faraday cage which can even be used as wall paper.

Not a lot of technical information on it yet but if the technology pans out it’s a fairly significant step since it would allow much lower cost protection for components of the power grid. Depending on the cost it could also provide individuals with much more effective protection than what is currently available.

When you consider that governments around the world are openly working on EMP weapons from nuclear based through smaller more targeted versions you have to wonder if such protection might not be advisable.

The article also quotes John McAfee who comes across these days as something of a crackpot but then I’ve been called that too so who am I to judge? Still I tend to take much of what he says with a large bag of salt but even broken clocks are right twice a day so try to separate the message from the source.

The fact that EMP is a real threat is testified to in two ways even disregarding the possibility of a Solar based EMP event. First that someone has spent the time and money to develop potential countermeasures to it (and to a lot of electronic snooping and eavesdropping as a secondary benefit) and second that major technology companies are developing weapons that make use of EMP effects for warfare.

The EMP weapons are probably a good idea considering that the enemies of the Western World are openly pursuing the development of nuclear based EMP weapons and the means to deliver them.

The problem with that is that some of the countries working on EMP weapons for use against the West are so backwards in many respects that detonating an EMP over their country would have little effect on a large percentage of the population so other targeting specific government and military installations their utility is questionable.

What good does it do to destroy the power grid of a country where the majority of the people don’t own electrical devices because the power grid is so unreliable? The effects would be minimal compared to the effects on a Western country.

Still nice to know that it might soon be possible to turn entire rooms or even a house into the functional equivalent of a Faraday Cage.

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As you know the Library is a project to accumulate books on primarily 1800s technology which is about the highest level of technology which it would practical to rebuild in a world where the existing industrial and technological infrastructure has collapsed. The modern system for all it’s wonders and capabilities is so interdependent that once stopped for any significant length of time could not be restarted because so many parts of it depend on the functionality of other parts.

There are people in the world though who not only study and research 19th century technology but embrace it and choose to live their lives immersed in the 19th century. They dress, eat, sleep and in some cases work in a 19th century fashion.

There are a number of TV shows in the U.S. depicting people who choose to leave modern society and live in the wilderness at what is essentially a 19th century level but there are also people who remain in modern society but still embrace all things 19th century.

One (but by no means the only) example is Sara and Gabriel Chrisman a young couple who choose live a 19th century, specifically Victorian Era, lifestyle.

There are other examples and they are not the only ones who choose to live in alternate time periods to the extent possible. Some of their writings are useful since they often bring out problems and solutions with which most of us are not familiar because while we may study and collect knowledge of the 1800s we don’t actually live that way.

The people who do choose to live immersed in that level of technology encounter the real life problems and peculiarities of the technology and have had to learn to deal with it’s idiosyncrasies. From seemingly trivial things like how to use 1800s kitchen utensils and appliances through the simplest way to change and trim lantern wicks. Many of the writings and books of the folks who have embraced living in different time periods make interesting and useful reading.

There is a caveat however. The last article in the list of links below is a rather scathing and insulting response to Sara Chrisman’s writings. It strikes me as a typical Liberal response to anyone doing something different from what a Liberal thinks is right but there are a few valid points which while not really being a condemnation of the way the Chrisman’s choose to live are factors to keep in mid when reading the writings of people who choose to live in such ways.

Specifically these folks are still living in the current existing industrial and technological and social infrastructure. They do not have to endure the types and level of crime that existed in the 1800s. They have the benefit of modern medical care and I doubt any of them would choose to apply 1800s medical technology to a serious illness or injury of themselves or a loved one. They benefit from a modern legal system that generally (in most countries) provides levels of legal protection and freedom that did not exist in the 1800s particularly for women who in some places in the 1800s could be confined to “asylums” by their husband complaining to a judge and (quite easily in some places) obtained a commitment order. They also have knowledge of the dangers of substances that were widely used and often consumed in the 1800s that we now know were capable of harmful if not deadly affects.

While women actually enjoyed a lot more freedom and exercised a great deal more power in the 1800s than is generally acknowledged today there was still a level of legal inequality that, even then, was recognized as unfair and unjust.

Nonetheless for all it’s faults there is obviously a certain appeal to the 1800s for many people and their attempts to immerse themselves in that level of technology is interesting, entertaining and, for us, informative.

