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A Practical Manual for the Breeding Rearing and Management of Swine 1913PDF 13 mb
A Treatise on Hog Cholera and Chicken Cholera 1879PDF 3 mb
A Treatise on Swine-Care Management Diseases and Remedies 1885PDF 1 mb
A Treatise on the Hog-His Habits Breeds Management and Diseases 1870PDF 12 mb
Biggle Swine Book 1912PDF 6 mb
Diseases of Swine 1906PDF 8 mb
Disposal of Irrigated Crops Through the Use of Hogs 1917PDF 2 mb
Five Hundred Questions Answered About Swine 1907PDF 4 mb
Harris on the Pig-Breeding Rearing Management and Improvement 1883PDF 11 mb
History of the Duroc 1918PDF 3 mb
Hog Cholera and How to Prevent It 1877PDF 2 mb
Hogology-Information Concerning Swine 1885PDF 2 mb
Inoculation-A Preventive of Swine Plague 1892PDF 12 mb
Kinney on Swine and Their Diseases 1891PDF 9 mb
Notes on Diseases of Swine Sheep Poultry and the Dog 1917PDF 7 mb
Pacific Northwest Swine Husbandry 1915PDF 4 mb
Remedies for Hog Cholera 1914PDF 4 mb
Sal Vet Swine Book 1912PDF 4 mb
Scientific Line Breeding of Big Type Polands 1919PDF 768 kb
Shooks Guide for Swine Poultry and Stock Breeders 1885PDF 38 mb
Swine Diseases 1914PDF 12 mb
Swine Practice 1921PDF 23 mb
The Hog and Hog Cholera 1900PDF 3 mb
The Hog-The Treatment of the Breeds 1884PDF 13 mb
The Swine Breeders Manual 1883PDF 2 mb

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