X 9.3 CLASS FLARE TODAY (Wednesday 9/6)


Sun tossed out an X9.3 class flare today. It’s causing some shortwave and other radio blackouts over parts of Europe and Africa but no other significant effects right now.

There was a pretty spectacular CME or Coronal Mass Ejection which they are still tracking to determine if it’s coming our way and if so when.

Compared to the Carrington Event of 1959 which has been guesstimated to have been about an X15 this current X9.3 is fairly trivial. It “shouldn’t” cause any significant damage but it’s a sobering reminder that the sun is never idle.

If you visit Space Weather look at the image a ways down that shows the size of the Earth compared with the sunspot that just tossed that flare our way.

Right now everyone here along the East Coast of NC is preparing for the possibility of Irma dropping in for a visit after passing through the islands and Florida. Stopped by Lowes hardware to pick up something earlier today and saw 5 people in line with generators… apparently the last 5 generators at that store.

No one around here is panicking or on Red Alert yet but they’re well up into the bright yellow at this point with everyone keeping a close eye on the storm track.

The Islands are being seriously trashed at this point. I’ve seen reports that a few of the islands are completely out of contact with the outside world due tot he damage.

Please keep all the folks down that way in your prayers.

The Librarian

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