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A Treatise on Food Conservation and the Art of Canning - 1917PDF 9 mb
Balanced meals with recipes food values, drying and cold pack canning - 1917PDF 8 mb
CanningPDF 3 mb
Canning and Preserving - 1887PDF 4 mb
Canning in the South - 1893PDF 5 mb
Canning, Preserving and Pickling - 1914PDF 5 mb
Canning-Meat-Wild-Game-Poultry-Fish-Safely-PDF 1 mb
Canning-PrinciplesPDF 1 mb
Canning-Processing-ChartsPDF 48 kb
Complete-Guide-to-Home-Canning-NutritionPDF 5 mb
Dehydrating Foods Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Meats with Recipes - 1920PDF 8 mb
Drying-Fruits-and-VegetablesPDF 433 kb
Every-Step-in-CanningPDF 254 kb
Everywomans Canning Book The ABC of Safe Home Canning and Preserving - 1918PDF 4 mb
Fabulous-Frugal-Food-BillsPDF 2 mb
Food Drying Progress and Importance - 1919PDF 2 mb
Food Supplies in Peace and War - 1920PDF 6 mb
Food-Storage-Cooking-School-Use-It-or-Lose-ItPDF 1 mb
Food-Storage-for-SurvivalPDF 391 kb
Hints and remedies for the treatment of common accidents and diseases and rules of simple hygiene - 1882PDF 2 mb
Home and Farm Food Preservation - 1918PDF 17 mb
Home Canning by the Cold Pack Method - 1917PDF 7 mb
How to Save Money on Food - Home Canning - 1917PDF 1 mb
Indian-Food-RecipesPDF 376 kb
Jerky-RecipesPDF 159 kb
Joy-of-CanningPDF 1 mb
Lowney"s Cook Book - 1907PDF 18 mb
Methods of Canning Fruits and Vegetables by Hot Air and Steam - 1890PDF 16 mb
Muscle, brain, and diet - a plea for simpler foods - 1900PDF 13 mb
Practical suggestions for food conservation - 1918PDF 175 kb
Preparing-And-Canning-Fermented-Food-And-Pickled-Vegetables-PDF 1 mb
Preservation of Food - Home canning, preserving, jelly making, pickling - 1919PDF 2 mb
Preserving and Canning A Book for the Home Economist - 1914PDF 3 mb
Preserving and pickling - Two Hundred Recipes for Preserves, Jellies, Jams, Marmalades, Pickles - 1917PDF 2 mb
Preserving Game MeatsPDF 134 kb
Preserving-Food-Drying-Fruits-And-Vegetables-PDF 1 mb
Recipes for the Preserving of Fruit, Vegetables and Meat - 1908PDF 9 mb
Successful canning and preserving - practical hand book for schools, clubs, and home use - 1918PDF 25 mb
The Book for all Households or the Art of Preserving Animal and Vegetable Substances - 1920PDF 6 mb
The Complete Housekeeper - 1917PDF 9 mb
The elements of the science of nutrition - 1919PDF 25 mb
The Hygienic Cook-Book - 1881PDF 2 mb
The lakeside cook book no 2 a manual of recipes for cooking, pickling, and preserving - 1878PDF 4 mb
The Mary Frances cook book or Adventures among the kitchen people - 1912PDF 7 mb
The New Hydropathic Cookbook - 1857PDF 9 mb
The newer knowledge of nutrition - the use of food for the preservation of vitality and health - 1918PDF 7 mb
The Practice of Cookery, Pastry and Confectionary - 1820PDF 14 mb
The secrets of canning - 1890PDF 9 mb
The Whole Art of Curing Pickling and Smoking - 1847PDF 6 mb
USDA-utah-can-guide-05PDF 335 kb
Vegetable diet including a system of vegetable cookery - 1853PDF 11 mb
War Food Practical and Economical Methods of Keeping Vegetables, Fruits and Meats - 1917PDF 1 mb
War Time Bread and Cakes - 1918PDF 3 mb
What to Eat and How to Cook It - 1863PDF 10 mb

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    One thought on “Library-Canning

    1. I am specifically writing about CANNING and PRESERVING food and the information you have provided in the Library. As a collection of old cookbooks the information you have on CANNING is interesting; however, the CURRENT USDA information is that any and all canning recipes and methods older than 1989 are dangerous. It would not be a good idea for anyone to use some of the methods written about in those old books, some of which teach people to process things like corn, beans and meats in boiling water bath canners. Some of the old books teach unsafe techniques like the use of paraffin for sealing, and the “open kettle”
      technique. I did see that you do have some more current materials, and that is good, but perhaps you should preface this section by saying that using old canning and preserving methods could be dangerous. Modern canning is very low tech and basically requires simple equipment that can be effectively used even on a woodstove or open fire, but the TECHNIQUES are very important. There is a free 2009 book from the USDA here with all of the correct methods and processing times

      It would be good to include this in the Library

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