For those unfamiliar with it Lloyd’s of London is one of the oldest and best known insurance companies in the world.

This is a company that started back in the 1600s and has made their fortune by calculating the probability of events.

The link is to a 2013 study written for Lloyd’s to provide the information needed to underwrite insurance related to EMP events both natural and manmade.


The report speaks for itself and I won’t repeat it’s conclusions.

I will say however that any politician who survives an EMP after doing nothing to mitigate the consequences will have, I suspect, a very short lifetime if other survivors ever find out who they are.

The Librarian


If you’re not sure what to be thankful for try this.

If you’re a user of the Survivor Library site then you have a an idea of how hard life would be trying to rebuild after a collapse and living, for a time at an 1800’s level.

Look around you and be thankful for all for the technology that you take for granted that makes your life so incredibly easy, productive, safe and labor free compared to our ancestors a little over 100 years ago.

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I’ve just added the new Mathematics Category which covers basic arithmetic, algebra, some geometry and of course calculus.

While obviously the science of math has progressed quite a bit since the 1800s and early 1900s I suspect that few, if any of you, unless you were a math major in college have a set of math textbooks sitting on your shelves. While ideally it would be nice to have such a set it’s not something most of us think of in the realm of “survival Books”. we’re more likely to be thinking food, shelter, security, etc.

When you look through the other categories in the Library such as Engineering, Sailing, Navigation, steam Engines and so on it quickly becomes apparent that many of them depend on a solid grounding in Math. Hard to perform calculations to navigate a ship if you don’t understand geometry and trigonometry.

hard to do much on the field of chemistry or electronics without an understanding of the calculus.

So this provides a range of introductory material from some of the basics aritmetic. An introduction in algebra. Some trigonometry and geometry and finally a fair amount of calculus.

While you may never need them it’s nice to have them on hand.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to teach children basics such as reading, writing and arithmetic these cover the basics and a good bit beyond.

Another way to think of it is this… if you canteach your children what’s in these books or even a fair percentage of it they will be far beyond the overwhelming majority of both children and adults in our existing “technological” world.


The Librarian

New Day

For 8 years people like me and most other Conservatives have been preached at repeatedly that “We won.” and that it’s unfair, un-American, un-Patriotic, and offensive to complain.

We’ve been branded Racists for disagreeing with President Obama’s radical policies.

We’ve had accusations of Sexism screamed at us for opposing and campaigning against corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

We’ve been labelled Islamaphobes for expressing event he slightest concern about unlimited Islamic Immigration.

We’ve been categorized as Racists for pointing out that open borders and unlimited immigration is perhaps a problem that should be address.

We’re called homophobes because as Christians we refuse to celebrate gay marriage.

We’re called ignorant because we refuse to accept the Gospel of Manmade Global Warming.

We’ve been lectured repeatedly for 8 years that we are not ALLOWED to say anything which might offend someone. By which is meant anything other than complete obeisance to the Liberal agenda.

Our young daughters have been told that they have to share the bathroom with men who want to wear a dress.

Our children sent to Universities to learn have been told that they are only allowed to hear one side of every issue and that all opposing views (i.e. Conservative/Christian/Traditional) are not only not to be presented but to be banned and actively suppressed by students, faculty and the administration.

We have had Political Correctness crammed down our throats for years and now that we have rebelled and tossed out the people trying to impose Group Think on us we’re still being told we are not ALLOWED to say things which might offend anyone who disagrees with us.

The people in power the last 8 years have had no hesitation about preaching their policies, beliefs and ideas in the media, the schools, entertainment, government pronouncements and in Social Media.

Well we’re not listening anymore.

As my son used to say when he was young “Too bad. So sad.”

The day of Political Correctness is over. If my words offend you then do what we have been forced to do for the last 8 years.

Don’t listen.

But don’t dare come to me and tell me I’m not allowed to say what I believe because it offends you. You’ve been offending me and many others for a long time now and we’re not going to play by your rules anymore.

The Librarian

p.s. The new Math Category will be posted later today.


Handcrafter America

As some of you know i seldom if ever watch television. The vast majority of what’s broadcast is:

1. Utter trash and an insult to the intelligence of a 6 year old

2. Simply offensive to anyone with any concept or morals.

3. “News” which is like a sad imitation of Pravda or Ivestia from it’s worst years or just outright fantasy made up to support whatever that particular networks agenda happens to be.

So it’s rare for me to actually recommend a television program to watch. The series is called Handcrafted America.

While the host should give up her pretensions of being a comedian as so most TV show hosts she is worth putting up with in order to see the amazing array of Americans still making a living handcrafting items from fireplace pokers to clocks to handcrafted shoes.

While they only devote a few minutes to each person or group or family it is worth watching just to see the variety and range of skills. In each case the provide enough information to locate the business involved and find out more information. Many of the individuals also teach which may be of interest to some of you.

If nothing else it’s worth watching just to be reminded that people are still mastering the skills of handmaking the kind of items that many of us take for granted.

