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The Book of the Farm (1889 Fourth Edition) PRINT SET The Book of the Farm (1889 Fourth Edition) PRINT SET

The Book of the Farm (1889 Fourth Edition) PRINT SET


The Collated Print Set for The Book of the Farm 1889 Fourth Edition in 6 Divisions

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This the Print Set for The Book of the Farm. It is broken into 18 PDF files, 3 per volume. Each one is about 100 pages (50 sheets when printed duplex). The 100 page division is necessary to avoid Exceeding PDF limitations. It also is convenient for manual duplexing and for breaks to add paper to smaller printers. 

The sets are formatted for 8.5 x 11 in paper and arrange front-back so that various natural divisions like Chapters, image sets, double page images and so on will fall on the correct page face when printed. Each volume starts and ends with 2 blank sheets.

These are the same Print Sets I use when printing and binding The Book of the Farm. If you have a duplex printer (i.e. print on both sides of the paper) and send the three pdfs for a volume to it in sequence the result text block can be picked up off the printer and set into the binding machine. No collating is required.

I decided to make the print sets available since it's is prohibitively expensive to ship the physical books internationally. A lot of folks also have or have access to duplex laser printers these days or know how to manually duplex on non-duplex printers. This provides an option to make your own printed sets whenever you like or to make sets for friends.

Once printed you can bind them as you like. A simple three ring binder will suffice. Alternately you can carry them to a local copy/print shop and have them use a glue binder or Perfect Binder. I have included the cover images I use to print the covers for the printed books as jpgs. They are sized and oriented for 12x18 pages but you can cut and paste and rotate the images and maipulate them as you like to make your own covers.

Book Description:

This is the 1889 Fourth Edition of The Book of the Farm by Henry Stephens. Considered by many to be THE definitive book on farming of the early Industrial Age. It covers virtually every aspect of farming from the selection of appropriate land, clearing and preparation of land, selection of crops, plowing growing, pest control, livestock selection and care, harvesting and storage. The book was in print for over 60 years and was probably the most widely known book among farmers. 

The 1889 Fourth Edition differs from the 1891 Fourth Edition only in that it is broken in 6 divisions instead of 3 Volumes. They essentially just split each of the 3 thick volumes in half to produce 6 separate volumes that are much easier to read and handle.

It is helpfully broken in Seasons with comprehensive instructions on the tasks to be carried out during each Season. If you are interested in how farming is done without electricity or internal combustion engines The Book of the Farm is the place to start.

If you only have ONE book on farming in a non-electrical world this is the one to have.

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