I held off posting this article for a few days since I honestly assumed it was satire or a joke or that there would be some followup revealing it to be a hoax of some kind.

Still am not convinced there is any real substance to it.

Bottom line is that American energy producers (i.e. NON-government private industry) is actually studying ways to protect the grid from EMP attacks. Seeing as how several clearly insane rogue nations have the capability to inflict such an attack on the U.S. and other Western industrialized nations that’s a good thing.

Clearly the Federal government has not time to waste on such trivial matter when it has to focus all it’s money and energy on important matters like opening girls bathrooms to men and increasing benefits to illegal aliens. They are paid more in benefits than destitute Americans but it’s still clearly not a sufficient amount.

The possible kicker though is that the industry groups are working with the DOE (Department of Energy) in this project. The old saying “If you want to destroy something get the government involved.” is still true. I have no doubt that the industry engineers will come up with solutions but there is a good chance that the DOE will regulate their actions out of existence, require decades long environmental impact studies, make them too expensive to actually implement or in some other way render industries effort null and void leaving us as vulnerable if not more vulnerable than we are right now.

Nevertheless it is one little spark of light in a dark world.

The Librarian


Video of William Forstchen explaining how he came to write One Second After which describes the effects of an EMP on the population of a small town in North Western North Carolina.

If you haven’t read it you should.

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If you have ever wondered what a collapse would look like, would really be like, wonder no more. Our good friends the Socialists have provided the answer live and in technicolor.

Videos are coming out of Venezuela showing 5000 people looting the remains of a grocery store.

The stores have had little to sell for quite some time now as the economy collapses, power disappears and medical supplies vanish. Eventually in such situations people eventually, despite all of the government calls to remain calm and orderly, reach a breaking point and throw law, discipline and order aside in an attempt to provide food for themselves and their families.

These are people who for months have patiently waited in line for food as they were told, followed the rules and spent their money on increasingly expensive foods. The supplies of food have been decreasing, inflation is through the roof and on the increasingly rare occasions food is available in the stores people can afford less and less of it.

The tipping point has been reached there. As unpleasant as the situation there has been now it’s going to get ugly.

Keep watching to see what a society in collapse looks like.

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I’ve just added some individual books to the New Additions Index.

These are some odds and ends I’ve had ready to post but which got accidently moved to someplace I didn’t notice them until today when I happened across them. In the press of other events I completely forgot them.

The ones with Carving in the names are NOT about wood carving but actually about carving at the dinner table. Not a topic I had run across before but interesting nonetheless.

Legal Chemistry is kind of intriguing sinc the full title is Legal Chemistry-A Guide to the Detection of Poisons. You have to wnder the life of Mr Naquet who wrote the book. What kind of experiences led him to write a book about the Detection of Poisons?

I found a few books on Cooperage, i.e. the making of barrels. but there is a surprising dearth of books on the subject. I’ve been looking for some time now but have run across almost no books on the subject. If anyone does run across any please let me know.

The rest are on various subjects; Agriculture, Home Economics; Rural Economies, Fertilizers, Alcohol, etc.

I haven’t yet tagged them with the Categories to which they will be moved later. I thought I’d just go ahead and put them online for now.


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When you look at Venezuela you see a country which has completely collapsed economically. The stores are empty, businesses shut down due to price controls and inflation, electrical power disappearing and political chaos.

Yet the People of Venezuela continue to stand in line at the stores, continue to wait patiently for things to get better and for someone else to fix the problem.

The temptation is there to call them “sheep” who have been so oppressed and conditioned to government control that they can’t even imagine overthrowing the incompetent lunatics that are running the government.

In fact it is not timidity or fear but simply “Normalcy Bias” at it’s worst. People in the Western World have become so accustomed to a “normal” that includes plentiful food supplies at reasonable prices, unlimited electrical power as reasonable prices, political stability, Law and Order, Television, Radio and all the modern technological conveniences of Western Society.

What they are unaware of is how unique and rare the conditions they accept as “normal” actually are. When you examine most of the world and look at history the conditions most Westerners take for granted are relatively recent reaching back only a generation or two.

Even a hundred years ago in the U.S. there were rural pockets of abject poverty where medical care was rare, where many people were subsistence farmers and there were not social “safety nets”. Actual death from starvation is virtually unknown in the Western World yet it is still common in many parts of the world. I suspect the Western World spends more battling obesity than it spends battling starvation and malnourishment in the rest of the world.

