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A History of Bells and Description of their Manufacture 1870PDF 1 mb
A Practical Treatise of Foundry Irons 1911PDF 16 mb
A System of Estmating for Foundry Work 1885PDF 3 mb
A Text-Book of Elementary Foundry Practice 1910PDF 4 mb
A Treatise on Moulding Sand 1904PDF 730 kb
American Foundry Practice 1892PDF 17 mb
American Malleable Cast Iron 1922PDF 64 mb
Analyses of Pig Iron 1900PDF 9 mb
Architectural Iron Work 1876PDF 17 mb
Bell Foundry-Whitechapel London 1885PDF 3 mb
Bessemer Steel Ores and Methods 1882PDF 1 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 06 1915PDF 57 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 07 1916PDF 63 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 08 1917PDF 61 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 09 1918PDF 80 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 10 1919PDF 94 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 11 1920PDF 95 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 12 1921PDF 87 mb
Canadian Foundryman Vol 13 1922PDF 78 mb
Cast Iron in the Light of Recent Research 1912PDF 49 mb
Cast Iron Making and Coal Mining 1878PDF 8 mb
Cast Iron Pipe-Some Notes and Tables 1906PDF 25 mb
Cast Iron-A Record of Original Research 1902PDF 9 mb
Chemical Phenomena of Iron Smelting 1872PDF 13 mb
Converter Steel Foundry Practice 1920PDF 3 mb
Copper Smelting 1885PDF 5 mb
Design of a Foundry Building 1904PDF 1 mb
Design of a Jib Crane for a Foundry 1902PDF 2 mb
Die-Casting Machines 1913PDF 5 mb
Dr Edward Kirks System of Foundry Practice 1921PDF 11 mb
Elementary Wrought Iron 1930PDF 5 mb
Fineness Test of Molding Sand 1946PDF 19 mb
Forging-Manual of Practical Instruction in Hand Forging of Wrought Iron 1919PDF 5 mb
Foundry Cost Accounting-Practice and Procedure 1919PDF 5 mb
Foundry Forge and Factory-With A Chapter on the Centenary of the Rotary Press 1890PDF 7 mb
Foundry Methods for Cheapening Costs of Production 1906PDF 5 mb
Foundry Moulding Machines and Pattern Equipmen 1920PDF 11 mb
Foundry Moulding Machines and Pattern Equipment 1920PDF 12 mb
Foundry Nomenclature-The Moulders Pocket Dictionary 1903PDF 19 mb
Foundry Practice-A Text Book for Executives Molders Students and Apprentices 1929PDF 29 mb
Foundry Practice-A Text Book for Molders Students and Apprentices 1912PDF 16 mb
Foundry Practice-A Treatise on Molding and Casting 1909PDF 6 mb
Foundry Sands 1908PDF 2 mb
Foundry Vol 26 1892PDF 24 mb
Foundry Work-Gray 1920PDF 13 mb
Foundry Work-Part 1 1906PDF 4 mb
Foundry Work-Part 2 1906PDF 4 mb
Foundry Work-Wendt 1923PDF 12 mb
Foundrymans Reference Book 1916PDF 5 mb
General Foundry Practice 1907PDF 20 mb
General Foundry Practice-Being A Treatise on General Iron Founding 1910PDF 20 mb
Girder-Making and the Practice of Bridge Building in Wrought Iron 1879PDF 22 mb
Grusons Chilled Cast-Iron Armour 1887PDF 4 mb
Hand-Forging and Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work 1911PDF 2 mb
Heavy Rifled Ordnance Cast Iron and Wrought Iron 1871PDF 3 mb
Investigation of The Doty Bar Test for Foundry Molding Sand 1936PDF 2 mb
Iron and Heat-Beams Pillars and Iron Smelting 1871PDF 2 mb
Machine Molding 1911PDF 2 mb
Machine Molding-Foundry Appliances 1906PDF 37 mb
Machinery Pattern Making 1892PDF 6 mb
