Bit spooky this one is…

There was a massive flare yesterday (July 23) which occurred fortunately on the far side of the sun. Guesses are that it was an X-Class flare but since it was only partially observed and can’t really be measured it’s merely a guess.

Reports are that it will hit Mars but, being on the Sun’s farside, will of course miss the Earth.

It’s a bit spooky that it occurred on the 5th anniversary of the 2012 flare which many scientists think was a large as and potentially as destructive as the Carrington Event. There is a lot of discussion that if the 2012 flare had hit the Earth instead of just missing it we would be 5 years into trying to rebuild the world.

Below is a link to a NASA article about the 2012 flare.

Oh and the sunspot that produced yesterday’s flare will be moving around the sun to face the Earth in the first part of August.

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