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Boies Utility Rabbits for Meat and Fur 1917PDF 1 mb
Cavies for Pleasure and Profit 1917PDF 5 mb
Cavies-How to Feed Breed Condition and Market Them 1918PDF 2 mb
Common Sense Rabbit Raising 1922PDF 2 mb
How To Select Breed and Manage the Rabbit for Pleasure or Profit 1899PDF 3 mb
Profit In Guinea Pigs 1922PDF 6 mb
Rabbit Culture and Standard 1914PDF 4 mb
Rabbits and Dollars-The Book That Teaches Coined Rabbitology 1920PDF 2 mb
Standard of Perfection for Cavies 1922PDF 1 mb
Standard of Perfection for Rabbits and Fur Bearing Animals 1920PDF 1 mb
Standard of Perfection For Rabbits Cavies Mice Rats and Skunks 1915PDF 1 mb
The Breeding Rearing Feeding and General Management of Rabbits 1857PDF 5 mb
The First Belgian Hare Course of Instruction 1900PDF 5 mb
The Rabbit Fancier 1855PDF 6 mb

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