And for the record, since I often get this question, no I do NOT wish I lived in the 1800s. I know far too much about that period to ever choose to live that way given a choice. I thoroughly enjoy my Kindle and my audio books. I love my powered wood working tools. While I have hiked many a mile over the years I thoroughly enjoy being able to get in my car or truck and turn the key and drive to the hardware store to buy wood without having to go saddle a horse or hitch up the wagon and take an axe into the woods to cut down a tree. I truly love being able to attach the bushhog to the tractor and drive in comfort (while listening to an audio book or music) to clear a field in an hour vs picking up a scythe and spending two or three days of backbreaking labor to accomplish the same job.

So no, while I appreciate many of the visual and ethical aesthetics of the 1800s I have no desire to embrace it as a lifestyle given a choice.

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Couple of interesting article that are worth reading in their entirely to understand what is happening not just in the U.S. but in the entire Western World. I’ve posted the links at the bottom.

The fundamental message in them is that there is a concerted and seemingly intentional effort underway by governments, semi-governmental organizations and non-government groups to undermine and eliminate the Rule of Law that is the foundation of the Western World. Without the Rule of Law Western Civilization, as we know it, cannot continue to function and will sooner or later revert to dictatorship. You can already see it happening in some Western countries.

Rule of Law has either already been abandoned or never really took hold in many parts of the world. South American is, for the most part, ruled by dictators, semi-juntas or socialist looney toon characters. Major parts of Asia are either Islamic “Paradises” or openly Communist/Socialist. Africa is… well Africa is Africa and still for the most part living in the Dark Ages as is likely to remain for the foreseeable future. What few bastions of civilization once existed have either returned to Tribalism (i.e. every tribe trying to butcher every other tribe), turned in Islamic Paradises (religious variation of tribalism where one tribe kills or dominates all other tribes) or has descended into civil war and anarchy thanks to recent American… assistance. The Middle East which reverted to Tribalism after the Ottoman Empire fell has regressed even further now into chaos and widespread warfare.

The humorous aspect of it is that all the Preppers I know and most of the general prepper community are preparing for comet strikes, eruptions, economic collapse in the industrialized world, pandemics, nuclear exchanges, or the general purpose Zombie Apocalypse. All of which are “EVENTS” which can be observed and recognized.

“Ahhh the Economy has collapsed and all the banks are closed and the dollar is worthless. Grab the bugout bags.”

“Oh look the streets are full of mindless, flesh eating zombies. Grab the machetes.”

Few if any however are looking at the larger picture and thinking in terms of a slow, steady, relentless, collapse of world Civilization.

In many ways today’s world resembles the 500 AD through 600 AD period of World history as the Roman Empire collapsed and the Western World which the Romans knew fragmented and lost all cohesion. As the social, political and technological infrastructure of Rome collapsed and fell apart throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region most areas reverted to tribalism and regressed to the social and technological levels of the early iron age and even the stone age in some regions.

The social and technological level of Rome was not reached again until the 1700s… almost a thousand years. Seemingly simple technology like sewers disappeared from Europe until the 1500s though a few small efforts were begun in Paris as early as 1300. Paved roads and running water which were common in Rome didn’t re-emerge in most of Europe until a few hundred years ago.

The “Republic” (i.e. government which ruled by consent of the governed) disappeared from the world for 1500 years and when rediscovered was hailed as revolutionary ignoring the fact that the Romans not only developed it but practiced it for over 500 years.

But how do you prepare for a coming Dark Age? I’m not sure there is an easy answer. Individuals don’t. Individuals and Families simply meet each new challenge and obstacle that comes long day by day and week by week because a collapse into a Dark Age takes place over decades and generations. It is not a “Event”.

Societies could, theoretically, prepare to meet and endure such historical periods but the sad tragedy of the Western World is that it’s governments are, almost universally, made up of Politicians whose foresight is limited to the next election cycle and are mentally and emotionally incapable of looking any further into the future. Even the rare few that are able to look beyond the short term have to sacrifice that long term for the short term or else find themselves back on the streets.

The dictators who could, again theoretically, look at the long term are either restricted by fighting off coup attempts and threats to their power or else are emotionally incapable of looking at the long term which is probably why they are dictators in the first place.

It will be an interesting paradox for future historians to ponder, discuss and write Dissertations about a thousand years from now.