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New Additions to the Library which are not entire Category collections will be posted here first. The new books will remain in this index until folks get a chance to see them and until I get around to moving them to the appropriate category.

Once removed from this index they will be moved to the Category in which they belong.

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A Practical Handbook on the Distillation of Alcohol from Farm Products 1918.pdfPDF 8 mb
Alcohol-Medical Use 1907.pdfPDF 4 mb
Carving And Serving (1887).pdfPDF 1 mb
Cooperage-A Treatise on Modern Shop Practice and Methods 1910.pdfPDF 27 mb
Elements of Radio Servicing (first edition 1947).pdfPDF 17 mb
Essay on the Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea 1874.pdfPDF 16 mb
Essentials of Aerial Surveying 1944.pdfPDF 46 mb
Facts and Hints for Every-Day Life 1873PDF 48 mb
Fifty Years Among the Bees 1911.pdfPDF 20 mb
Hand-Book of Carving with Hints on the Etiquette of the Dinner Table 1839.pdfPDF 1 mb
Hendersons Hand-book of the Grasses of Great Britain and America 1875.pdfPDF 4 mb
How to Carve and How to Serve a Dinner 1900.pdfPDF 4 mb
Inside The Vacuum Tube (by Rider).pdfPDF 7 mb
Instructions for the Analysis of Soils Limestones and Manures 1856.pdfPDF 2 mb
Legal Chemistry-A Guide to the Detection of Poisons 1884.pdfPDF 4 mb
Modern Blacksmithing-Rational Horse Shoeing and Wagon Making 1904.pdfPDF 10 mb
Mrs. LeachS Fancy Work Basket 1887.pdfPDF 70 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 37 1921.pdfPDF 51 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 40 1924.pdfPDF 62 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 41 1925.pdfPDF 63 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 42 1926.pdfPDF 43 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 43 1927.pdfPDF 36 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 44 1928.pdfPDF 36 mb
National Coopers Journal Vol 45 1929.pdfPDF 26 mb
Notes on North America-Agricultural Economical and Social Vol 1 1851.pdfPDF 9 mb
Notes on North America-Agricultural Economical and Social Vol 2 1851.pdfPDF 14 mb
On the Use of Lime in Agriculture 1849.pdfPDF 5 mb
Pharmeceutical Formulas 1921.pdfPDF 38 mb
Practical Carving 1887.pdfPDF 760 kb
The Architects Guide Being a Text Book of Useful Information 1877.pdfPDF 45 mb
The Art of Carving 1899.pdfPDF 1 mb
The Chemistry of Common Life 1891.pdfPDF 25 mb
The Forester-A Practical Treatise on Planting Rearing and General Mgt of Forest Trees 1851.pdfPDF 11 mb
The Grasses of Britain-Parnell 1845.pdfPDF 25 mb
The Grasses of Great Britain-Sowerby 1861.pdfPDF 12 mb
The Improved Housewife or Book of Receipts 1844.pdfPDF 8 mb
The National Course in Home Economics 1917.pdfPDF 41 mb
The Ohio Farmers Home Guide Book 1888.pdfPDF 6 mb
The Rural Economy of England Scotland and Ireland 1855.pdfPDF 27 mb
The United States Practical Receipt Book 1844.pdfPDF 18 mb

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