I was copying file to a flash drive last night to send to someone this morning when I discovered a bit of a problem.

With the addition of the Scientific American collection the complete Library exceeded the capacity of a 256gb flash drive.

The collection is not complete as there are still a significant number of missing issues I’m assembling but even the ones I have push the Library beyond the room available on a 256gb flash drive.

So looking for your feedback on the best way forward.

The most obvious solution that comes to mind is to start using Portable Hard drives instead of flash drives.

Portable hard drives are available in a wider range of sizes at reasonable prices since smaller hard drives (i.e. under 500 gb) are in wide supply at low prices.

The next step up from a 256gb flash drive is a 512gb and the prices on those are in the $200+ range.

So I’d like your feedback and opinions. Portable USB hard drives? Multiple flash drives?

The Librarian

p.s. I’ve also removed the Flash Drive option to buy a copy of the library for the time being.

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    1. Simple and inexpensive is best.

      Small 1T drives are affordable, have headroom, and cheaply/easily shipped.

      The customer/end user can decide how to manage the media from there.

      Thanks for all you do.

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