It seems to me that someone out there is missing the point. This story is about some of the Tech m(b)illionaires buying up land in remote locations like New Zealand in order to build expensive and elaborate survival complexes, compounds, bug-out locations or more simply places to which to flee with everything goes down the tubes.

While we’d all enjoy having unlimited funds to pursue prepping along with everything else in life it seems to me that these folks are missing the whole point.

Do you know what the real difference is between them and the rest of the prepper community? Nothing.

They may have a little more ammo stockpiled. Their weapons may be more expensive and more tricked out. They may have larger food stockpiles but ultimately it doesn’t matter.

They will still eventually run out of ammo. They will run out of food and have to start growing and raising their own. The clothes they have will wear out and eventually will have to be replaced.

Even worse for them they are fleeing to remote locations which do not have significant viable communities of which to become part and to rebuild.

Places like New Zealand are beautiful no question. The weather is wonderful. The scenery world class. But it has little in the way of natural resources. It has little industry. It depends on the industrial and technological infrastructure of the rest of the world to maintain it modern lifestyle. On its own, cut off from that modern supply line, it has little chance of rebuilding a modern infrastructure.

The thinking of these folks is like some preppers who imagines that it’s simply a matter of waiting out some temporary instability, some riots, perhaps a civil war here or there, some public unrest but eventually everything will return to normal and their adventure/vacation will end and they can fly back to the U.S. or Europe (First Class or on their private jet) and be driven back to their offices and pick up where they left off but with great stories to tell.

They don’t seem to grasp that if the world economy or social structure collapses, if an EMP event occurs there will be no going back. A totally different world will exist afterwards and being isolated on an island in the South Pacific thousands of miles from any possible rebuilding will be the last place in the world you’d want to strand your children and grandchildren.

Still it’s a nice fantasy to imagine at least in the short term. Standing on your balcony in your 200 acre New Zealand mountain home with your Stoner 63 rifle ($120,000), sipping Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee ($50/lb) waiting for breakfast to be served while waiting for the refugees to die off so you can drive into town…

The worst downside to that fantasy is imagining that the local folks… the ones who issued your building permits, who built your retreat, who delivered and unloaded your supplies, who installed the weapons safe, etc… don’t know that you have many years of food and other supplies in your place and that eventually they or worse the closest government body won’t be dropping by to discuss you “sharing” your bounty with them.

So while these folks all have the luxury of spending as much as they want to create safety for themselves and their families I suspect most of them are being taken for a ride by builders and sellers more interested in their money than in their long term safety.

The Librarian

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