As I think most folks understand there are real differences in what needs to be done and what skills you need depending on where you live.

Skills developed to survive in Northern Idaho or Northern Minnesota are a bit different from the skills required to survive in Southern Louisiana or even Coastal North Carolina.

The climate is the most obvious difference but there are a lot of other factors such as indigenous wildlife, edible plants, games animals and predators, snakes, insect pests, potential parasites and even things as simple as the type of trees.

Natural materials which are readily available in some areas simply do not exist in others. Flint which is common in some regions is almost impossible to find in Coastal North Carolina to my knowledge. Please correct me if I’m wrong. That’s just one of hundreds of small but potentially meaningful issues.

Growing techniques are very different in the sandy soil here from the loamy soils in other regions.

Drilling a well in this area is as simple as driving a pipe or digging a hole 20-25 feet into the ground. In other areas even on the Western side of the state it requires deep wells of several hundred feet which are not something most individuals will be able to do without rock drilling equipment.

So it’s nice to see regional survival websites which focus on the skills and information needed by folks in a more specific area.

So if you live in the Deep South and scratch your head at those things called Snow Caves or videos on how to make snow shoes this might be a useful site.

The Librarian

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