That sunspot that popped off the M-Class and X-Class flares last week, neither of which was large enough to do much damage, gave a parting goodbye just after passing around the curve of the sun.

A significant flare erupted AFTER the sunspot was out of view over the solar horizon from us and just the visible parts were well over an X-8. Apparently, based on the CME studies it may have been in the X-10 up to X-20 range.

Again we were fortunate that it was not pointing our way.

Watching the video you will amazed as you see the shock wave from the flare ripple across the face of the sun itself.

Interesting too to see the scale of the earth against the sun and the flare.

I’m not clear on the timeline here though. This may have been the X8.3 we observed early last week. Apparently though the analysis of the CME suggests it was a lot more powerful than first thought.

The Librarian

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