I have one Flash Drive copy of the library left on the shelf. I went online last night to order some more flash drives and was shocked that the price on them at the moment had jumped to $80.

I’m going to hold off ordering any more at the moment until the price drops back down to a reasonable level.

The NAND memory market is like a lot of commodity markets which change on a daily basis.

It’s similar to the gasoline market where every time the price of oil goes up the gas prices jump the say day. Of course when the price of oil drops the price of gas does NOT go down in the same way. Funny how that works isn’t it?

It does, however, eventually drop if the price of oil stays low.

Flash drives prices work pretty much the same way.

With luck the prices on NAND memory them will drop again soon and I’ll get some more Flash Drives ordered and put on the shelf.

The Librarian

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