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The Square Rigged Cruiser (1885) The Square Rigged Cruiser (1885)

The Square Rigged Cruiser (1885)


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The Square Rigged Cruiser or Lorrain's Sea-Sermons

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The Square Rigged Cruiser or Lorrain's Sea-Sermons

Dedicated to the
United States Navy, Officers and Seamen of American
Merchantmen, and all true-Blues of
Every Nation under heaven


Coursing on the high seas, lakes and rivers of
this planet, or laid up in Ord'nary

by Alfred M. Lorrain

So reads the cover of The Square Rigged Cruiser. This book date back to before the Civil War and was a standard in U.S. Naval and Merchant Marine ships in the Americas. I have seen references to it in other English Speaking Navies though I can't vouch for the validity of the references.

In this day and age it's refreshing to read something that hearkens back to a time when Faith and Honor still existed openly in the world and did not have to hide from today's public ridicule and even censure. 

These are sermons written for seamen and speak in nautical terms which had meaning for them. They were written by Alfred Lorrain a Methodist Minister. It is still in print today which speaks of it's relevance. I'm Catholic myself but his words resonate with me as strongly as I believe they will to everyone else.

I don't particularly expect a lot of people to want a copy of this but I felt it was a responsibility to publish it and make it available whether anyone does or not, especially in the world we are in today.

The book is about 8"x 5" and 256 pages long.

To quote one of the site's Users:

"The SQUARE RIGGED CRUISER 1855 is one of the best Christian reads I've seen in a long time....

The sermons are directed towards sailors and I assume their families. Its full of wonderful poetry,
sailing vernacular, and
sea inspired metaphor and similes.

Now that I've read from it I know I wouldn't wish to go through life without reading it."

I heartily agree with him. Considering that these words brought comfort and peace to men who faced a hostile or at best indifferent Sea consider our state in a world trying to recover from an EMP. We'd be in a cruel, brutal and openly hostile world. Perhaps these words would be what we would need to help us and our families keep going.



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