I’ve switched to using Lexar Flash Drives for the library.

The PNY drives are good drives but the supply chain for them has been getting very inconsistent recently. That has led to the prices on them fluctuating almost daily sometimes reaching truly absurd levels and on occasion simply being unavailable from anyone.

At work and at home I had already switched over to using Lexar drives because the quality is excellent and the supply has been steady and reliable.

I gave up on the PNYs because anytime I needed a specific size I’d have to hunt through multiple sites to find one at a decent price since the prices were fluctuating so much. A few weeks ago I ordered three of them, each one from a different site because each site only had one in stock.

I have always been able to find Lexars at stable prices and readily available and I started buying those for home and work use a couple months ago.

When I made the last Library copy for someone this week and looked in the drawer to see if I needed to order one or two more I realized that I had a dozen or so Lexars at home, in my bag and at least that many at work and no more PNYs anywhere. So I figured it was time to make the switch for the Library as well.

The Librarian

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