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Acme Washing Machine Company1910PDF 262 kb
Dotys Clothes Washer and Churn Power 1865PDF 1 mb
Hand-Book for the Kitchen and Housekeepers Guide 1879PDF 16 mb
Home Laundry Hints-A Book of Laundry Information 1912PDF 4 mb
How to Successfully Operate a Steam Laundry 1904PDF 2 mb
JH Connor and Son Limited-Manufacturers of Washing Machines 1912PDF 3 mb
Laundry Hints 1904PDF 2 mb
Practical Hints on Conducting a Steam Laundry 1884PDF 946 kb
Practical Laundry Work for Home and School 1915PDF 6 mb
Suggestions for Laundry Work 1917PDF 765 kb
The Art of Laundry Work 1896PDF 7 mb
The Book of Household Management 1861PDF 114 mb
The Chemical Laundry Guide-A Work Designed to Teach Ladies the Art of Laundrying Clothes 1879PDF 10 mb
The Formula-A Book for Laundrymen Containing Formulas for Various Laundry Operations 1889PDF 928 kb
The Launderer-A Practical Treatise on the Operation of a Steam Laundry 1900PDF 20 mb
The Laundry Manual Containing a Compilation of Articles 1898PDF 18 mb
The Laundry Manual or Washing Made Easy 1863PDF 3 mb
The Practical Scourer and Garment Dyer 1893PDF 10 mb
You and Your Laundry 1922PDF 3 mb

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