The consensus of opinion on the various Sailing Directions books I ran across is that they should not be included in the Library.

From people who have nautical experience the general conclusion was that while they are interesting from a historical point of view they are not useful for navigation and are likely worse than having nothing at all.

Not being a sailor or having a great deal of sailing experience I simply couldn’t answer that myself.

Seems that shorelines change rather significantly over the years. Even tidal patterns change as the sea floor is moved about and reshaped by tides and storms. A tidal current that ran one way a decade ago may flow in a completely different pattern today.

So bottom line is I’m not going to add them to the Library. I’ve run across a number of them in different collections and rather than spend time on them I’ll focus on other more useful material.

The Librarian

p.s. Thanks to everyone who contacted me to comment on the material and it’s usefulness. (or rather the lack thereof)

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