I’m posting links to two articles i ran across today. Both are worth reading.



Feds start talking about ‘Black Sky’ catastrophe

Both discuss the same issue, the chances of a solar caused EMP that destroys the power grid and everything which relies on it. One dwells more on the actions NOT being taken to ameliorate the effects of such an event.

The other while partially a plug for the someone’s book does point out that the government is spending a lot more money trying to ensure IT’S continuity than it is trying to protect the citizens it is supposed to represent and serve.

I did note in passing through that the second article does point out that in earlier times the local communities and local churches played a much greater role in survival than did the government.

That reinforces one of the common sense facts known to most folks who believe in preparing for emergencies and that is that Community is one of the key elements of long term survival. Your own skills and knowledge may help you get by in the short term but in the long term it is a community of people, sharing common beliefs, values and traditions that makes civilization possible.

No one individual can possess or master all of the skills required for long term self reliance. You can learn a lot and like some of the pioneers you can “get by” for a long time completely on your own. But ultimately to live a life much above the most brutal subsistence level requires the effort of a lot of people mastering a lot of skills and building a commercial and industrial infrastructure which becomes the foundation upon which a growing society relies.

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