Survivor Library Copy


Full copy of the Survivor Library on a 256gb Lexar, Sandisk or PNY USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Free Shipping.

Full copy of the Survivor Library on 9 Single Layer Blu-ray Discs. Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

Full copy of the Survivor Library on 9 Single Layer M-Disc Blu-ray Discs. Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

This includes all of the files in the Library in PDF format in separate Category/Subject Directories as well as any new books in the New Additions Category at the time you order.

Free Shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. for Disc sets.

(If you want Library Discs shipped outside of the U.S. please contact me before placing an order since shipping costs vary greatly depending on which version of the library you want and where it is being shipped. The Disc sets going to Canada are generally about $8 additional to cover the postage.)

The Flash Drives are shipped free worldwide. (At least I haven’t run into any customs problems with them so far.)


BluRay: The Blu-ray discs are Verbatim DataLife which I have been using for many years and on which I store all of my own archival files. The Blu-ray discs are in paper sleeves and labelled with sequence and the category ranges each contains. Some categories may span discs to make more efficient use of space.

M-Discs: The M-Disc Blu-ray Discs are made by Millenniata and they claim the discs, once etched, will last 1000 years.The Milleniata site ( says that the M-Disc Blu-rays are readable on 80% of Blu-ray drives made after about 2011 though they recommend that you use an M-Disc capable Blu-ray drive. (Note: When the last disc in the set is less then a DVD size the last disk will be an M-Disc DVD.)

Flash Drive: The Flash Drive Edition of the Library is stored on a single Lexar, SanDisk or PNY USB 3.0 256 gb drive. The files are copied onto the drive and then all files are verified against the original Library. The Library is currently about 170 GB which leaves room on the drive to add additional collections of material of your own as well as new Library files as they are posted. I’ve recently switched to using the Lexar and SanDisk drives from the PNY drives since the prices on PNY drives went way up and have remained there while all of the other brands continue to fluctuate. I haven’t found any quality differences between the three brands and have been using all of them routinely. I wouldn’t be surprised to find they all use the same memory chip internally.  

If you have any questions or need something custom please let me know.