I got the Corn Category added today. It’s listed as Farming-Corn. I also renamed the Potato… Category as Farming-Potato…. Makes more sense to list closely related Categories together.

It’s similar to the Potato Category in that it’s books about how to grow Corn. Corn is pretty much a staple in large parts of the country so it’s fairly important to be able to grow it using techniques that would be available after a loss of modern technology.

Among the collection are several books apparently published by International Harvester which have detailed illustrations of a wide range of harvesting and planting equipment. In some of them there are even detailed illustrations of the interior and working parts of much of this equipment.

In another book there are detailed drawings and measurements of various harvesters and planters and milling equipment.

Looking at them with a mechanic’s and tinkerer’s eye I’d say there is sufficient information there that a competent mechanic would have a very good chance of being able to build working copies of these machines.

Another set is the 4 volumes of History of Corn Milling which provides a detailed history of corn milling techniques and technology from the stone age up though the 1890s. Useful if one has to build a mill using older technology and even information on the more primitive techniques until you are able to build more advanced mills.

Since native Americans were growing corn/maize long before the Europeans brought mechanical techniques with them corn, like potatoes, is a crop that can be grown pretty much anywhere the climate and soil allows.

Along with potatoes, corn would be a major crop for folks rebuilding an agricultural infrastructure.

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