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A Practical Treatise on Engineering and Building Foundations 1920PDF 23 mb
A Practical Treatise on the Construction Heating and Ventilation of Hothouses 1850PDF 9 mb
A Rudimentary Treatise on Foundations and Concrete Works 1850PDF 5 mb
American Playgrounds-Their Construction Equipment Maintenance and Utility 1908PDF 20 mb
Beautiful Houses-A Study in House-Building 1895PDF 17 mb
Common-Sense Stair Building and Handrailing 1913PDF 19 mb
Concrete Construction 1908PDF 18 mb
Concrete Houses-How They Were Built 1920PDF 38 mb
Concrete-Its Uses in Building From Foundations to Finish 1908PDF 6 mb
Concrete-Steel Construction 1909PDF 16 mb
Conklins Handy Manual of the Mechanical Arts and House Plans 1889PDF 31 mb
Construction of a Cretan WindmillPDF 4 mb
Convenient Houses With Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper 1889PDF 22 mb
Ecological Building-StrawbaleguidePDF 1 mb
Fireproof Construction 1914PDF 42 mb
Foundations 1878PDF 1 mb
Foundations and Concrete Works 1903PDF 10 mb
Foundations and Foundation Walls 1888PDF 7 mb
Framing-A Practical Manual of Approved Up to Date Methods 1909PDF 8 mb
Hand Book of Building Maintenance 1940PDF 133 mb
Manual of Reenforced Concrete Construction 1910PDF 9 mb
Modern Management Applied to Construction 1918PDF 12 mb
Modern School Construction 1914PDF 3 mb
Practical Bungalows and Cottages for Town and Country 1906PDF 20 mb
Protection from Fire and Thieves Including the Construction of Locks 1875
PDF 14 mb
Radfords Cyclodedia of Construction Carpentry Building and Architecture 1909PDF 9 mb
Reinforced Concrete Construction Vol 2 1912PDF 23 mb
Reinforced Concrete Construction Vol 3 1912PDF 37 mb
Rudimentary Treatise on the Construction of Door Locks 1859
PDF 4 mb
Sanitary Construction in Building 1906PDF 3 mb
The Almshouse Construction And Management 1911PDF 3 mb
The Art and Science of Stair Building 1885PDF 3 mb
Wood Frame House Construction 1989PDF 12 mb

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