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Survivor Library Hard Drive


A full copy of the current Library on a Western Digital 2.5 inch 320 gb Hard Drive. Organized in the same categories as the Main Library Index. Free U.S. Shipping via First Class Mail

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Hard Drive: The Hard Drive of the Library is stored on a single Western Digital 320 gb hard drive.


The files are copied onto the drive and then all files are verified against the original Library. The Library is currently right at 256 gb which leaves room on the drive to add additional collections of material of your own as well as new Library files as they are posted. 

The files are organized into Directories/Folders the using the same Categories as the main Library Index. 

The drive itself is in a silicon drive sleeve which is how I store and transport many of my own drives. Along with the drive is a SATA-USB adapter cable. It plugs onto the SATA connector of the drive and then into a USB 3.0 connector on your computer. The drive is formatted Ex-Fat so it should be compatible with most Windows, Mac and Linux computers. 

(Shipping in the U.S. is free. If you are outside the US please contact me about mailing information.)

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