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A Treatise on the Selection Care Breeding and Diseases of the Merino Sheep 1887PDF 19 mb
An Essay on Sheep 1824PDF 485 kb
Biggle Sheep Book 1912PDF 9 mb
Breeding Shropshires 1910PDF 6 mb
Domestic Animals-A Pocket Manual Of Cattle Horse And Sheep Husbandry 1858PDF 9 mb
Flushing and Other Means of Increasing Lamb Yields 1921PDF 1 mb
How to Handle Sheep for Profit 1913PDF 1 mb
More Sheep More Wool 1917PDF 369 kb
Practical Sheep Husbandry 1919PDF 6 mb
Progressive Sheep Raising-1918PDF 7 mb
Sheep Farming in North America 1913PDF 14 mb
Sheep Husbandry 1880PDF 13 mb
Sheep Husbandry with an Account of the Different Breeds 1859PDF 21 mb
Sheep-Their Breeds Management and Diseases 1885PDF 9 mb
The Animal Parasites of Sheep 1890PDF 8 mb
The Barn-Yard-A Manual Of Cattle Horse And Sheep Husbandry 1866PDF 9 mb
The Breeds Management 1848PDF 23 mb
The Cheviot Sheep 1899PDF 1 mb
The Diseases of Sheep Explained and Described 1868PDF 6 mb
The Fattening of Sheep in Winter 1869PDF 845 kb
The Gid Parasite-Cnurus Cerebralis-Its Presence in American Sheep 1905PDF 1 mb
The Hemolymph Nodes of Sheep 1914PDF 3 mb
The Practical Shepherd-Breeding Management and Diseases of Sheep 1863PDF 20 mb
The Sheep 1899PDF 24 mb
The Shepherds Manual-A Practical Treatise on the Sheep 1879PDF 14 mb
Total Per Cent Lambing Rules 1915PDF 1 mb

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