The Librarian



As a followup to to my previous post on why you need to be self sufficient here’s absolute proof of why one should never, ever, for any reason trust the government.

Government is like fire. It’s great and a wonderful tool as long as YOU stay in control of it. The moment it gets out of your control it kills and destroys leaving ashes and devastation in its path.

You read daily of the government wasting millions and someone times billions of dollars on truly mind-bogglingly, stupid projects, studies and programs. We see them loan half a billion dollars to scam “renewable energy” companies that pay their executives tens of millions of dollars in bonuses then go bankrupt and the government eats the loss.

Now we have soldiers, Citizens, who stepped up and against their better judgement re-upped to go fight our wars in exchange for bonuses because the government was so desperate for trained experienced soldiers. They made that sacrifice in many cases to provide a financial stake for their families, to undertake an education, to pay for their kids educations and many other goals. (That the government was unwilling to actually fight the war to win it and simply let it drag on year after year after year is another story but it explains why they started running out of people.)

Then AFTER the fighting is all done, after they come home, in many cases AFTER they have to deal with a corrupt VA in order to receive the medical care they were promised and are owed by the nation they defended…

AFTER all the sacrifice the government comes back them and says:

“Ooops. WE made an error. WE made a mistake in offering you those bonuses. WE made an accounting error and now YOU have to pay the money that WE mistakenly gave you.”

And if they don’t pay it back their wages will be taken, their homes lost, their credit ratings ruined because they trusted the government and the government made a mistake for which our Veterans have to pay.

Scam the government for hundreds of millions by spouting “renewable energy” slogans and everyone in government shrugs. When someone in the government makes a mistake in offering bonuses to military personnel the Veterans have to pay the price.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this utterly disgusted and bitter about the bureaucratic corruption and malfeasance that goes on in D.C. I wonder how many people are going to go to jail over this?

Actually… no I don’t wonder. No one will. When you and I do something like that we get fired and likely go to jail. When the government does it it’s simply a clerical error and they recoup the money from the people who aren’t responsible while the ones responsible probably get promotions.

So a lesson for anyone smart enough to learn it. If you’re counting on the government to save you when things get bad… read the story to learn how far they can be trusted.

The Librarian




New commentary out on the Obama Executive Order dealing with the threat of an EMP event.

It’s clear from this article and actually reading the text of the Executive Order that nothing is actually going to done. It’s all political posturing. We’ve known for a long time now what’s involved, what the threat is and how to take precautions to ameliorate the worst effects of it as well as dramatically increase the chances of survival  for the People and drastically decrease the recovery time.

Harden the power grid. Start stockpiling backups of the most vulnerable components of the grid that are most susceptible to EMP damage such as transformers. Return to Tempest shielding for military and vital civilian communications equipment.

Those actions alone would make the difference between a recovery taking years and a recovery taking generations.

But they won’t be taken. The government can spend millions studying the drinking habits of transsexual prostitutes in Brazil or studying the mating habits of monkeys while on crack but protecting 80%-90% of the population from death by starvation, dehydration, disease and violence…. not so much.

The actions of the government are a sad and sorry joke but they are so insulated from the real world that are probably not even aware of how absurd their actions appear to the real world.

In the end you can only rely on yourself. If you want to survive and for your family to survive then take action. Make plans, look at the area in which you live, decide where and how it’s safest to store food and materials and supplies to survive the chaos after an event such as an EMP on the scale of the Carrington event. It goes without saying to make sure your family knows how to shoot and that you have the weapons and ammunition to protect yourself and your family. Anyone naive enough to believe they will survive without them is… well… irrelevant because they won’t be there to offer their opinion afterwards.

Think what it will take once the chaos has subsided to move to a subsistence level agricultural lifestyle. What knowledge and skills will be required to sustain it in the long term and to eventually move beyond it to a community system. What will be required for a community to start building food surpluses to provide the manpower to start rebuilding infrastructure and start providing other services to rebuild the technological and industrial infrastructure.

No one can do it for you. There is only one thing that is an absolute certainty…

Waiting for the government to do it for you is an absolute guaranteed path to death.

The Librarian



I’ve started doing some concentrated work on a new Category that will be ready sometime soon.

It’s Radio Manuals.

I have my old Zenith Trans Oceanic stored away and shielded but just recently got a more modern Shortwave Receiver to play around with and see what’s still going on in the Shortwave world. I used to follow shortwave many years ago well before the age of computer BBS and later the Internet.

For those born since the Web fully emerged shortwave it was the radio equivalent of the Web in a sense. Countries all over the world operated radio stations that broadcast in the Shortwave bands which could often be received pretty much anywhere in the world though most often between sunset and sunrise due to the way shortwave operates.

Obviously each country presented news and information from their own national perspective. Depending on which country was your homeland and which were your country’s “enemies” what was being presented was often categorized as Truth or Propaganda.