So a generation of people who truly believe that the wealth and bounty of the Capitalist Western World is the “Normal” endure the collapse in Venezuela patiently because they sincerely believe that tyranny and incompetence in government is an Aberration and that the “normal” will reappear… any time now.

When you observe that in an intrinsically wealthy country like Venezuela can be driven into collapse by a single individual you can, perhaps, begin to see just how fragile our “normal” world is and how easily it can be lost.

The Librarian


I read this and initially just dismissed it as typical modern political correct insanity but the more I thought about it the more disturbing it became.

Anyone with even a modicum of common sense acknowledges that Venezuela went from being a prosperous country to a third world hell hole because they turned the country Socialist.

Here’s a writer from the Washington Post who says it’s because they did Socialism badly… by which I assume he means incorrectly?

It doesn’t take much effort to look at the history of Socialism and see that it has failed every time it has been tried. 100% failure rate… 0 wins, All losses. It doesn’t work. It fails. It takes wealth and make everyone equally poverty stricken.

As Maggie Thatcher said “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Yet here is a writer to completely devoid of the ability to perceive the world in which he lives who sincerely believes that if you JUST do it right… Socialism will work.

And journalists wonder why they are laughed at and rated just below used car salesmen and politicians in integrity.

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Little tidbits about the McGuffey Readers which helped children learn to read for 100 years in the U.S. before the educational system decided that semi-literacy was more desirable.

The McGuffey Readers along with basic Phonics is still the best and most well proven method of learning to read. You would think that 100 years of evidence would be so overwhelming that there would be no argument about it.

So when there is 100 years of proof of the success of Phonics and the McGuffey Readers and they are rejected in favor of something which has clearly demonstrated that it does NOT work as well you have to conclude that either the people making these decisions of utterly incompetent and will undoubtedly loose their jobs (which they never seem to) or else that their goal is NOT to produce Literacy.

One you reject the premise that the entire education system is incompetent then you have to deal with the reality that their goals are not your goals.

Several different sets of the McGuffey Readers are in the Library and freely available to download.

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If you’re not familiar with the writings of Nassim Taleb about events known as Black Swans then you should be. A Black Swan event is one that is not predicted but which can and often does have a destabilizing effect on the world. And, which is always the case, is seen in hindsight as something that SHOULD have been foreseen.

A good example is the economic crash in 2008 triggered by a massive bubble in high risk mortgages which, afterwards, was then explained as something everyone should have seen coming and for which blame is still being apportioned. When looking back at the period it’s also hard to believe that it wasn’t more easily foreseen and prevented.

There were a few voices here and there at the time warning that it was going to happen which are now being held up as totally prescient and wise despite the disdain and contempt in which they were held at the time. The entire collapse was the result of clear and deliberate action by many individuals both in and out of government and even though there were clear and deliberate warnings about those actions at the time they were not heeded. As a result when the consequences arrived everyone was shocked and surprised and caught off guard. The classic Black Swan event.

I wonder if we’re looking at another one about to happen and if a voice is warning us about it just like then?

I’m sure there are plenty of people who will greet Michael’s words with the same contempt and disdain shoveled out to those who warned us of the housing market crash in 2008 and were ignored… until after the fact.

The scenario he envisions is certainly feasible and not even remotely outside the realm of possibility when you look back at some of the other absurdities of the last 7.5 years. The actions he describes are not actually quite as extreme as some of the other things that have happened.

Who could ever have imagined that the U.S. Federal Government agency whose mandate is to enforce the gun laws of the United States would knowingly and enthusiastically buy and provide weapons for foreign criminal organizations that specifically target the United States? That even after the weapons were used to kill United States Law Enforcement personnel the operation would continue and the people involved in planning and carrying out the operation were not arrested and tried but were actually promoted?

So it’s easy to read Michael’s description of a potential scenario and easily accept that it is well within the realm of possibility. I have read the histories of collapses of countries, cultures and societies that are a lot LESS likely than this one.

Look at the history of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) which once fed most of Africa with it’s farming surplus and had the fastest growing economy on the continent. It is now starving, has collapsed economically and has the fastest shrinking economy in the world.

Venezuela was a rich country and one of the major oil exporting nations in the Americas. It’s now devolved to looting of the grocery stores and robbery in the streets, a collapsing power grid and virtual anarchy in many parts of the country.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

The Librarian