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A Manual of Fret-Cutting and Wood-Carving 1875PDF 5 mb
A Manual of Wood Carving 1891PDF 10 mb
A Village Class for Drawing and Wood Carving 1891PDF 1 mb
Chip Carving 1922PDF 2 mb
Easy Lessons in the Art of Practical Wood Carving 1905PDF 12 mb
Elementary Sloyd and Whittling 1906PDF 6 mb
Fret Cutting and Perforated Carving with Practical Instructions 1870PDF 8 mb
Fret-Sawing and Wood-Carving 1875PDF 2 mb
The Art of Wood Carving 1867PDF 2 mb
The Practical Carver and Gilders Guide 1900PDF 16 mb
The Wood-Carver of Salem-Samuel McIntire-His Life and Work 1916PDF 12 mb
The Wood-Carvers Art in Ancient Mexico 1925PDF 8 mb
Wood Carvers Tools 1900PDF 32 mb
Wood Carving 1896PDF 1 mb
Wood Carving for Pleasure 1955PDF 16 mb
Wood Carving of Burma 1903PDF 5 mb
Wood Carving-Design and Workmanship 1903PDF 7 mb
Wood Carvings in English Churches 1910PDF 13 mb
Wood Sculpture 1911PDF 31 mb

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