In World War II soldiers on both sides listened to the broadcasts of the enemy and even knowing they were propaganda could enjoy the other aspects of the broadcasts such as music and cultural shows. Even at the height of the Cold War many Westerners and Easterners listened to BBC World Service, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Radio Moscow, Radio Peking or the ever popular Radio Albania for the long entertaining harangues about Capitalist Running Dogs interspersed with some excellent music. Radio Havana always had some great music even if the price was the all too often Fidel Castro Speech. Once a Fidel speech started you knew that was the end of music on that station for the evening.

At the same time, especially in the 60s and 70s, as people became more and more cynical about their own governments in both the eastern and the western world shortwave often became a source of news that you could NOT get in your own country and on your own media. Most people born since the internet came of age have no conception of the impact shortwave radio had on the world in the second half of the 20th century.

In a world trying to rebuild after an EMP or other disaster that cripples the technical and industrial infrastructure the internet is not going to be rebuilt for a long, long time. If it’s as bad as some of us envision where industry has to essentially be bootstrapped it could be generations before the re-emergence of something like the internet.

For a long time in that world radio will be the primary form of long distance communication. Shortwave will re-emerge quickly as well to provide information to people too remote for direct point to point communication. A lot of the transmitters and receivers for such communications will have to be built from scratch but for many years, perhaps decades many existing radio transmitters and receivers will still be salvageable and usable. Shortwave transmitters tend to be simple, large, robust and would probably survive most potential EMP events. Surprisingly many shortwave stations still use the transmitters and equipment built back in the 1950s with vacuum tubes and discrete point to point wiring. The damage that even a massive EMP event caused to such equipment could be fairly easily repaired by a competent radio technician.

The likelihood is that shortwave radio would re-emerge fairly quickly as a method to disseminate information of a large area and even to help re-establish communications between extremely distant regions.

Shortwave manuals seemed like they would be a worthwhile addition to the Library. While looking for them I’ve run across other radio manuals including Users manuals, Service manuals and even complete Schematics for many types of both civilian and surplus military equipment. A lot of this older equipment is robust enough that with even minimal shielding they would likely either survive a significant EMP event or be repairable, especially if a schematic and service manual was available.

Rather than try to limit the list to strictly shortwave or any other narrow category I’m going to compile all of the manuals I’m finding and include them since they aren’t that large. With luck I’ll have them all collected, checked out and cataloged in a week or two.

And as and aside to those experienced shortwave listeners I have to admit I’m a bit surprised that the numbers stations are still in operation. Haven’t these people heard of the internet??

The Librarian


There is a fascinating article in the British Daily mail describing a map developed by scientists that shows which areas are at the greatest risk of EMP damage during a solar flare.

Apparently it is related to the accumulation of minerals in the ground which heightens the effects of an EMP in geographical areas making the effects stronger in some areas than in others.

According to these scientists Minnesota is the worst possible place to be during an EMP event. Who would have thought…

In the event of the Earth experiencing something on the scale of a Carrington Event I suspect it’s kind of a moot point. I mean it’s like the difference between being shot in the head with a 12 gauge 3 times or 6 times. The difference may be of academic interest but the effect is pretty much the same either way.

Though I suppose if after such an event some of the survivors want to try to find and salvage any working electronics they have a better chance of finding some in places other than Minnesota.

While the article and the study is interesting in an academic sense the last sentence is a bit chilling in it’s ramifications;

“The massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from solar flares could wipe out power grids, bringing an end to modern civilization as we know it…”

I guess the consequences of that happening i.e. the death of 80% to 90% of the population of the industrialized world are of minor interest to those studying the concentration of ground minerals. Or perhaps it’s simply that they, like me and everyone else, have a hard time actually wrapping the mind around the concept.

The Librarian




We can all breathe a sigh of relief over the danger of a Solar Storm devastating the the power grid, most electronics and the industrial and technological infrastructure throwing us back into the 1800s and killing probably 90% of the population of the industrialized world.

President Obama has issued an Executive Order to deal with the threat.

Granted that the primary goal of the order is to ensure the continuity of government.

Granted that the process is to spend more money studying the problem despite it having been studied quite thoroughly and the danger being well documented as well as the steps required to mitigate the danger.

And granted that the solution to the danger is to Homeland Security the responsibility of alerting us to potential threats and preparing emergency measures and supplies for dealing with such an emergency.

Of course those people who store emergency supplies and take prudent precautions against threat such as solar storms are classified by Homeland Security as “potential terrorists”. So if Homeland Security starts stockpiling food and emergency supplies does that mean they are supporting and sponsoring “terrorism”?

So we can all breathe easy now and relax back into complacence as recommended by so many government agencies. The Federal government is on the case and will handle the potential danger. No need for anyone to fret. Trust the government. They know what’s best.

Most of us and our neighbors will likely die in the aftermath of a solar storm strong enough to destroy the power grid but we can all rest (in peace) easier knowing that the Government will survive and prosper and remain in control.

The Librarian