The Commission that’s been in existence for 8 years and has repeatedly pointed out the vulnerability of the U.S. to EMP from both Solar and Nuclear sources will be releasing a ruling on standards to protect the grid from an EMP.

But in typical D.C. fashion (i.e. incompetent and purely political at our expense) the ruling will ONLY address Solar EMP protection and will be released on Jan 19… one day before the inauguration of the incoming president.

The Commission has been in existence since 2008 and could have issued the ruling at any point during those 8 years since we’re not talking about rocket science.

The effects of an EMP are well known, much studied and well documented. The steps to protect the grid are also well known, much studied and well documented.

That they would wait until the day before a Presidential inauguration and only do half the job by ignoring Nuclear EMP, which in the current state of the world is becoming more and more possible, is a sad travesty.

Issuing the standards on the last day of an outgoing administration makes the act so blatantly political that it will taint the act in the eyes of the incoming administration and virtually guarantee that it will be simply ignored.

If there ever is an EMP event I hope and pray that the political figures who have played games with the issue survive to face the rest of the survivors and have to explain their negligence.

The Librarian

p.s. Despite the article I don’t actually blame Obama. This type of action has become the norm in D.C. for both parties and all politicians as a breed. It could just as easily have occurred under a Republican as a Democratic administration. Only politics matter. Lives are irrelevant.

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