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A Manual of the Instruments Used in American Engineering and Surveying 1921PDF 28 mb
A Manual of Underground Surveying 1910PDF 16 mb
A Treatise on Surveying - Comprising the Theory and the Practice 1887PDF 55 mb
Agricultural Surveying 1884PDF 2 mb
Chain Surveying and the Use of Surveying Instruments 1855PDF 6 mb
Chain-Compass-Transit Surveying 1906PDF 13 mb
Coal Mine Surveying 1914PDF 15 mb
Drawing and Surveying Instruments 1900PDF 126 mb
Elementary Surveying 1916PDF 27 mb
Elements of Surveying 1866PDF 17 mb
Engineering Surveying and Mining Instruments 1920PDF 24 mb
Engineers Surveying Instruments - Their Construction and Use 1888PDF 3 mb
Engineers Surveying Instruments 1892PDF 6 mb
Essentials of Aerial Surveying 1944PDF 46 mb
Geodetic Surveying 1916PDF 13 mb
Gummeres Surveying 1880PDF 24 mb
Gurley Manual of Surveying Instruments 1855PDF 6 mb
Land and Marine Surveying 1868PDF 5 mb
Land Surveying and Levelling 1900PDF 9 mb
Military Surveying and Field Sketching 1875PDF 5 mb
Practical Marine Surveying 1889PDF 4 mb
Surveying 1920PDF 13 mb
Surveying and Drawing Instruments 1911PDF 9 mb
Surveying and Levelling Instruments Theoretically and Practically Described 1890PDF 18 mb
Surveying and Tables 1903PDF 4 mb
Surveying and Traverse Table 1896PDF 2 mb
Surveying for Beginners 1909PDF 17 mb
Surveying Instruments - Their Design Construction Testing and Adjustment 1926PDF 15 mb
Surveying Manual - A Manual of Field and Office Methods 1915PDF 15 mb
Text Book on Railroad Surveying 1914PDF 35 mb
The Evolution of Mine Surveying Instruments 1902PDF 16 mb
The Principles and Practice of Surveying Vol 1 1908PDF 18 mb
The Principles and Practice of Surveying Vol 2 1908PDF 12 mb
The Principles Of Surveying 1960PDF 16 mb
Topographical Surveying and Sketching 1908PDF 5 mb
Treatise on Mine Surveying 1906PDF 12 mb
Trigonometry Surveying and Navigation 1903PDF 8 mb

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