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An Introduction to the Study of the Optical Defects of the Eye 1866PDF 1 mb
Dioptric Formulae for Combined Cylindrical Lenses 1888PDF 2 mb
Eye Defects-How to Detect and Correct Them 1898PDF 5 mb
Hand-Book for Young and Old Opticians 1888PDF 4 mb
Handbook of Optics for Students of Ophthalmology 1899PDF 15 mb
Lenses and Systems of Lenses 1884PDF 15 mb
On Long Short and Weak Sight and Their Treatment 1864PDF 5 mb
Ophthalmic Lenses 1900PDF 2 mb
Ophthalmic Lenses and Accessories 1916PDF 9 mb
Optical Shop Practice 1920PDF 6 mb
Practical Remarks on Near Sight Aged Sight and Impaired Vision 1847PDF 10 mb
Principles and Practices of Refraction 1903PDF 8 mb
Refraction and How to Refract 1900PDF 13 mb
Refraction and How to Refract-The Fitting of Spectacles and Eyeglasses 1909PDF 15 mb
Refraction of the Human Eye and Methods of Estimating the Refraction 1916PDF 4 mb
Refraction-Including Muscle Imbalance and Adjustment of Glasses 1906PDF 6 mb
Spectacles and Eyeglasses-Their Forms Mounting and Proper Adjustment 1908PDF 1 mb
Spectacles and How to Choose Them 1881PDF 3 mb
Spectacles-Their Uses and Abuses in Long and Short Sightedness 1850PDF 9 mb
Spectacles-Why and When to Use Them 1856PDF 1 mb
The Art of Preserving the Sight Unimpaired to an Extreme Old Age 1824PDF 20 mb
The Economy of the Eyes 1824PDF 11 mb
The Eye-Its Refraction and Accommodation 1889PDF 1 mb
The Home Optical Instructor 1903PDF 3 mb
The Human Eye-Its Use and Abuse 1866PDF 12 mb
The Making of a Mechanical Optician 1911PDF 7 mb
The Mechanics of Fitting Glasses 1913PDF 5 mb
The Prescribing of Spectacles 1910PDF 8 mb
The Theory of Ocular Defects and of Spectacles (1869)PDF 23 mb
The Trial Case and How to Use It-A Practical Treatise for Optometrists 1904PDF 4 mb
Vision-Its Optical Defects and the Adaptation of Spectacles 1875PDF 20 mb

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