I ran across this article a little while after the one I posted earlier today. Had to post a link to it.

Only quibble I have with his article is that he equates extinction of a “civilization” with it’s disappearance. In fact it won’t disappear anymore than Japan or Germany did after WWII. It will simply rebuild and reinvent itself as human beings have done throughout history.

Just as in war a lot of individuals will perish in the process but the survivors WILL rebuild. It will be harder since the low hanging fruit of natural resources like oil have already been plucked so the rebuilding will be slower and different than it was before. Hopefully what can be salvaged from the ruins of the old infrastructure will supply the first few generations to bootstrap the rebuilding process.

The actual historical and traditional values of our civilization will survive since values and traditions are not simply arbitrary behaviors plucked out of the air and imposed on society as some people want to believe.

They are behaviors and actions that enhance survival and that promote growth and peaceful existence of the society.

It’s encouraging to finally see more people starting to catch on to what many of us have seen for a long time now… that we have become so reliant on an increasingly fragile technological infrastructure that its failure will be more than an inconvenience and more like a catastrophic event.

I don’t believe for a minute that anything will be done to decrease that fragility. To the contrary I expect it to continue increasing and even accelerate.

It does mean however that as more people see the danger more people will start changing their own lives, moving to simplify, relearning skills and self reliance that have been forgotten so that when (not if) that technological Jenga pile falls there will be more people able to survive and have the mindset to start the rebuilding.

The Librarian

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