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BacteriologyPDF 12 mb
Basic Human AnatomyPDF 2 mb
Basic Human PhysiologyPDF 2 mb
Basic Medical TerminologyPDF 1 mb
Blood Electrolytes and Intravenous InfusionsPDF 672 kb
Cardiac ImpairmentPDF 7 mb
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPRPDF 1 mb
Chest and Airway ProblemsPDF 829 kb
Clinical Chemistry IPDF 1 mb
Clinical Chemistry IIPDF 1 mb
Dental Anatomy and PhysiologyPDF 5 mb
Dental Instrument SetupsPDF 9 mb
Dental RadiographyPDF 7 mb
Drug Dosage and TherapyPDF 2 mb
Environmental Diseases and Injuries IPDF 1 mb
Environmental Diseases and Injuries IIPDF 415 kb
Environmental InjuriesPDF 1 mb
Eye Ear and Nose InjuriesPDF 1 mb
Fluoroscopy and Special Radiographic TechniquesPDF 8 mb
Health Care Ethics IPDF 911 kb
Health Care Ethics IIPDF 2 mb
Hematology IPDF 8 mb
Hematology IIPDF 1 mb
Immunohematology and Blood Banking IPDF 2 mb
Immunohematology and Blood Banking IIPDF 2 mb
Infection Control and Drugs in the Dental ClinicPDF 781 kb
Intravenous Infusions and Related TasksPDF 997 kb
Introduction to Military Preventive MedicinePDF 6 mb
Introduction to the Operating RoomPDF 2 mb
Mental HealthPDF 359 kb
Microbiology for the Veterinary SpecialistPDF 1 mb
Mycology-Fungus MedicinePDF 8 mb
Nursing Care of the Surgical PatientPDF 735 kb
Nursing Fundamentals IPDF 3 mb
Nursing Fundamentals IIPDF 2 mb
Nursing Related to the Cardiovascular and Respiratory SystemsPDF 5 mb
Nursing Related to the Gastrointestinal and Urinary SystemsPDF 1 mb
Nursing Related to the Musculoskeletal SystemPDF 1 mb
Nursing Related to the Sensory and Neurological SystemsPDF 1 mb
Obstetrics and Newborn Care IPDF 6 mb
Obstetrics and Newborn Care IIPDF 3 mb
Obstetrics and PediatricsPDF 447 kb
Oral and Maxillofacial PathologyPDF 1 mb
Parasitology IPDF 1 mb
Parasitology IIPDF 14 mb
Pharmaceutical CalculationsPDF 618 kb
Pharmacology IPDF 839 kb
Pharmacology IIPDF 580 kb
Pharmacology IIIPDF 1 mb
Pharmacology IVPDF 685 kb
Pharmacology VPDF 342 kb
Prescription InterpretationPDF 492 kb
Preventive DentistryPDF 2 mb
Principles of Epidemiology and MicrobiologyPDF 7 mb
Principles of Radiographic ExposurePDF 7 mb
Radiological HealthPDF 657 kb
Respiratory Diseases and DisordersPDF 1 mb
Routine Procedures for an OperationPDF 1 mb
Scrub Gown and Glove ProceduresPDF 605 kb
Special Surgical Procedures IPDF 2 mb
Special Surgical Procedures IIPDF 1 mb
Sterile ProceduresPDF 1 mb
Surgical MethodsPDF 1 mb
Taking Vital SignsPDF 2 mb
The Central Nervous SystemPDF 1 mb
The Endocrine SystemPDF 444 kb
The Gastrointestinal SystemPDF 2 mb
The Genitourinary System IPDF 619 kb
The Genitourinary System IIPDF 645 kb
The Integumentary SystemPDF 1 mb
The Musculoskeletal SystemPDF 1 mb
The Sensory SystemPDF 1 mb
Therapeutics IPDF 1 mb
Therapeutics IIPDF 585 kb
Therapeutics IIIPDF 2 mb
Wound CarePDF 479 kb

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