When I first posted the Scientific American (First Series) I mentioned that some of the Issues were missing from some of the Volumes. They were missing from several of the sources which I used to collect them.

When I started doing a more in depth search today I found a collection at Cornell University which seems to have the missing issues.

Unfortunately Cornell does not store them as PDF files, like most libraries do, but as individual GIF image files for each page. That means downloading every page of a missing issue, converting each page to a different format then creating a PDF from the resulting images. Not hard just tedious.

Fortunately I have a collection of old TV episodes to watch while I work which helps relieve the tedium.

So the missing issues have been posted and each one has an annotation next to it in the index saying Updated. That should make it easy to grab the missing files if you’ve already downloaded the others.

I’ve been working through the New Series and have found a number of those missing also from all the sources I had been checking. I’m going to go back and start over and try to fill the missing issues from the Cornell collection. Tedious and slower but I think it’s worth having the entire set.

The Librarian

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