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A Concise History of the Cistercian Order 1852PDF 13 mb
A Descriptive History of the Town of Evesham from the Foundation of its Saxon Monastery 1845PDF 43 mb
A Forgotten Aberdeenshire Monastery 1922PDF 1 mb
A Guide to the Franciscan Monastery-Mt Saint Sepulchre 1914PDF 13 mb
A History of St Augustines Monastery Canterbury 1901PDF 11 mb
A History of the Somerset Carthusians 1895PDF 14 mb
A North Carolina Monastery 1893PDF 965 kb
A Short Account of Great Malvern Priory Church a History of the Monastery 1914PDF 6 mb
A Short History of Monks and Monasteries 1900PDF 20 mb
A Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe in 1817PDF 7 mb
Aberdour and Inchcolme Being Historical Notices of the Parish and Monastery 1885PDF 15 mb
Antwerp-A Journal Kept There including Also Notices of Brussels and of the Monastery of St Bernard 1847PDF 5 mb
Ayton Priory or the Restored Monastery 1843PDF 6 mb
Benedictine Monachism-Studies in Benedictine Life and Rule 1919PDF 8 mb
British Monachism or Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of England 1843PDF 49 mb
Carmel in America-a Centennial History of the Discalced Carmelites in the US 1890PDF 15 mb
Charterhouse in London- Monastery Mansion Hospital School 1921PDF 27 mb
Colonial Monastery 1900PDF 2 mb
Description of the Armenian Monastery on the Island of St Lazarus Venice 1874PDF 1 mb
Ewenny Priory-Monastery and Fortress 1901PDF 2 mb
Few Facts from My Life as Father Superior of a Monastery in Spain 1896PDF 1 mb
Fountains Abbey- The Story of a Medieval Monastery 1904PDF 1 mb
Glimpses of the Monastery 2-Reminiscences of Fifty Years in the Cloister 1839-1889 1897PDF 7 mb
Glimpses of the Monastery-A Brief Sketch of the History of the Ursulines of Quebec 1875PDF 6 mb
Historical Notices of St Anthonys Monastery 1877PDF 2 mb
Historical sketch of the Augustinian monastery of St. Thomas of Villanova 1842-1892 1893PDF 5 mb
History of St Marys Abbey Melrose the Monastery of Old Melrose 1861PDF 13 mb
History of the Armenian Monastery of St Lazarus-Venice 1899PDF 4 mb
History of the Islands of the Lerins the Monastery Saints and Theologians of St Honorat 1913PDF 26 mb
Monastic London Within the Metropolitan Area During the Centuries 1200 to 1600 1887PDF 2 mb
Records of the Monastery of Kinloss with Illustrative Documents 1872PDF 16 mb
The Book of the Foundations Written by Saint Teresa 1853PDF 9 mb
The Cartulary of the Monastery of St Frideswide at Oxford 1895PDF 19 mb
The Cathedral Church of Ely-with a Short Account of the Former Monastery 1921PDF 10 mb
The Celtic Christianity of Cornwall-Divers Sketches and Studies 1916PDF 11 mb
The Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond-a Picture of Monastic and Social Life in the 12th Century 1907PDF 3 mb
The Coming of the Friars and other Historic Essays 1908PDF 16 mb
The Durham Household Book or the Accounts of the Bursar of the Monastery of Durham 1844PDF 11 mb
The Early History of the Monastery of Cluny 1920PDF 8 mb
The English Black Monks of St Benedict 1908PDF 27 mb
The History of the Monastery of the Holy-Rood 1919PDF 14 mb
The Life of Jean-Baptiste Muard Founder of the Monastery of La Pierre-qui-Vire 1886PDF 25 mb
The Monastery 1836PDF 18 mb
The Monastery and Cathedral of Worcester 1866PDF 15 mb
The Monastery of Tallaght 1911PDF 3 mb
The Monks of Mount Athos 1904PDF 12 mb
The Monks of Old Chester-Four Lectures 1907PDF 3 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 1 1861PDF 31 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 2 1872PDF 29 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 3 1861PDF 12 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 4 1896PDF 12 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 5 1861PDF 8 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 6 1861PDF 14 mb
The Monks of the West Vol 7 1861PDF 14 mb
The Origin of the Order of Our Lady of Charity 1918PDF 10 mb
The Rise and Fall of the Irish Franciscan Monasteries 1870PDF 9 mb
The Worcester Liber Albus-Glimpses of Life in a Great Benedictine Monastery in the Fourteenth Century 1920PDF 13 mb
The Work and Influence of Irish Monks and Saints in Continental Europe 1923PDF 6 mb
Three Months in an English Monastery-A Personal Narrative 1864PDF 6 mb
Twelve Years in a Monastery 1903PDF 5 mb

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