South Korea sees the existential threat of an EMP attack and is taking action to mitigate it’s consequences.

The threat comes from the long standing tensions between North and South Korea along with the North’s continued development of Nuclear weapons, and most importantly, it’s increasing belligerence.

North Korea has threatened for decades to “wipe South Korea off the map” to “destroy South Korea” and while that could just be typical North Korean rhetoric and hyperbole they now possess technology they never had before.

They have always had a massive army that get priority over the peasants (excuse me… I mean civilians) for food, clothing and shelter. They have for some time now possessed nuclear weapons. They’ve had missiles capable of delivering those weapons to short range targets.

However they recognize that using their army or conventional nuclear weapons would leave little but a smoking ruin south of the 38th Parallel.

With their development of EMP weapons they now how the capability of destroying the South Korean infrastructure, much of it’s military technology and rendering it utterly helpless to resist the North Korean Army simply driving in and taking power.

Since the technology level of much of North Korea, especially the southern half of the country, is really not much more advanced than late 1800s, early 1900s level an EMP would actually have little effect on much of North Korea.

South Korea which has a fairly advanced technological infrastructure would be devastated in the ways we have often discussed regarding EMPs, no power, no water, no transportation, no communications.

The physical infrastructure would remain intact except for the electronics controlling it. Much of the population would die from lack of access to water and food but somehow I don’t see that as being much of a concern to the leadership of North Korea.

On the bright side though, South Korea’s leadership has recognized the danger of an EMP attack by North Korea and is starting to take action to mitigate the effects of such an attack. Whether they waited to long is anyone’s guess.

Let’s hope their preparations are not put to the test.

The Librarian

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