Most people have a built in and unconscious bias that we, the current generations, are smarter, better educated and more innovative than our ancestors.

After all we have cell phones, have sent men to the moon etc., etc. etc.

Turns out that our REALLY distant ancestors back 3700 years ago were not only just as smart as we are but in all likelihood a good bit brighter.


Someone finally translated a 3700 year old Babylonian tablet and it turns out that it is actually a set of Trigonometric tables.

Not only are they an advanced math tool but are actually better than our own. They used a different base system which due to some of the weirdness of math are actually makes the table easier to use, more practical and it produces more accurate results than what we use today.

Who would have figured?

So next time you think about your ancestors and automatically assume an air of superiority… remember the Babylonians.

The Librarian

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