Machinery Pattern Making-Containing Full Size Profiles of Gear Teeth 1891PDF 2 mb
Making Printers Typefaces 1938PDF 302 mb
Malleable Cast Iron 1919PDF 4 mb
Manual of the Bouton Foundry Company 1887PDF 69 mb
Maximum Production in Machine-Shop and Foundry 1911PDF 3 mb
Mechanical and Chemical Tests for the Foundry 1902PDF 5 mb
Metallurgy of Cast Iron 1902PDF 15 mb
Methods for the Analysis of Ores Pig Iron and Steel 1901PDF 15 mb
Methods of Chemical Analysis and Foundry Chemistry 1904PDF 899 kb
Modern Copper Smelting 1895PDF 21 mb
Modern Foundry Practice Dealing with the Green-Sand Dry-Sand and Loam Moulding 1900PDF 37 mb
Modern Iron Foundry Practice 1902PDF 14 mb
Molding Machines 1904PDF 3 mb
Occurrence and Testing of Foundry Moulding Sands 1917PDF 11 mb
On the Application of Cast and Wrought Iron to Building Purposes 1858PDF 8 mb
Pattern Making and Foundry Practice 1905PDF 7 mb
Pattern Making-A Practical Treatise 1885PDF 6 mb
Pattern Making-A Practical Treatise for the Pattern Maker 1921PDF 23 mb
Pattern-Making-Core-Making and Molding 1910PDF 3 mb
Pattern-Making-Turner 1914PDF 5 mb
Physical and Chemical Tests of Cast Iron 1906PDF 4 mb
Pig Iron 1926PDF 29 mb
Pocket Companion of Useful Information of Wrought Iron 1881PDF 15 mb
Practical Alloying-A Compendium of Alloys and Processes 1920PDF 11 mb
Practical Essay on the Strength of Cast Iron 1861PDF 12 mb
Practical Pattern Making 1906PDF 5 mb
Practical Pattern Making-Hasluck 1905PDF 7 mb
Recent Copper Smelting 1914PDF 19 mb
Report of the Molding Sand Resources of Illinois 1925PDF 1 mb
Safe Foundry Practice 1920PDF 4 mb
Shop and Foundry Management 1913PDF 2 mb
Shop And Foundry Practice Vol 1 1901PDF 13 mb
Shop And Foundry Practice Vol 2 1901PDF 17 mb
Shop And Foundry Practice Vol 3 1901PDF 19 mb
Some Considerations Regarding Cast Iron and Steel Pipes 1914PDF 3 mb
Steel and Iron 1884PDF 65 mb
The Art of Pattern-Making 1903PDF 3 mb
The Art of the Bronze Founder 1916PDF 2 mb
The Best Driving Wheel for Freight Engines 1853PDF 1 mb
The Blast Furnace and the Manufacture of Pig Iron 1909PDF 22 mb
The Construction of Wrought Iron Bridges 1858PDF 5 mb
The Cupola Furnace-A Practical Treatise on the Construction and Management 1903PDF 8 mb
The Encyclopedia of Founding and Dictionary of Foundry Terms 1894PDF 31 mb
The Founders Manual-A Presentation of Modern Foundry Operations 1917PDF 36 mb
The Foundry Sands of Minnesota 1923PDF 10 mb
The Foundry Trade Journal 1902PDF 75 mb
The Manufacture of Steel 1872PDF 3 mb
The Metal Mixer-The Easiest Simplest and Most Exact Method of Mixing Iron1919PDF 2 mb
The Metal Trades 1916PDF 9 mb
The Metallography of Steel and Cast Iron 1916PDF 25 mb
The Philadelphia Correspondence Schools of Foundry Practice 1916PDF 2 mb
The Practice of Copper Smelting 1911PDF 25 mb
The Principles of Copper Smelting 1907PDF 8 mb
The Principles of Pattern Making 1900PDF 8 mb
The Steel Foundry 1914PDF 4 mb
The US Foundry Coke Industry 1977PDF 5 mb
Use of the Pipette Method in the Fineness Test of Molding Sand 1935PDF 7 mb
Weddings Basic Bessemer Process 1891PDF 6 mb
Wests Moulders Text-Book of American Foundry Practice 1901PDF 26 mb
Wrought Iron and Steel in Construction 1885PDF 8 mb
Wrought Iron-Its Manufacture Characteristics and Applications 1942PDF 42 mb

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